We thought it would be interesting to compile a list of marriage problems

Marriage problems can often seem trivial and insignificant complaints that create many issues.  Let’s see how many of the following you have in your marriage.  We compiled over a hundred different common marriage issues but let’s see how many you can add or maybe think that we missed.  Please comment and let us know!

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Disagreements over money
  3. Unmet Expectations
  4. Lack of Sex
  5. Lack of patience with each other
  6. Lack of respect towards each other
  7. Verbal abuse
  8. Power struggles
  9. Lack of teamwork
  10. Lack of security within the relationship
  11. Lack of appreciation
  12. Dishonesty in the relationship
  13. Carrying Resentment
  14. Being critical in the relationship
  15. Being destructive in the relationship
  16. Saying hurtful things
  17. Complacency
  18. Not having together time
  19. Playing the Blame Game
  20. Lack of Acceptance
  21. Unmet expectations of finances
  22. Understanding your roles in money
  23. Lack of acknowlegment
  24. Thinking that it’s a fairytale
  25. Being controling
  26. Letting negativity overrun the relationship
  27. Keep secrets from each other
  28. Lack of interaction
  29. Lack of appreciation
  30. Lack of focus
  31. Lack of negotiating skills
  32. Lack of similar goals
  33. Lack of similar sleep cycles
  34. Lack of common friend types
  35. Addressing every issue that comes up
  36. Lack of LIstening
  37. Not taking care of yourself
  38. Not settling on a fight or dispute
  39. Victimizing yourself
  40. Thinking the relationship is perfect
  41. Sexual problems
  42. Thinking your parents relationship is a bench mark
  43. Losing your own identity
  44. Having life changing events
  45. Boredom in your relationship
  46. Jealousy in your relationship
  47. Lack of compatibility
  48. Children causing issues
  49. Alcohol abuse
  50. Physical abuse
  51. Drug abuse
  52. Having a physical disability
  53. Becoming a care-giver in the relationship
  54. Lack of concern
  55. Lack of division of household duties
  56. Unsupportive Partner
  57. Focusing on your Phone instead of your partner
  58. Web based relationships outside your partner
  59. Depression
  60. Having a narcissistic partner
  61. Addiction to gambling
  62. Lack of experience or getting married too young
  63. Extreme stress from Job
  64. Poor diet
  65. Overwhelming amount of responsibilities
  66. Lack of attraction
  67. Difference in core values
  68. Religious differences
  69. Lack of family support
  70. Arguing or at odds with in-laws
  71. Facebook interactions
  72. Lack of hygiene
  73. Lack of courtesy
  74. Lack of forgiveness
  75. Overly flirty
  76. Overtly sexual
  77. Lack of confidence
  78. Lack of time
  79. Letting frustration overtake your relationship
  80. Lack of physical affection
  81. Lack of emotional affection
  82. Lack of verbal connection
  83. Lack of outside and nourishment of friendships
  84. Organizational differences (clean freak, etc.)
  85. Pet Person or not
  86. Giver/Taker differences and balance (this is a long one)
  87. Personality conflict
  88. Extreme personality traits
  89. Racial conflict
  90. Lack of education
  91. Being on the same educational level
  92. Large Age difference
  93. Political differences
  94. Falling out of love
  95. Dealing with an overly sensitive person
  96. Dealing with an egomaniac
  97. Lack of substance in marriage
  98. Lack of experience in relationships
  99. Manic personalities
  100. Obsessive traits
  101. Lack of routine for the relationship