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The story of Shaena Doyle and Devin Doyle

Interesting read about a couple who had it all, written by Eric Louie for Contra Costa Times. This story, fortunately, did not end in the loss of a life, though the husband was alleged to have tried to enlist the aide of inmates in killing his wife. Shaena Doyle is still alive but claims to live in constant fear for her life. Devin Doyle is in jail serving a six-year sentence. Reads like the plotline for a Lifetime Movie or an episode of Law & Order. Diablo couple’s life of luxury ends in messy divorce, husband accused in murder plot

Just because a guy buys you a home that has a living room that’s 3 times the size of some people’s apartments doesn’t mean he won’t turn around and, allegedly, hire prison inmates to kill you.

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The story of Shaena Doyle and Devin Doyle, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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    1. shannon

      THIS woman is the sociopath. DO NOT believe everything you hear on the news, this woman has put her children, the children they share together, in danger so many times due to her excessive drug and alcohol addictions. Devin Doyle made mistakes, as does every other person but in no way is he a sociopath so look into your facts before you decide to comment on a a internet website. Thankyou

      1. Katherine Dominguez

        Shannon is this man’s poor daughter that is a victim to his lies and abuse and has been since he beat her mother when thy were married. As you can tell Devin is amazing at lying and getting others to believe his lies. He is a true sociopath as described above.
        Making mistakes is one thing but, beating your two wives then HIRING people to rape and MURDER your wife is not a mistake. It is the final straw of his many years of domestic violence and he deserves to be where he is. Calling his victim a whore or a drug addict is exactly what this perpetrator wants to happen so he can continue his abuse against his victim.
        Unfortunatly, he wont be in jail forever and he most likely will hurt a new victim again. I pray that he is freed of his demons while he is in jail and that his victims and his family can be freed of his lies and abuse.

  1. Lisa M

    So sad that his daughter, Shannon, mentioned above, leaves comments on the brainwashing done by her Dad and the rest of her family. It’s always the victim that gets painted badly by the perpetuator. It’s story book…victim is a drug addict and whore while the person who caused all the problems is innocent EVEN though he is behind bars for numerous counts of brutal domestic violence and hiring people to kill a woman with two children.
    I spent lots of time with Devin and he is a spoiled, trust fund coke addict that lies and deceits his friends and family. YOU should do the research before you make comments about a young woman that was destroyed by a horrible man.

  2. Mike J

    She is a victim of severe domestic violence and abuse that the details were luckily spared from the public. I’m sure he is in jail because it wasn’t true! Right? How disgusting to hear people uneducated on the subject call this poor woman a whore. “John Smith” I think you should continue to take a look at yourself and how you are affected by this sick and dangerous man. Speaking of a vi tim this way is just how Mr. Doyle describes every woman. So pathetic.

  3. Alyssa

    Before anyone begins to point fingers and judge the lives of others take a look at yourself and your own family. As my personal experience being a everyday part of both these two lives, they both have severe mental issues that need to be addressed. How would any of you above feel if people were writting terrible things about your own family? despite every bad thing your family members do, you will defend them and love them until the end. Both Shaena and Devin have family members and children who should never have to look on the internet and come across articles with people bashing their loved ones …it is not only scarring but extremely hurtful and as someone who cares about both these two i would love to see this please stop and everyone to keep their comments to themselves ..and also to everyone who commented on “Shannon’s” comment, please consider there are more than one Shannon in this world and to someone who would use that name knowing that is Devin’s daughters name, you should look into getting some psychiatric help yourself.

  4. Rocky

    I worked with this douchebag for years. Rich son of a drunk father, always walking around being a prick to anyone he crossed paths with. I am glad to see karma has caught up with him. I don’t know of ANYONE in our company who had a good thing to say about Doyle, or his father, for that matter. Jail is a good place for him.

  5. Robert

    I worked with Devin and Jim too. They are both drunks with horrible values and I am also very grateful to hear that Doyle is behind bars unable to hurt others. We met Shaena at business functions. She was a young beautiful lady that tried to keep it all together throughout the abuse. I dont know how anyone could put up with what she did on a daily basisand not be destroyed. When i met her, she was so dedicated to Doyle’s daughters and to him gor that matter. Im glad she is away from that family. God Bless.


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