The way your husband holds you in public says a lot about how connected he is or is not
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The way your husband holds you in public says a lot about how connected he is or is not

When out in public together standing side by side, is your husband’s hand

a. around your waist

b. Resting on your butt

c. In his pockets

d. holding your hand

If your husband’s hand is around your waist, he considers you a possession but not in the “ownership” sense of the word. He wants the world to see you as his equal partner while at the same time recognize that you belong to him.

If your husband’s hand is resting on your butt you’re more than likely someone the opposite sex finds attractive and your husband wants to let the world know that he owns you. He wants your admirers to know he’s the one “tapping that”. He’s more about showing you off for your physical assets and more concerned with how it makes him look to have you on his arm. Once you reach the point where you’re not like a shiny new sexy car any more he’ll trade you in.

If your husband’s hand is in his pocket he’s not connected to you at all.  More than likely when you’re not looking he’s checking out other women. He’s not really committed to you.

If your husband is holding your hand pay attention to the way he is holding it. Is he gripping it firmly? Is he barely gripping it? Is your hand on the verge of slipping out of his grasp? A firm grip on your hand means your husband considers himself your protector. If he’s only gripping your fingers or holding your hand so loosely he might as well not be holding it, he’s torn between wanting to put up appearances for the world and not really wanting to hold your hand. There’s a battle being fought between the truth about his lack of a connection to you and him wanting the world to see he has a woman and is in a relationship. He has issues with feeling inadequate and is using you publicly to try to prove he measures up.

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun and games. There was no scientific study done or expert opinion sought for this post. The information should be considered just the casual opinion of a writer with no expert qualification on the subject.

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The way your husband holds you in public says a lot about how connected he is or is not, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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