My stepdaughter is ruining my marriage
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My stepdaughter is ruining my marriage

So your step-daughter is ruining your marriage you say.  And how old is your step daughter exactly? If she’s under 18 and living with you then a huge part of the problem is you. If you weren’t a huge part of the problem you wouldn’t be seeking help with dealing with your “step-daughter”. Teenage girls are hard to deal with even for their biological parent. Going into a marriage and taking on children that aren’t your own is a choice you make and with that choice comes the same responsibilities that would come with raising your own children. It’s understandable that there might be extra tension because your step-daughter isn’t happy about the break-up of her family and you replacing her mother in her father’s life; but you are the adult and it’s your responsibility to figure out how to get along with her just the same way her mother would have to figure it out if she was giving her mother trouble. Most adolescent girls give their parents, especially their mothers, trouble. You can’t take on a child and not expect to take on the difficulties that come with parenting. Your step-daughter is an important part of your husband’s life and for that reason alone she should be an important part of yours as well. When you marry a man with children you don’t just take on a husband; you take on children as well.

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