Marriage help – how can I get my husband to stop watching so much TV

Nina, it’s not really your place to tell your husband how much TV he should and should not watch. Your husband is not your child. You can casually comment to him that he watches a lot of TV, but to make it a problem to the point where you want to cut the wires is a bigger problem than any amount of TV your husband watches. If the problem is that you feel your husband spends more time watching TV than he spends with you consider inviting him to do other things without making a point of adding “instead of watching TV all the time”. Maybe he’s bored and doesn’t have anything else to do. Some men handle being bored and having nothing else to do by going out and leading double lives. If your husband is home watching TV it’s better than if he’s out living it up while you’re at home wondering where he is.

If boredom is the problem find things you can do that he might be willing to do over watching TV. Go out dancing. Go to a bar. If children are in the picture and dancing or a bar are not possible find kid friendly things to do that adults can enjoy. If boredom is not the problem and your husband just enjoys lounging around and watching TV, why not watch some TV with him sometimes? Of course don’t take over and force him to watch what you want to watch but join him and watch his shows with him. Or hang out in the room with him and do something else you like, read a book or whatever; but under no circumstance do you cut the TV wires. That’s ridiculous even when parents do it to their children. Imagine a wife doing it to her husband?

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