Should Paula Kalupa Hurd leave Mark Hurd just on principle alone or is it time for some negotiating infidelity?
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Should Paula Kalupa Hurd leave Mark Hurd just on principle alone or is it time for some negotiating infidelity?

He didn’t actually cheat, at least not as far as this sexual harassment situation that has cost Mark Hurd his CEO position at Hewlett Packard. Well, we don’t know if he cheated or didn’t cheat, but Gloria Allred, the lawyer for the woman who accused Mark Hurd of sexual harassment has spoken on behalf of her client and said there was no affair, at least not with her client. The latest reports claim the sexually harassed woman was Jodie Fisher, a 50 year old actress who has appeared as a contestant on the reality show “Age of Love”.  Not sure what Jodie Fisher was doing for Hewlett Packard but she was apparently hired for some kind of contract work and that’s how she found herself in the position to be sexually harassed by Mark Hurd who must have done something inappropriate indeed because he has released a statement in which he’s admitted not living up to the principles he espoused at HP.

“As the investigation progressed, I realized there were instances in which I did not live up to the standards and principles of trust, respect and integrity that I have espoused at HP and which have guided me throughout my career.” Mark Hurd

So the question is, should Paula Kalupa Hurd, Mark Hurd’s wife,  get out of the marriage whether her husband has cheated or not, just on principle knowing he has at least desired to cheat? You’d be surprised how many women will say yes, that she should get out because wanting to cheat is as good as actually cheating. For all we know Mark Hurd has already cheated many times and his wife may well be aware of it. Maybe she thinks like Holly Hill and has negotiated infidelity with her husband. Hill might suggest to her, given all the advantages she enjoys being the wife of a multi-millionaire, that she get on the ball and do some negotiating infidelity right now. After all, if you believe the Sugarbabe author, a cheating man is normal anyway so what’s the issue? Why take yourself as seriously as all that to divorce him just because he finds other women sexy and would like to take them to bed?

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