American women’s disregard for the value, feelings, and needs of husbands
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American women’s disregard for the value, feelings, and needs of husbands

In her book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands“, Dr. Laura Schlessinger addresses the problems in the relationships between husbands and wives in America. If you spend just a few minutes reading some of the blogs and forums on the Internet where women and men complain about their marriages, you can see that there’s definitely a problem where “two attitudes clash in unfortunate ways to create struggle and strife”. It’s particularly enlightening to read the comments left on some of the websites geared to married men that focus on allowing husbands to vent.

A large number of married men in America feel disrespected. They feel used. They feel deceived. They feel that yes, their feelings and needs are disregarded and society allows this disregard, even encourages it. They agree that American women feel they are entitled and don’t think they owe a man anything yet believe that men owe them the world on a platter. They complain that women make their demands and their men try to give and give and give until it gets to where it dawns on the man that he’s giving and giving and giving and getting only ingratitude in return. The man starts showing his unhappiness with the situation and that’s when things start to go downhill because as far as his wife is concerned he’s not entitled to have feelings. His sole purpose in life is to make sure she is content and happy. She can treat him however she wants. He has no right to complain about it.

In her book Dr. Laura aims to open the eyes of American wives to help them see that they are the ones digging their own graves where their failing marriages are concerned. She shows them how to own their power, not the power to control their husbands and make them miserable and in so doing make them easier targets for women who go after married men, but their power to keep their marriages strong, and keep their husbands and themselves happy and have the kind of marriage that they want.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

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  1. Winston

    This book tells the truth. I’m glad there are women in America who see the truth about how bad men are treated in America, which is a taboo subject.

    The best solution me and my friends have found is to date Foreign Women who are like American women were in the 1970’s, much more relaxed, feminine and natural. See my site for more info and inspiration:


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