My husband and my sister are too friendly with each other
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My husband and my sister are too friendly with each other

I don’t like how friendly my husband is with my sister and how friendly she is with him. Maybe it’s just me being insecure but I get the feeling he wishes he’d met my sister before he met and married me. I think he thinks she’s a better match for him than me and I think my sister thinks my husband wants her. She flirts with him right in my face and acts like they’re just having some harmless fun and tells me I’m getting offended for no reason.

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Talk to your husband about it. Tell him how you feel. Admit that it makes you feel like he’s more interested in your sister than he is in you. If your husband cares about your feelings he will not only listen to you he will also try to be more sensitive to your feelings when he’s interacting with your sister. If he refuses to make any adjustments in how he interacts with her he’s being totally inconsiderate of your feelings. Whether or not you have reason to feel insecure is not the issue. The fact is you do feel insecure and a man who loves his wife will not prefer to enjoy some “harmless fun” with his wife’s sister than to be a little bit more guarded so his wife can feel more secure in his love.

As for your sister, if it’s possible to limit her opportunities to interact with your husband then do it. She’s causing problems in your marriage. If she was a thoughtful and considerate sister she wouldn’t flirt with your husband and dismiss your unhappy reaction with accusations that you’re getting offended for no reason.

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  1. KimS

    My sister and my husband carried on a secret relationship for 4 years. She even had a kid with him 2 years before I found out they were having an affair. I was resenting my nephew because my husband acted more like a doting father to him than he ever did to any of our children. Little did I know it was because he was the boy’s father. My husband and I divorced and you probably can guess he’s now married to my sister.

    1. Claire

      This happens more than one would think. I know another couple which the same thing happened and the couple stayed together , the wife seems to accept her sister and the child. There has been many cases where the husband had an affair with wifes sister.

  2. that one guy

    If something feels wrong it most likely is, trust your instincts. Male fantasy about a sister-in-law is common, and we men get stupid when we start thinking with the lower head. Call him out on it, let him know your not stupid, that you notice and your unhappy about it. He will respect you all the more for it.

    -That one guy

  3. lucy

    my sister has moved in with us she is younger.She is always saying things like I am old and need a tan.Also she is always calling me flat chested in front of my husband.She is really into herself.I can’t stand it.They have been riding to work together and I hate it.What should I do?Maybe I am over reacting.

  4. May Dirkschneider

    I hate bitches like this! They know what they are doing! They act stupid and clueless when called on it and they are diabolical!

    My sister did this to me….. She overheard me talking to a friend that my husband likes it “hairy” down there…..I am not that hairy down there, but she has plenty of fuzzy stuff on hers. My husband and I are watching TV and she comes in and tells him “look” and raises her little babydoll skirt revealing her full blonde bush. I will never forget that night! I was so stunned….his jaw dropped to the floor, slobber running all over the place!

    I went nearly berserk, he had to restrain me. She stood behind him with a chesire cat grin. Well, no more than two days later I found my husband on top of her. They were making love passionately. All of my feelings were right! As soon as she moved in, the flirting and staring started. The walking around the house in skimpy shorts….. opening her legs while sitting in a chair, flashing her panties…always when my husband was present. Always commenting on his masculine, eye popping physique.

    He divorced me one month later. He married her two months later. They divorced 9 months after that, as she cheated on him with a neighbor! I am now married to a wonderful man who likes my “sparse” pubic hair!

    1. Ron

      May, that is a horrible and upsetting story! I hope you do not associate in any way at all with your evil sister. This type of person is the type to never talk to ever again-doesn’t matter if it’s a family member or not. EVIL

  5. michellek1981

    A real man will respect you even if he thinks you are crazy! Anytime my husband notices me looking a little insecure he grabs my hand or my waist and says “my beautiful wife”. And Thats why we will be married 17 years in August.

  6. Heather Nielsen

    That’s terrible! I feel like I am being insecure and over reacting at times over my husband and sister. She has always been a flirt and loves all the attention from men. Although I have tried not to let it bother me, it slowly creeps under my skin. There was a concert coming to our town a few years ago and I couldn’t go but already had the tickets so he went with her instead, that didn’t bother me, I told go with her and said she could do with the outing. She is a single mum, but now they call it a ‘date’ and say that the other never called for the second date. The whole family jokes about it now. Then when my other sister (I have 2) was in hospital she came to visit my husband and I but I was up at the hospital visiting our other sister. She knew I was there and sat with my husband for hours instead of coming to see us?. Then just the other day I got called into work and he took the kids to the Christmas Pageant. She met him there and then came back to our house and sat here with him for a few hours until I got home. I feel like I am losing my marbles. I told him that it would happen and he knows I have an issue with the flirting and his encouragement by calling when drunk etc. It just seems like my feelings don’t matter. He could have extracted himself from the situation a few times but just didn’t. He doesn’t act like this with my other sister at all but then she has a husband and isn’t a flirt like that. I love my sister but I dunno. As said, sometimes I think my concern is warranted and other times I feel like I am being an insecure cow….I haven’t said anything to her but I have told him what she is like and how it makes me feel but nothing has changed.

  7. Veronica Luera

    Well it all started 5 years ago when I would see my husband and sister flirt with each other. I never thought nothing of it until one day when I was at work my sister went crying saying my husband try to rape her. I didn’t know what to do! All these thoughts kept racing through my head what about the kids??? I ended up staying for them I had no money no car. I had my job, I was just lost.


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