Two of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives want a divorce according to Star Magazine

Sister Wives is a new Reality TV show that airs on the cable network TLC and features a Fundamentalist Mormon named Kody Brown who has 4 wives and a collection of 16 children(some are step-children). The show is about Kody Brown and his life with his four wives and his brood of children.

Star Magazine is making a claim that despite what is being said by the wives about how great their life is and how much they love being ‘Sister Wives’ and sharing husband Kody, two of the wives, Janelle and Christine, are anything but happy. According to Star Magazine a source is claiming that Janelle has told her she and Christine have had it with Kody’s obsession with becoming a TV star and they also don’t appreciate all the attention he’s giving to Robyn.

The tabloids magazine writes:

[if Janelle and Christine should try to divorce Kody]…their mysterious religious sect — which broke away from the traditional Mormon church years ago — could make it an absolute nightmare for them to leave the marriage. It’s possible Janelle and Christine could be barred from seeing their own children if they left Kody! And in some extreme cases, the repercussions could be even worse!

Whether or not any of this is true is anybody’s guess.

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Two of Kody Brown's Sister Wives want a divorce according to Star Magazine, 6.0 out of 10 based on 22 ratings

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  1. Erin

    you know they won’t leave even i it were true. Thoes wives are like Nikki and Robyn is like Margine. LOL They are jealous.

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    • Actually, I think Janell is Barb. Christine is Nikki. Robyn is the new Margine. I’m not sure where Meri fits in except that I think she was fine as long as she felt like the most attractive (at least the thinnest) of the wives but now that Robyn has come into the pic, she’s seriously threatened and behaving immaturely. She continutally contradicts herself – half the time trying to act like all this is ok (because she knows that’s how she’s supposed to act) and the next, admitting that she can’t handle it. If they all stay together, it will be because Cody makes them want to stay by treating each wife super special and not playing favorites. Otherwise, that situation will grow more toxic each day.

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  2. This show proves that it is possible to be in a multi wife marriage with positive results. I am a Catholic and God has blessed me with an opportunity to become such a wife. I will undertake this serious matter with everything I can to create a happy family for the man I have come to love deeply and on a spiritual level. I do not care to engage in sexual relations at my age as I have experienced menopause but I long to serve and commit to this man of God.

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    • I think that may mean if you leave one wife to marry another. That would be adultery.

      Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. No wonder he was so wise!

      In a time where killing babies in their mothers’ wombs and homosexuality has gone from crime to societal tolerance to parity with marriage, both things anti-Bible, men should be allowed more than one wife. That has a basis in the Bible.

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      • The bible is as true as Cinderella. Both storys has good messages that we can let guide us in our ordinary life. Unless of course, having sex with your kids… Just because Eve did that, we should not.
        You see, in the beginning there were only one woman and one man, funny huh…I guess God didnt believe that man needed more than one woman. Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had two sons, Kain and Abel and from them humanity springs…with one woman???? Their own mother????

        What we should worry about isnt what the fairytale about Jesus says. What we should worry about isnt what the fairytale about Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.
        We should worry about how it can be that he can build a sect in front of our eyes?
        Just like any sect, doesnt matter if you believe that Jesus is being born again or if earth is coming to an end. Isnt it against the law to gather people around you and spread sick messages? He is building a sect and also bringing up 16 new individuals, saying to them that its alright what he is doing…

        Sick…very sick…. Put him in jail and watch his empire break in three months

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  5. The only wife that can divorce Kody is Meri, as she is the only wife legally married to him. Robyn’s wedding was a big farce, as she is not actually married to Kody. Meri is the only one that could have ritefully worn that wedding dress. As for the other three wives they have their heads in the sand and taifeathers up like an ostrich. I think you get the picture. I hope Meri leaves Kody, she deserves so much more than he has to offer.

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  6. Even if this is true, which I doubt, those two women are not legally married to Kody, which means the playing field is equal as to joint custody, etc. Three of the women are spiritual wives, which basically means he’s shacking up with them. If their ducks are in a row as far as the IRS is concerned, I really question them moving. Any lawyer can go to any corporation, store, business establishment and find employees living with significant others, so this situation is no different. One legally married, three shacking up. I see no reason for them to move, quite frankly.

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  7. These women must have a poor self image.

    All women deserve a monogamous marriage.

    No woman should “settle” for polygamy.

    This Kody chump is just having it all!

    He gets bored, or one of the wives becomes too fat and then here comes another wife.

    He is a gross and selfish narcissist.

    On the other hand, the wives are getting very little of what they really need in a marriage.

    I say let the wives have more than one husband. No fair that Kody gets to have all the fun….

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    • They could all leave, except the legally married one, and sue for paternity support. They were never legally married, why should they worry about a divorce? Now, palimony support, they could probably get with a good lawyer.

      His wives got exactly what they signed up for: none of them wanted a “real marriage” where they had to be “on” all the time, they wanted to be lazy and share the responsibility with others.

      My real REAL question is this: WHAT did they do to get chased down by sheriffs? I think it was probably welfare Fraud.

      Kody is a selfish pig who relied on the government to support his kids then ran for the hills when they found out the truth due to his selfish act of going on national tv to promote himself.

      They all are screwed up and the kids will pay for the sins of the father and mothers. Screwed up big time. Why pray to God to deliver you from what you did to yourself against the Bible and against the law of the land unless you are so screwed up you think you are exempt?

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      • Oh yeah, ps, CHILD SUPPORT. The first 3 wives can sue for child support. The last one is just desperate and clung on to him for her own greed that he would support her and her kids. She’s the stupidest one.

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    • Hahahajajaja you’re right this kody chump really is having it all. Poor broads need the ‘ol self esteem booster-some margaritas and a mani/pedi

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    • I believe what you’re referring to is polyandry…where a woman has many ‘ol men. Typically exclusive to African societies. I say, let us bring this to Vegas and show this chump a taste of the ‘ol Mexican …sorry autofill put that in instead of medicine and it was too funny to delete. No coinciding here that Robyn is a hottie pataty whilst the others still beautiful have put on some lbs’s. Naturally as they have had chillins. And also this is no ko win silence. I could. Be wrong about kody as I nevermet the ‘ol chump in person yet I doubt im wrong due to the Robyn being good looking thing. Kody…if you read this though for real stop making your wives do manual labor ad this is your job ad a man…if there are 2 many of them for you to handle well SOrry u took them on yah crazy!! U wanted. It all chump now deal okay? I know my man can. Barely handle my crazy nagging self I know he’d never want 3 of me…ever…they just admitted on the tv it’s always akqward when they’re all together then they say they’re one big happy dam. Um okay….contact toons lady’s..,if u r unhappy hit up the dating sits. Dig it. Spread the word. Spread the opinion. Spread the love. Thanks alot for the marathon tlc. Wasting my day watching this. Kl this wads horatio Mexican immigrant

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  8. Just finished watching the move episode, I’m not going to say what they do is wrong or right religions are all different. I can’t judge that is for GOD to do I can however tell you that Las Vegas may be the most open minded where religion is concerned because they simply don’t care. Living in LasVegas is very different than living there. I lived in Las Vegas as a child attended school and hated every minute of the time I was forced to live there, Thankfully they dont send their kids to school because I’m here to tell you that in Las Vegas you are either a have or a have not. You mother can be a hooker and your father a convict but if you have the right house the right car and cloths and money to spend your ok. But if you dont and you end up as a have not you dont have a chance in hell of ever being happy.

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    • What ever this family does is going to be scrutinized under a microscope by people that feel they have a right to tell others how they should live and what to believe. This is America freedom to believe as you wish. Also there is in the Bible for those that seem to quote what they feel works to their advantage. Love one another as I have loved you. The greatest commandment is Love. This are quotes from Jesus,God gave the commandments. God also states in the Bible Judge ye not lest ye be judged!! If you are unhappy in your lives ,do not strike out at people who are raising children whom are well supervised,loved, not needing anything. I am a retired teacher and I could only wish 80% of my students had such homes. There is nothing that says these wives cannot have a moment of frustration. Nor does anything say Kody is a sinner or wrong for having more than one wife. In other countries it is acceptable. People today like to point a finger rather than to lend a hand. I am praying for this family. I pray God gives them strength, prosperity,and love,patience, and forgiveness for their accusers. This is so God will forgive you for accusing this wonderful family.

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      • judy, let me tell you as a retired child support officer , these child suffer horribly the show does not tell the whole story. we have in this show four mothers with who knows how many children most of the time the mothers are not working and list themselvs as single with they go to the state and apply for public funds and food stamps and medical aid. as case opens up as soon as a person applys for one of these services and if the mothers do not cooperate with the state , the state will begin to sanction the mothers that in turn affects the children no food no money no medical aid. after three times with no cooperation they are sanction for life. the fathers most likely work for the “church” and the money goes to the “church” not the family as all money is shared like communist life style. that how the browns get some money. this so called life style is horrible not only for the parent but the children they are controlled. so do you still want to say you wished more of your studnts came from these types of households. if you do you are one crazy teacher and need more education. sorry for the miss spelling my laptop keyboard is sticking.

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  9. If they did not want to be scrutinized and just want to live in peace and be left alone, why do they have a TV show, why go on Good Morning America and be on countless magazine covers. Kody is so full of himself and these women are pathetic to think this is the best they can do! This does NOT make them better people. Someone said it earlier and I agree, they are probably being investigated for welfare/food stamp fraud….as well they should be. How ironic that they just moved to “Sin City”….

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  10. Maybe I missed it, but what happened to Robyn’s childrens father? Is he still living?

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    • I read that Robyn divorced her husband, and he was a Jessop which is a prominent FLDS name.

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  11. they should take all the kids away from them four stupid women after jim jones jr.. wake up and leve the sex add. i cant beleave four mothers could be that dumb.

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  12. If you’re a Christian and hate what this family has done you should hate king. Solomon king david have any other in the bible that had multiple wives. I can almost guarantee People who are judging them have things in their lives that would not be acceptable 2 others And it is probly something that is condemned by the bible. Loading scriptures from the bible About marriage When the scriptures they quote is about divorce.

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  13. It’s amusing to hear so many people come up with the many reasons they have as to why the marriage between these people is wrong, and what they think should be done about it. Most of the comments have no factual basis; misinterpreted scripture, the “right” or “Christian” belief system, or simply ignorant opinions based on what they think is right. It makes absolutely no difference who you are, where you come from, or what religion you are; that is your OPINION. Have any of you who commented actually seen Jesus, or had God or Jesus stand right in front of you and tell you what is right and wrong?
    I’ll start with the Christian belief standpoint most of you are using. First of all, the Bible all of you claim to be the “absolute truth of God”, is nothing more than an OPINION of many authors claiming what God or Jesus had told them. Is there any actual proof of most of the spoken word in the Bible? No. There are historical facts verifying most of the actions or events the Bible speaks of, but none of what Jesus actually spoke. You are all reading a book compiled of many people’s point of view of what they believed to be true. Ever believed anything to be true or believed, without a doubt, that you were correct on something only to be mistaken or proven wrong? This kind of thing happens every day; no one knows everything. So who’s to say that every single event or statement in the Bible is the undeniable truth? It could very well be the opposite. The facts are that there is no actual proof that Jesus specifically said “you cannot have more than one wife”. Even agreeing that some of the events are true, it is still the point of view of the author. Almost every day we hear about a news story explaining the original statement from a witness ended up not being completely accurate. So where is your proof? You have none because there is none. The entire Christian religion or Christian belief system is entirely based off of faith, of things not seen or witnessed. The Bible was first printed by a king who, himself, went completely against your Christian religion. He was gay. And during his reign, he decided to have it printed following the authorization by the country he was king of.
    Given this, how can any person say they are reading the “undeniable truth of God”? Is it possible that some of it, or all of it, was interpreted incorrectly? Anything is possible.
    Just because Adam was created with Eve, on woman, how can you use that as a basis for an argument against polygamy or same sex marriage? Just because something is created one way does not mean that it can never be any different. If that were the case we would still be living in the stone ages. We never would have been able to have any technological advances in our society today. How could we? It started out one way, you can’t make it better or more efficient, the Bible says so.
    Everyone using the Biblical argument to justify their OPINION of right and wrong is plain ignorance. When your boss doesn’t let you take your lunch break on time, do you break out the Bible and tell them “you can’t do that, the Bible says so”? It’s just ridiculous.
    And there are the people who put the family down because they may have had to apply for food stamps or file for bankruptcy at some point in their lives. Come on, really? Have you, or anyone else you know, ever had to do either of these things? I guarantee it. Are you basing YOUR opinion of a good person on the fact that they got behind and made some mistakes in their lives? That is pretty sad. Think about this for a second; this family has 21 people to clothe, feed, and support and have had to file for bankruptcy or collect food stamps once in their lives. Meanwhile, you’re sitting there doing the same thing with your wife and one kid. Does that make either of you bad people? No. People get behind and are allowed and should be allowed to get some help. They pay taxes just like everyone else. They don’t have some money tree in the back yard to pick from. They have a job like everyone else; or maybe you don’t. My apologies.
    People need to learn to stay out of everyone else’s business and focus on themselves for a change. The world would be a much better place. Just think where that mass amount of brain usage would go if you focused it towards yourselves. You might be able to pay the rent that week. Does his family affect how you live your lives? I’ll go ahead and answer that one for you; NO IT DOESN’T. We all have problems and we all can change. Just focus on your own and maybe you wouldn’t be driving that ’86 PINTO for much longer.
    These people are a happy family. And even if they weren’t, it’s none of your business anyhow. It’s not making your life any more difficult. You do that all on your own. Just enjoy your live’s and let everyone else live their’s.

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  14. God also speaks about not judging others that is his job so weather they are right or wrong it is not up to us to judge. Live and let live, they are not breaking any laws, they are better people and parents than some so called christens .I say that we show them understanding and love and leave the rest of the stuff up to God. You people speak of the bible but I can sit here and see by your writings you don’t live exactly like God wants either so shame on you TSKTSK..They are people, they have feelings, and it would do us good to remember that, I also believe that we all could learn something from them and I mean that in a good way.
    Cody, and sister wives, whatever you do in life, some of us will not ,and are not judging you.

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  15. -Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other “sins” are invented nonsense.
    -It is impossible for a man to love his wife wholeheartedly without loving all women.

    What these people do is not hurting any of us. Are they judging us? No. Are they happy? Seems so and if not once again not our business. More family equals more love, so my opinion is that family has more love than most of you will ever experience. I genuinly believe that people may be jealous. Why cant more of us share love and family. I admire them, they were doing this long before they came on television so c’mon guys. Watch, learn, live :-)

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  16. Hey brandon…which king was gay? And you know this because…YOU were there? Doesn’t that make you a bit hypocritical? You can’t claim christians are gullible for believing in things we haven’t seen with our own eyes, but YOU can claim a king of biblical times was gay. Hmmmmm….doubt it. Oh and brandon…Jesus did say a man shall cling to his WIFE (not wives) and the two shall become ONE….the Browns shouldn’t be judged by us, I agree with brandon and some others about that…but please don’t think that that the Browns are some model family..

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  17. I think this is such a sad situation, and I feel so horrible for these women. I can’t believe anyone could think it would be God’s plan to have a man sleep with them one night, and then skip to the next one the next – while being a part-time father. This guy is charming for sure. It doesn’t take rocket science to look through him with his sports car while he’s got a freaking football team of kids and figure out he’s a pervert. These women are too good for him, and I hope they all figure that out.

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    • Lisa, I know what you mean. Kody seriously makes my skin crawl; he’s so creepy to me. I was watching the episodes today where he was courting Robyn, and Christine was so hurt (and justifiably so)! It makes me so angry to watch that sort of emotional abuse. Psychologists have done studies to show that although physical and emotional fidelity are important to both sexes to some extent, it’s different for each sex. Men are the most concerned about physical fidelity. Kody has this with all of his wives. Women need emotional fidelity foremost. None of his wives have that, and he just doesn’t see that or doesn’t care because all of his needs are being met. There is no way that any woman not brought up in this abusive environment would tolerate it as these women do. They’re simply so used to the setup that they’re blind to how unhealthy it is.

      Oh, and side note for the other posters quoting polygamy in Scripture: With both David and Solomon, their many wives were their downfall. The wives brought false gods into their lives that eventually led them away from God. No person in the Bible is perfect, even those God chose to use to fulfill His purposes. Solomon and David did some good things, but their lust and greed brought anything but blessing into their lives.

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      • These people keep saying their religion and plural marriage is Bible based. that’s OLD TESTAMENT stuff. Nowhere in the New Testament does Jesus or any of his followers condone plural marriage. Jesus brought a NEW COVENANT, he showed the world the new, better way to live, according to the Father’s will, not the old, superstitious ways. If they are truly Christian, they would see that polygamy is NOT what God intends. Besides, there’s that pesky little 6th commandment…….adultery looms large. just because you say you’re in a “spiritual marriage” does not mean the state recognizes it. they are law breakers on every level: God’s law and man’s law. Let’s quit making them rich and stop watchin the show.

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  18. People people people, I think its amazing how so many are so quick to judge, I just started watching the show and well its not all that interesting I watch it when I have nothing else to do, and well i simply cannot understand how so many are judging this “family” it may not be the traditional one mother one father family but let’s face it tradition is fading away and we gotta live with an open mind and worry about our “sins” and no one else’s

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  19. They were crazy, to marry that idiot to begin with. No one should marry a person who has more than one wife or husband. and Kody he thinks he is king, and his wives are his subjects.
    I pity the kids. they are totally lost.

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  20. I am a Catholic so polygamy seems odd to me. BUT with that said why do people look down on this? I see men on TV with multiple “Baby Mamas” who don’t support their children or care about the woman (aka Baby Mamas”). Seems to me Cody loves all of his wives (Christine is my favorite cause she tells it like it is) and his kids. What I don’t understand is how he affords all those kids on one salary. I have 3 kids and we are struggling with two jobs. What about health care insurance? Assuming al his kids and Mari are covered but what about Jannelle, Christine and Robyn.

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  21. I just think that the browns are nice people, having said that, I think that they all got what they deserved as they all knew what they got themselves into. Just notice how defensive the wives get when they hear about how wrong their lifestyle is, so if that is the way they want it, then they will just have to deal with the whole package.

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  22. I just feel so sorry for the children. Talk about overcrowding. I think it is so wrong that they keep moving and dragging the children to different homes and schools. What can these children really think of their parents situation? Talk about mass confusion.

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  23. Since Joseph Smith was a false profit it’s all a sham!

    Deuteronomy 18:20–22

    20 ‘But the prophet who speaks a word apresumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or bwhich he speaks in the name of other gods, 1that prophet shall die.’
    21 “1You may say in your heart, ‘How will we know the word which the Lord has not spoken?’
    22 “aWhen a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it bpresumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.

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  24. If all theese four women got a course in self-awareness they would kick him out in no time.
    Its so bad of him that he picks women who have bad confidence and bad self esteem so that he can project his way of living on them.
    All the wives are worth so much more. They are all four great women.
    Its just sad that they´ve placed all their eggs in a broken basket…

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  25. does anyone else see what i see? robyn seems just not to fit into that family and is so freaking ugly. i dont care how skinny she may be she cant change ugly!

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  27. Merit has been the one who has had to endure the crap of plural marriage.
    She was pretty from all the early photo TLC has shown of her. Sister Wives has taken such a huge toll on her. I would hope the teens would take a look at what polygamy ha done to the wives and choose monogamy.

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  28. Over all the show seems to embrace the meaning of family which being a mom to two girls I totaly agree with, but let me just say I am a firm believer that multiple wives or husbands is not right in many ways no matter how much all parties involved say they are happy.
    In this particular case I truly think that Meri should file for divorce no matter what she says she is very unhappy. I understand that maybe at one point what she was doing seemed right but as a person looking in on the relationship it almost seems like kody took more wives because she did not live up to his expectations. Meri if you are reading this for once in many years don’t think about him think only about you. Now move on further down the the road to Janelle and Christine,
    First of all no matter how much they may say they look out for all the kids its very clear that Janelles main concern is her own kids which I don’t blame her at all! My girls come before even my husband.
    On top of this janelle just does not seem happy over all. Now Christine is the quiet shy one in this group she is very passive and will just go with the flow which most of the time is fine but here’s the thing how long do you think she will keep on being this person for and its not fair to her all the decsions are made with out any one really seeking out her opinion again you can also tell she is not happy. Robyn not some one I care to much for now this is for the first three wives, I really think that you guys were totally thrown to the zide for this woman who not only expects kodys attention but she demands it. All of a sudden she has now become more important then every one else what makes her so great? I really honostly beleve with all my heart that the first three wives need to leave kody get him for child support and find A man for them self, some one they don’t have to share some one that will love them for who they are individually not for what they bring to the table for him. It is not selfish to want all the attention from the man you love and how special can some thing really be if your husband feels the need to find another women to keep him happy.

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