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My wife hardly ever bathes – she only takes a shower two or three times a week

Is there anybody else out there whose wife doesn’t take a shower every day? Sometimes I have to talk to my wife like she’s a kid and tell her to go take a shower. Weirdly enough she never stinks but still, how disgusting is it for a woman to go days in a row without bathing? What’s interesting is we were seeing a counselor one time and she brought up the subject herself telling the counselor she notices that whenever I’m gone for 7 or more days she never misses a bath, sometimes she takes two and three baths a day; but when I’m home she sometimes doesn’t bath for 3 and 4 days in a row. The counselor got around to suggesting maybe she doesn’t bath because she wants to repel me in order to avoid sex. It’s a convenient little explanation but I’m not all that convinced about the bathing every day when I’m not around. I think my wife is just filthy and lazy and doesn’t like to bathe.

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My wife hardly ever bathes - she only takes a shower two or three times a week , 9.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. Guest

    Mine does the same thing and gets super pissy or depressed when I tell her that it’s disgusting she only washes herself 3 times a week at most. She blames it on her long hair (not that long, midback length) and how much of a pain it is to dry. I wonder if she knows how much of a pain it is to smell her sometimes

    1. Rolando

      I think that is the problem, the way to tell her. I have the same problem with mine but She dont get depressed or pissy, because I ask her nicely, not saying that it is a pain to smell her.

  2. me

    please delete the above comment. I had no right speaking like this behind my wifes back. Anyone reading this should go to your wife with this kind of shit because even if she gets upset it’s better than if she was to know you went behind your back and told the internet.

    again, if an admin reads this please delete my comment above….

  3. alan

    You’re lucky she bathes 2 or 3 times a week! Mine bathes only a 2 to 3 times a month, 4 if i’m lucky. I’ve confronted her a few times to no avail. Then I look at the guys who have a knockout walking next to them that smell incredible, and there is nothing but despair in my mind.

    1. DBGR

      My wife has not had bath for the past 66 days. Prior to that, she had not had bath for 75 days. I consulted Psychiatrists and they feel this is a very serious problem and she has to be hospitalised. I am trying to convince her to take the treatment. My point is, if some one does not bathe regularly, there could be other problems that compel him/her not to have bath.

    2. Elisha

      I have this problem with my wife and I’m really upset I don’t care if she baths or showers she does like maybe 1 time per week even tho she says its more. The problem is when we have sex It really bothers me terrrible smell. Please ladies don’t get me wrong we even went to the Doctor he gave her treatment but she didn’t have nothing wrong I just think she needs to bath more often. I am really sexually active I never cheated on her but its coming to the point that I even thought of divorce I don’t think I would be happy if I divorce but I don’t know what to do. Can anyone tell me if you had this kind of problem?

      1. John

        My wife bathes once a week, maybe twice. I have a very acute sense of smell and I have told her many times over the years. The worst is after her cycle. She hasn’t bathed for days and she is begging me for sex. I can’t because the smell is repulsive and there is no nice way to tell her without her getting upset. She must want me to leave her alone.

  4. Shaun

    My wife doesn’t shower but 2-3 times a week and ignores me when I ask her to shower then I have to tell her like she is a child. I have even threatened to divorce her its getting so bad. There is a mental disorder where people neglect hygiene, maybe many women have this. I used to shower 3 times a day when I worked out and played sports now I shower every night before bed and sometimes before work in the morning. What is the deal with these women?

    1. Rob

      I feel ya man, my wife is the same as she only showers or bathes 1 time a week or even less. She is starting to stink and says she can’t smell it so she decides to mask it with spray and perfume but that only makes it worse. The kids have started noticing she smells and doesn’t brush her teeth either. She came on her period the other day and also has a weak bladder and had an accident and wet herself and still hasn’t had washed or bathed. She went on her I.T course today in the same clothes she was in yesterday still stinking. She doesn’t wear make-up, her hair is always messy and she only shaves like once every 2 months it’s like sleeping with a grizzly bear. I am really worried for her as she also works in a school and concerned they will fire her and call social services and get our kids took away. I am really contemplating divorcing her as she is not the same person i married nearly 4 years ago. I love her so much but she won’t listen anymore and i can’t stand living with her unhygienic lifestyle it is making me feel ill and disgusted to be around her i have been sleeping downstairs for the last 3 days as she smells so bad. What can i do I really want to help her but i don’t know how, i just know if this goes on any longer i am going to leave her.

  5. Lucky, lucky me.

    You’d think my wife’s lack of hygiene was to avoid sex, but as we haven’t made love since 2005, that isn’t an “issue”, lol.

    In 2007 she bathed a grand total of 14 times. The years since it’s been up to about a shower every 3 weeks. The hell of it is she’s perfectly sane, sociable and pleasant in every other way. If it wasn’t for the greasy hair and under arms that literally reek of spoilt Spaghetti O’s (or the lack of sex) she is the perfect wife and I still love her.

    It’s worse than getting a small child to bathe!

  6. Vick

    Not bathing is a clear sign she doesn’t want sex with you. She may have been abused as a child or she is with another person. She clearly doesn’t want sex with you.


    Oh my word I feel so sorry for y’all this is disgusting to read I can’t image living with it as a 23 year old wife and mother of two I can tell you not all women lack personal hygiene I take a bath every day more if I’ve been physically active and if i can possibly talk my husband into letting me I take one before sex aswell it makes me feel more at ease with myself especially sentence he always insists on giving me oral and if I don’t let him he gets offended

  8. Randa

    Yes. My girlfriend of 10,years and 2 kids doesn’t show rarely . maybe once a month , and I shower every night and my kids shower every other night . she hasn’t washed her hair in 1 and a half years , it is so nodded up it has been up in a bun for the whole year and a half. And every day she talks about it, and it embarrasses her, and she wants her old hair back but we don’t know how to get it back because its been so long. I told her the only thing I know what to do is CUT off the entire bun and it’d leave her with very very little hair . really short but I dont know what eles to do. She said she would let me cut it off if I have a wig but i dont and I only get paid once a month only $988 a month so after rent and bills I’m broke. I dont know what to do because I i know if we cud just figure out her hair situation she would go back to normal showering every other day. Im stuck not knowing what to do at all . her hair is so horrible it sucks. And I can never ever get intimate because no one wants to have sex with someone who hasn’t washed in weeks . its just not right . and I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me or what any ideas? I live in Spokane , Washington 99207. Please email or text me if you have any good thoughts. Randybarton19891991, Five, Zero , Nine, five, five , eight , zero, five, five , four . please text me with any ideas or thoughts. thank you

  9. Sweetestpeach77

    After reading through the passage (original question) and the comments, it seems like these women (those gf/wives) not bathing are in a stage of depression. Seek counseling. Be nice. Shower together-make it fun and sexy. Revitalize your wives.


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