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If your husband walked out on you after 37 years of marriage he never really cared about you

37 years is a long time to know a person. If after 37 years you and your husband did not develop a strong enough bond of friendship that when faced with a crisis of conscience he is still able walk out on you and not look back then you’re really not losing anything, you’re gaining freedom. Think about it, we’re talking 37 years. You put in 37 years together and he’s able to throw it away without qualms. It means he was never in it. It means the two of you didn’t have a friendship. Just because you’re married to someone for 37 years it doesn’t automatically follow that your relationship is working and it clearly wasn’t working or your husband could not just walk out on you, not even for a 20-year-old and her hot body assuming a younger woman was involved. If you build up 37 years of love and caring for someone you don’t devastate and crush them them for the sake of vanity and ego. So consider that if in 37 years you and your husband weren’t able to build love and caring for each other you are both better off with him gone. Seize the opportunity you’ve been given. You deserve better than you had.

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  1. joy

    my husband just walked out saying that he doesn’t want to be with me any more, he said that he has felt this way for quite some time. you could have blown me away I had no idea that he felt that way. All aspects of our life ( as I saw it) was great, yes we argued (but got over it I thought) I am so,so sad it came as such a shock. I don’t think physically there is someone but mentally maybe who knows I don’t know this man any more. I feel like I cant and don’t want to go on. All the plans we made for our future…. oh well now what

  2. dianne

    My husband also left me after 37 years for another woman…but she was 1 year older than myself. I always believed he really wasn’t into me, we did have arguements on that. I always felt like a piece of furniture…early on in our marriage he told me he wasn’t here to intertain me. In the years I started having friends, having hobbies, my problem now is he wants me to pay for everything…medical benefits, (which I have) a loan payment of his, the mortgage, I borrwed 20000$ from my retirement to survive and the judge was me to pay him, I was so upset…he sold a 9 family house and didn’t claim it that yr which would have brought him way over my salary. I would have excepted all this but he’s also making it hard for me to survive and he knows what I bring home..He doesn’t give me a dime a month I pay for 1000$ of what he created…After almost 2 years of this , and not having the lawyers see what hes capaible of doing is causing me mental stress, I go to therapy and have since this happened…He’s living a very good life right now…I do not speak to him, know anything about his woman..I just want my life back—he cheated on me in the beginning of our marriage and I let it go…My only child, loves us so much he won’t step in even tho he knows what his father is doing or has…He says he doesn’t want anyone mad at him, he’s 39…I am lost….I have decided to sell the house cause I can’t make the payments any longer. I put 10000$ into it to make it nicer and I’ve lost it to half of the sell price to my husband when sold. This equable distribution is really unfair…It doesn’t look at the picture . Is there any future for me , I am 60…my whole life was with a non superifical person….How many more years do I have left…sometimes I feel like I don’t want to continue cause it hurts so bad…..I need the best advice and guidance —I have a few cats (10) got them 10 years ago cause I needed love so bad…I am taking early retirement to help out my parents (ill) I offered to move in but the cats r now an issue. I have given up everything and it seems no one cares even for my feelings …if I am willing to help 24/7 retire for them, than I should be able to bring the cats—I am good at making houses for them in the basement…I can fix it up? I am lost…HELP!!!!


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