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I slept with my mother in law when my wife was away on a business trip

My wife went on a 2 week business trip and her mother was staying with me to help with the kids. We had a few too many drinks one night (after the kids went to bed of course), and one thing led to another. In my defense my mother in law is ridiculously hot. She’s also still young. She had my wife when she was 16. I don’t know who initiated the whole thing. It just happened and it only happened that one time. My mother in law and I agreed to never talk about it and to act like it never happened.

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I slept with my mother in law when my wife was away on a business trip, 6.7 out of 10 based on 49 ratings

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  1. younglove21

    eww gross. well you are sick if you are still having sex with your wife and your MIL is one sad bitch not tellin her daughter that you are a dog! you need to tell her or you will end up paying the price later! some thing in your head should tell you your not going to get away with this…

  2. brenda

    I see nothing wrong with this if both agreed to it. Keep it quite and do not ruin your marriage. It happened so forget it. Today most people have a fling or two ourside of marriage. This is like keeping it in the family.

    1. Jack

      Brenda, Finally a woman with good common sense!! What people need to realize is that things do happen and this is one of them. Why throw away everything this couple has because of one mistake. The daughter should never find out and both the husband and mother in law should stop at the one time and never speak of it again. Everyone has weakness sometime and this should remain a memory for them.

  3. Joe

    I have had a long successful marriage that has only been enhanced by my love, sexual and otherwise, for my now deceased mother in law. I never actually slept with her, but I wish I had. I think the OP’s experience will only strengthen his marriage.

  4. Ricini

    Remember: In the case that the husband of the mother-in-law and the wife of the son-in-law are living, any sexual intercurse between mother-in-law and son-in-law is an adultery but no incest. So, in the case that both, the husband of the mother-in-law and the wife of the son-in-law are deceased, there exists no problem that the mother-in-law and the son-in-law will keep up sexual intercurse, perhaps the will make a baby.

  5. Freddy K

    Bro, GO FOR IT AGAIN!!!!!!!! I want to bang the sh*$ out of my mil. I don’t have the balls to initiate.

  6. Lola

    lol i see nothing wrong with this…I’m not married or anything. But in a way it is sorta HOT!!! dam i need a hubby now. 🙂

  7. abraham

    Infact I slept with two of my wifes sisters and bothe don’t know .if any mothers here from houston leave me a message .


      I just slept with mine two weeks ago at my house… She started panicin after it was all done …we went at it for almost two hours straight f*king…


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