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I want to have sex with my sister in law

I love my wife but I think I’d be willing to risk my marriage to her for one night with her sister. My sister in law is hot. She puts any Victoria’s Secret model to shame. Too bad I didn’t meet her before I met my wife.

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I want to have sex with my sister in law, 7.3 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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  1. anotherguy

    Bro, I feel your pain only I think mine runs a little deeper – there was no chance I’d have found my sister-in-law remotely interesting when I met my wife (I think she was like 13 or something). After I was married for awhile about the time she was 17 I started noticing her beauty though and she used to flirt with me in a playful way that secretly really turned me on. I have to admit though it wasn’t until she was nearly 30 that I really realized I was actually in love with my wife and her sister – and I’m talkin really in love here not kinda, sorta, and horny – I’m not sure how it happened really
    – but I’m off the point here –
    The point is I love my wife and I’d just never do anything conciously to hurt her – and I love my sister-in-law so even if she was willing (she’s smokin’ hot and definitely able) I couldn’t ask her to do anything that could potentially hurt her really badly – putting her marriage and relationship with her kids at risk just for my selfish fantasy.
    Here I sit I’m happy in my marriage – and I still get the occasional sly wink from my hot MILF sister-in-law.

  2. John

    Damn bro I know how that goes I swear my sister n law all but ask to gobble down my cock in she’s flirty as hell maybe one day lol


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