My husband is not the father of my child but he doesn't know
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My husband is not the father of my child but he doesn’t know

I cheated on my husband but he never found out and I never confessed it. I got pregnant by my lover and knew the baby wasn’t my husband’s because my husband and I hadn’t been together around when the baby was conceived. When I found out I was pregnant I told my husband I wanted to have a baby because I thought it might help to strengthen our marriage and I told him I was ovulating and that we needed to work on getting me pregnant right away before the window of opportunity closed or I changed my mind. My husband has always wanted us to have a child so it wasn’t hard to get him to agree. I gave my husband a fake due date and my pregnancy actually went over the real due date and close enough to the fake due date. My husband never suspected anything. Our son is 7 now and my husband still doesn’t know I’ve been with another man and he’s not my son’s father.

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  1. lol

    I bet it sure makes you feel cool and confident at night that you pulled this one on over your husband. Lemme guess…your husband was the guy you settled for after the badboys had their fun but you decided to step out one night and get a badboy lover to get knocked up with. You are the reason why young men don’t get married my dear ;)

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  2. anotherguy

    I won’t judge you – but your actions were obviously reprehensible – no good can possibly come of this – at best you will carry this awful secret with you to your grave – because you won’t only be hurting your husband if the truth ever comes out – but your son as well. At worst – well – that probably goes without saying…

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  3. difichoice

    I am in a similar situation. Pregnant with ex’s child. I don’t want to tell my Husband but sometimes I feel like I need to let go of this guilt and tell him. My therapist said if I do that I might feel better but it will tear apart our family and hurt Husband terribly. So I hope my baby doesn’t look so different from us that it’s obviously not my husband’s. My husband was suspicious of my having an affair but I convinced him otherwise. I am scared to death now that he will suspect and want a paternity test. My OBGYN knows and says that some women do successfully pass off children from lovers as their husband’s.

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    1. Jorge Tadeu

      WOW! We do live in an amazing age (for the wrong reasons, in this case)…

      A whorish woman breaks what should be an honour-bound commitment, and then complains of feeling guilty to a large unknown audience… Guess what… no pity for you. People nowadays feel that they can do sh*t and then get some empathy from those around them…

      WHY? YOU f**ked uo! You DECEIDED your compromise to your husband was worth less than your own pleasures, and then YOU decided to bring into this world and into your family an innocent child who’s future may one day be ruined by some sort of revelation.

      Great judgement cfall for you and every strumpet out there.

      I WOULD wish you good luck, but i really don’t…much the opposite… To you nor to any one, male or female that does that kind of sh*t!

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  4. Amanda

    I am 42 years old and just found out that my dad isn’t my biological father , however there is a part of me that has always known. I’m not sure how but I felt like I didn’t completely belong. Even though I’m 42 I finally feel unlocked in some strange way. My grandmother knew this and never told me but I don’t hold it against her, because it wasn’t in her place to tell me. She however felt extremely guilty. So much so she spilled to my sister. My mother doesn’t feel guilty at all and that is very hard for me to understand. She also never told my father and to this day he doesn’t know. The bottom line is that the truth ALWAYS come out. The longer you let it go the more hurtful it becomes to the people affected.

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  5. Angela

    I am also pregnant with another mans child, my husband and I separated due to other problems in the relationship, after a couple of weeks I met another man, we conceived a baby to which I had no idea at the time. Me and my lover split and I realised I wanted to try again with my husband, however I had suspicions after a while that I was pregnant. I took a test and was horrified that it was positive, I told my husband that night and prepared my self to live as a single parent. To my amazement my husband stayed but said it would b hard and he couldn’t be dad to the child. I felt relieved I had his support but sad to what I put him through and what I was about to put my whole family through. I booked an abortion as this was goin to solve everything I made a huge mistake and because everything wasn’t goin my way I could just delete it as if it never happened and no one would have to know! I could go on livening my life a lie, however I couldn’t go through with the abortion as I realised it wasn’t a mistake it was a blessing even more of a blessing was my husband would b around as hard as its going to and has been. I didn’t want to face up to what I did it was easier to block it out…. However keeping the baby was the best decision I ever made and telling my husband and family was so hard but at least I don’t have to watch my back and my conscience is clear. my family didn’t take it well neither did my mother in law but fact is my self and my husband decided to work through things and it has nothing to do with any one what I do with my life, I’ve made some wobbly decisions but I’ve stood by what Ive done and taken the negative its thrown at me. At times I wished I hadn’t said anything but in my heart of hearts I know I’ve done the right thing. As humans every one makes mistakes it’s how u learn and deal with them that counts no one can judge u or tell u what to do as its ur life not there’s, others have opinions some not nice but that’s ok there untitled to them. I totally understand where ur coming from and hope it all works out for u but I felt it was only fair that my husband knew the truth as well as the biological father. I knew there was a massive chance I would end up on my own but if that was ment to b then it was what I would do as hard as it would b. stay strong and have faith in ur self and what u feel if it feels right for u to keep the baby’s father a secret then go with it. My husband went baby clothes shopping with me recently! He even picked my baby an out fit now and sometimes he holds my tummy…. It’s taken a while for us to get here but its nice just to know we can try and work through things. I know every ones different and most men would run a mile but u can’t predict the future no one knows the consequences untill uve acted all u can do is b strong and prepare urself for what ever comes ur way. I wish u all the best and concentrate on the positive not the negative no one is perfect :)

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  6. Joe

    WOW i am constantly reminded why I never want to get married. It is far better to screw them, knock them up, then send them home to their husband.

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  7. carol

    What is the guarantee that the husband will never learn that the child isnt his?Every passing minute,i would be dying of fear of getting caught if i were in a situation like this.Although i do have differences with my hub and sometimes tempted to cheat,the fear of getting caught and the ugly situation that may follow always stops me.

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    1. Jorge Tadeu

      The FEAR of getting caught?! OH dear, god forbid that respect for commitment and sheer honour would suffice, no!

      FEAR of getting caught?! You are no better thatn those who do it!

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  8. carol

    And not jus that,Dna tests could be taken for other reasons too,not just for establishing paternity.what if the kid has a disease thats rare and the doc orders for genetic testing.?Inadvertently,the truth surrounding paternity would be is defenitely a risk.we can only hope that the truth doesnt come out.

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  9. he4she

    Before DNA testing you could have possibly gotten away with it… but now… DNA doesn’t lie. Anytime you spread your legs to a new man you’re more likely to get pregnant than by your husband. A woman’s body builds some resistance to their husband over the years. But when new DNA enters all bets are off.

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  10. Cait

    I’m not pregnant, but have been wanting to for a long time. My husband knows how much I want a baby, but he doesnt want any because he thinks kids are annoying and hates kids. I keep tellinng him, that he would change his mind once he sees his own child and will be so happy when he finds out that im pregnant. But any way, I’ve been tempted to cheat with my ex and get pregnant. I’ve talked to my ex and he is willing to do it. But I dont want my husband to find out and leave me and the baby. I want to have a baby so bad, I try to change my husbands mind everyday and remind him of his promise he made me, but he still wont budge.

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  11. David

    In responce to carol.
    There was some research done in regards to the chances of getting pregnent by other DNA higher than that of your long term partner.
    The results was a little all offer the place to be able to say it was hard facts but there was a out line that somewhere between the 6th year and 12th year the body builds a defence system to its normal DNA input, Where the introduction of a 2nd sample showed that these barriers was broken down 72% of the time

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  12. Miss Morris

    I’m in a very bad situation!!! My husband is in prison and wants children but under the conditions it is impossible. Five weeks ago though I was sexually assaulted and though I reported it to the authority’s I did not tell my husband, I am now pregnant and don’t know how to tell him what has happened. Chances are he will not believe me as in our first year of dating I had an affair. What do I do?? I love my husband but I don’t believe in abortion. I fear he will file for divorce when he finds out.

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  13. ladybch

    i’m also in the same situation right now, my daughter is 1 month old now and my husband is not his real father, i’m really stupid and a whore when i did things that i know in the future would be devastating, now every minute i’m already dying to think that anytime he (my husband) would know the truth… i love my husband so much and he is really a good dad to my baby. i feel guilt everyday

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  14. guilty

    I’m in the same situation. I have a 10 year old boy and don’t know how to tell him his dad is not his bio dad. When we were dating 12 years ago we were always on and off. On one of those off times i had a one night stand after a couple of weeks I got back with my bf. A month later we broke up two weeks later we were on again. I later found out I was pregnant and never thought anything of it. He asked me if I had been with anyone else and well I said no, I never thought that it couldn’t be his. Well guess what?? my son isn’t his. We split up again 3 years ago and I asked for child support 3 years of no help well he contested and asked for a DNA. Now I’ve got to tell my son. That’s the killer!!!

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  15. Ivy

    I’m also in the same situation my son is two the only difference is that i don’t really know if he’s my son”s that because my son looks like me . This is really driving me crazy i don’t know what to do. Sometimes i feel telling my husband that hes not the dad but what about he is and a DNA test is too expensive. All i know is that i won’t keep it as a secret because that will be the worst nightmare ever, waking up and going to sleep knowing that you lying to your family :'(……

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  16. KtGIRL

    Yes, it seems like a horrible thing. I already had one kid to think about when I made my mistake. I decided, it’s not going to end well either way for my kid so I might as well try to make this work somehow. I don’t even love my husband but I do it for the kids, even if it takes me to hell. As horrible as he is to me, he’s a good dad. The horrible thing is that it don’t really hurt anyone unless they find out and if you keep up with that guilt crap, it will eat you alive. There is a good possibility that my child is either of theirs. The child really just looks like me. I hope I got it right but if not I know my children have the best Dad they could ever have. I live with the guilt and that’s my fault. I don’t think about it on my good days and other days I’m suicidal.

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  17. Max

    You people. I am a very passive individual but if any women did this to me and led me on year after year to bring up a child who was not mine I would cut her throat in her sleep. I wish you nothing but shear pain and disaster for your life, you are the scum of th female population.

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  18. cee

    See! That is what gets me irritated. Why if a female makes a mistake on cheating on their husband and this kind of things happen to them (heaving a Child from lover) is a slut, whore….. And a man make the make mistake and is nothing to them!!!! WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. IN MY OPINION I THINK THEY SHOULD TELL THEIR PARTNERS BECAUSR THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO SUFFER ALL THOSE POOR CHILDS. AND LET HUSBAND DECIDE IF HE STAYS TO RAISE CHILD THAT IS NOT HIS OR LEAVE.

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  19. Mary

    I don’t judge you and it’s too late now to say anything without tearing everything apart. I’m in this situation but I don’t know which is the father and I’ve been honest with my husband. My husband told me to keep it to myself if when the baby is born if I think it’s the other mans. He doesn’t ever want to know he wants our family to heal and move on. But too bad you couldn’t have told him sooner. I don’t agree that it alright to have kept him in the dark but I do understand the fear at the time and the reason you made the decision you did. So all I could say is if your son and husband are close. Leave it alone. You have to live with all that guilt and take it to your grave as my husband told me. You will damage your son and your husband more than you can imagine. Good luck.

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  20. Deb

    I see no one realizes that in some of these scenarios, the ex, who has no clue there is a child out here with his own blood, may have started a new life, possibly married and now have other children. just to get the surprise of his life some years later about a child he never knew existed nor got the chance to bond with. Many families are ruined because of women who don’t know their kids father or, proceed to locate him and destroy his life. Those men have a difficult time embracing their children in these situations, there is never really a bond, just awkward adjusting.

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