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So all of a sudden polygamy is hot and women are taking to Google to find out how to meet polygamist men?

Kody Brown and his ‘Sister Wives’ indicated they wanted to bring their lifestyle out into the open in the hopes of educating people and helping the masses come to realize that polygamy is just a lifestyle and that the people who live this lifestyle are normal people with normal lives for whom plural marriage is simply the preferred choice. It looks like they might be doing more than getting that message out. It seems at least a few women have become so inspired they are trying to find out how to meet polygamist men. You would think it would be men out in droves trying to find out how to become a polygamist, but the idea of polygamy appears to be appealing to at least a few women as well. What do you think about this sudden twist where polygamy has become somewhat glamorized and almost idealized in the minds of some?

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So all of a sudden polygamy is hot and women are taking to Google to find out how to meet polygamist men?, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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  1. noski

    I think it’s great that finally the super negative news reports and religious attacks aren’t all people know about polygamy. I’m not a polygamist, but i don’t see anything wrong polygamy in it self. I see a problem with the cults, and sheltering of some polygamist groups, I think people should be more accepting of this type of lifestyle, cause atleast this guy is making commitments to these women that these women are happy with. People are quicker to accept a man with 30 female partners with no commitment to any of them. how does that help society progress? No one can say those children are neglected, They don’t even need government assistance, I know two parent households on every program there is and not doing anything of benefit to their children. I would rather see households like the one on sister-wives than a bunch of 8 child families on government assistance living in section 8 housing. I think it should be a human right to live this way, as long as it doesn’t evolve into a cult or abusive situation. Hopefully the people involved in these relationships keep focused on their well being as well as the other

  2. angie

    it is creepy!! i think alot of the woman are fat asses that have to share a man or be a lesbian….very desperate…religious brainwashing…it is NOT normal to share intimacty with 4 other people!!!! FREAKS

    1. hatesimproperspelling

      Before you try to reply with a comment you probably thought was appropriate and or accurate please, PLEASE learn how to spell.

    2. zf

      It’s a lot better to be committed to 4 people for life than to live the typical life of men in our generation spending their whole lives sleeping with a new woman every week.

  3. Pernelle

    Actually, Yes it is a religious belief for most to practice polygamy…. No, you don’t see anyone on this show being brainwashed… Here are a few polygamist from the bible….. Abdon, Abijah, Abraham, Ahab, Ahasuerus, Ashur, Belshazzar, Benhadad, Caleb, David, Eliphaz, Elkanah, Esau, Ezra, Gideon, Heman, Hosea, Ibzan, Issachar, Jacob, Jair, Johoiachin, Jehoram, Jerahmeel, Joash, Lamech, Machir, Manasseh, Mered, Moses, Nahor, Rehoboam, Saul, Shaharaim, Shimei, Simeon, Soloman, Terah, Zedekiah, Ziba…… Try reading and doing a little research before you judge what someone else believes…. BTW I am NOT a polygamist I just don’t see anything wrong with it and I don’t think that God looks down on anyone that chooses to have love for more than one person…. Try reading,” Ressurecting the Biblical Family,” it is written by Tom Shipley…. If he loves them and it works for them why knock it? I think if more people loved and less people judged and hate it might just be a better world! Lets all let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  4. Marianne

    The Brown family seems happy and is healthier than a lot of families I grew up around and know today. Adjust kids. The world is what it is. Why get upset when people are happy and healthy? Get mad at abusers, not polygamists.

  5. Ivan

    I love it !! I want to become Polygamous too . I love children . My wife is open minded women so.. any takers . We live in Canada .Im atractive guy . No to tall but nice brown hair and eyes , blonds love me , no smoking ,no alcohol , love sex .Have a good job . Not rich but a good men . If you are attractive women who wants have more children contact me ate . Thax.


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