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Club husband – every husband’s perfect Sunday afternoon – Maria Sharapova and Paula Creamer mud wrestling

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m living in a dream world if I think there’s any husband out there who would choose to spend his Sunday afternoon with his wife when Maria Sharapova and Paula Creamer are on TV mud wrestling. No, I’m not about to insist my husband would prefer to watch me waddle around the place with my big fat size 7 figure than watch Sharapova and Creamer squirm about in mud on top of each other. My husband would probably be locked in the bedroom watching the mud wrestling then later try to get me to have sex with him while he plays it back frame by frame in his mind; but I know not all men are like my husband. It’s convenient for the ones who are like my husband to insist all husbands are indeed like them. It makes it easier to remain unapologetic and guiltless about what they do; but in reality there are men who would have better things to do with their Sunday afternoon. Even if they might not necessarily prefer to spend their afternoon with their wife,  they would choose any number of other activities over sitting in front of the television watching two young women mud wrestle. And you know what, I’m sure there are husbands who would actually prefer to spend their Sunday afternoon in the company of their wife even if Sharapova and Creamer were to be on TV lathering each other’s naked bodies with baby oil.

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Club husband - every husband's perfect Sunday afternoon - Maria Sharapova and Paula Creamer mud wrestling, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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