My husband wants to watch me with another man should I do it even though I don’t want to?

Your husband should not be pressuring you to have sex with other men and you should in no way feel like that is something you have to do to prove you love your husband or to prove your willingness to do anything to make him happy. Your husband needs to accept and respect that you’re not into this lifestyle. He’ll just have to be satisfied with his fantasies. Asking you to dress up like a nurse and role play is one thing. Asking you to have sex with another man while he watches is something altogether different. That’s the sort of thing you do because you enjoy the lifestyle and want to do it, or because you sincerely don’t mind trying it to please your spouse, but if you have a problem with it as you’ve indicated, your husband is one hundred percent in the wrong for trying to push the issue.

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My husband wants to watch me with another man should I do it even though I don't want to?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Also take into consideration that if you fulfill this one fantasy you are opening the door for more and more, it is not likely that this is his most “hard core” fantasy. It could very well be one guy today, but three tomorrow.
    Or it could go completely the opposite way, it may sound fun in his head, but he may flip out when he see’s it. As a man I’ll tell you that things that are “out there” sound fun when your super turned on, but loose apatite almost instantly after you have ejaculated. ( I have a reoccurring fantasy that is not all that out there and my wife would go for in a second, but after I have climax sounds gross)
    If you want to test it with him start talking dirty with him about you and another man (be specific and about what and who) while you have sex, continue talking about it after he has finished and see how he responds. I bet he will either become uninterested or become jealous/insecure.

    Best wishes,
    that one guy

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