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Losing your husband or wife is not the worst thing that can result from cheating

Tempted to cheat? Do you know anything about the person with whom you’re tempted to cheat on your husband or wife? Your body might be on fire when you’re around this person but before you go having sex with them you should think about your spouse. Sure you deserve to be happy and to feel good and to get what you want in life, but it won’t be fair if you getting what you want puts your wife or your husband at risk. You can’t tell if someone has an STD by looking at them. Your husband or wife doesn’t deserve for you to go out and pick up an STD from someone and bring it home to give to them. Whatever you may think of them at this point in your marriage, however you might feel about them, consider their life before you act irresponsibly and put yourself at risk and put them at risk by extension. Some STDs kill. Herpes might be common, for example, but there’s a strain of the virus that causes cervical cancer and your wife might not be one of the lucky ones who discovers it in time to save her life. Imagine your wife losing her life because you cheated on her contracted herpes and gave it to her. Does that sound remotely fair to you that your wife should die because you cheated, picked up an STD and gave her an STD that killed her? Do you hate your wife that much that you’re willing to risk her life for the orgasms you get from your lover. If so then maybe you should leave her first, this way if you do catch an STD at least she won’t be at risk of catching it.

STDs aren’t the only threat. What if you get involved with someone who decides to try to kill your spouse to get them out of the picture. It might not be an every day occurrence but it does happen that the lover of a cheating spouse goes after the husband or wife and even the children. Is that what your family deserve? Try to consider their lives before you act on your impulse to cheat, and if you decide to cheat anyway, try to be responsible about it. Don’t assume safety.

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Losing your husband or wife is not the worst thing that can result from cheating, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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