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Sometimes it’s not easy to face the truth and accept all the signs your marriage is over

I go through these periods of being aware that I don’t have a marriage. I figure that’s when you know your marriage is over, when you realize you don’t really have one; but even while faced with the truth it’s difficult to accept what’s staring me in the face. I think a lot of it is fear. What am I going to do? How am I going to adjust to being by myself, not having someone coming home to me every day? You get used to your routine even if it’s a tired routine that you hate. Who wants to be alone and lonely? I look at divorced and single people and all they ever seem to spend their time doing is trying to find somebody. We’re all always trying to hook up and find a long term relationship. For some of us it was hard enough to find somebody to begin with. I can admit I worry about not being able to find someone else. That in addition to concerns about money and health make me want turn my eyes away from all the signs my marriage is over and look for signs that there’s hope to save my marriage; but sometimes you’re better off getting out of the marriage than staying in it. If there’s nothing between you, you don’t have friendship, you have no care, concern or consideration for each other, you’re just existing together and slowly killing each other, it’s really in everyone’s best interest to accept the signs for what they are. If your marriage is over, you should accept it and move on. It’s the healthier and more intelligent thing to do.

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Sometimes it's not easy to face the truth and accept all the signs your marriage is over, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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