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Who’s really to blame the women who sleep with other women’s husband’s or the married men who cheat on their wives?

It’s easy to attack women who cheat with other women’s husbands and call them skanks, homewreckers or whatever, but many times these women don’t know the man is married before they’ve fallen for him, and even if they know he’s married, the fact that he’s pursuing them is evidence that he’s not committed to his wife and that pretty much makes him as fair game as if he was single. Being married is just a technicality. Can you really blame these women? All they want is a little happiness just like everybody else, and if a man comes along and they like him and he seems to like them why are they going put the welfare and happiness of his wife and children above their own when he himself clearly isn’t concerned about his wife and children?

Most of the time women who are having an affair with a married man assume there’s no relationship between the man and his wife so it’s perfectly okay to take up with him because he’s on his way out of the marriage anyway, or if he’s not talking divorce he’s certainly divorced in his heart and is only with his wife because of complications like not wanting to abandon his children. They figure in time he’ll leave the marriage. They no more expect him to be trying to get with them knowing he’s still married to his wife in the true sense of the word than his wife expects him to go out and cheat on her.

Without question there are women out there who go after married men because they want to wreck families. They like knowing they can take another woman’s man; but it’s doubtful these husband-stealing women are the majority. Most women who get into relationships with married men are pursued by the married man. It’s the married man who is the homewrecker, not his mistress. Very often he not only destroys his marriage and his family but also breaks the heart of the woman who was foolish enough to take up with him because it was never about anything other than the excitement of the cheating.

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Who's really to blame the women who sleep with other women's husband's or the married men who cheat on their wives?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. Angry White Girl

    Both are responsible. If she knew he was married – then she is as much to blame. She could have said no. He should have said no. I can’t stand these loser women who act like they are the victim – they are participants – period.


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