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I left my fat wife because she was bad for my image – made me look like a loser

Just finished reading a post on another blog. It was written by a man who was explaining why he left his fat wife. He titled the post “Why I left My Fat Wife”. In the post, written back in 2009, the man described how he and his wife were out at a restaurant when one of his bosses appeared with his thin trophy wife. By the time the boss left with his hot wife, the author of the post had come to the realization that his own wife was a loser, or at least to the rest of the world she was a loser, because of her weight. He was married to a fat loser. Meanwhile he was working around hot skinny models in his fashion photographer profession; and what was more many of the models were flirting with him and coming on to him all the time.   It wasn’t really much of a dilemma it seems choosing to leave his wife and find himself someone he could be proud to be seen with who understood the following:

…men want to make sweet love to sexy, slender women who can wear the hot lingerie he buys for her without looking like a walrus tangled in a ball of string.

Some of the more interesting statements made in the post:

  1. My boss took one look at my fat wife, and recoiled from the stench of loserness.
  2. The lingerie I had bought her no longer fit, lost in the folds of her burgeoning ass.
  3. I couldn’t walk across the living room without tripping over a half-eaten apple pie or an ice cream scoop.
  4. There wasn’t a hint of food in the fridge; Marie had eaten it all.
  5. She was home all day-couldn’t she at least run a few laps on the freaking treadmill?
  6. I gazed around the room to avoid looking at my wife’s Pillsbury rolls.
  7. I felt like the dumpster diver in our relationship.
  8. I had ever so gently suggested she would feel better and our marriage would be happier if she lost the weight she had gained and slimmed back down to the hot wife I knew when I first fell in love with her and married her, but instead all she did was get fatter.

If you’re a once hot, skinny, sexy wife who is now many pounds larger than you were when your husband first married you, you should read Why I Left My Fat Wife. Probably the author of the post never put the truth, as he saw it, to his wife quite in the way he put it in the post. Possibly your husband feels the same way about you but will never tell you until after the divorce.

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I left my fat wife because she was bad for my image - made me look like a loser, 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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