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Help! How do I get out of this? My wife is a bitch and I seriously hate her

My wife and I have known each other for eleven years but we’ve only been married for one year and I already regret the decision to marry her. I don’t know how in all the years we knew each other I could have failed to know the kind of woman she is deep down. Somehow she managed to hide the truth about herself all the years we were together and only started showing it after we got married. I hate to say it but my wife is a bitch. She tries to control my life. She wants to decide who I can see and who I can’t. She insisted I break away from my buddies and stop having a life that didn’t include her. I did what she wanted. It cost me my friends. She even wants to come between me and my family. She doesn’t want my mother to call our house. That’s my mother. I can’t dare say anything about her mother or anyone in her family but she calls my sisters names and insults my mother’s parenting skills anytime I do something she doesn’t like saying I have no breeding and my mother didn’t raise me right. To be honest I hate my wife. I wish I’d never been so stupid to marry her.

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Help! How do I get out of this? My wife is a bitch and I seriously hate her, 7.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Rebecca

    Sounds to me like she is trying to isolate you, first she runs off your friends and now she is trying to do the same with your family. I will tell you one thing, family comes first, anyone who disrespects my family would be out the door. For her to want to be with you 24/7 is also very unhealthy for any relationship, you should both have your own friends and seperate time apart, otherwise what do you talk about when you are stuck with each other ALL the time? I hope you find the answers you are looking for and can get your life back. Good luck.

    1. Eileen

      She still your wife and you call her a “bitch?” Wow, maybe that has something to do with the way she is. And your family.. are they good role models, are they respectfull to her? I mean sometimes the family is in the way of the marriage. And your wife is now “your family first”

  2. Lar

    Run now while you can, run Forrest run – once she gets pregnant and she will – her decision only – you are screwed.

  3. suresh chander

    Simple Get prepared for a long battle. Start secret savings, Do not disclose vital life saving details to her.

  4. Sol

    Man… I feel your pain. For some stupid reason I’ve been hanging on to my marriage for nearly 20 years and have felt mostly the same way you do since the beginning. I remember thinking I wanted out after the first year, but just never took action on it for some reason. I think I’ve been afraid to admit it out load because I have never wanted to be a failure. I’m so glad that we don’t have kids because they would have caused so much more stress in our marriage and they would have been worse off for it.

    It sounds like your wife has the same issues mine does. If I bring up any topic about my family, she puts up a brick wall and gets angry and then any small amount of calm vibe in the room is gone and we bicker for the rest of the day (which is not out of the ordinary anyway). She is controlling, bitter, judgemental, and many other adjectives that I could go on with all day (although she portrays such a different image to others she calls “friends”, the rest of the world she hates and openly voices her disgust with the human race). Going on 20 years now and we are more emotionally detached now than ever even though from the outside, everyone thinks our relationship and marriage is going so well. We both hide it well from the rest of the world but we know that there is not much holding us together besides our own weakness to throw in the towel. We have no kids (and you can guess why that is… hmmm) and even though I would love to have kids, I tell myself at least weekly, that I just don’t want any kids with her.

    Best of luck to you, but my advice is to leave now before you torture yourself for another 20 years like I have.

    1. Miserable

      Why are you still with her? My wife is a bitch too. I get home from work and she doesn’t even speak to me just goes upstairs I don’t ever know what I have done. I cook because she doesn’t I clean she doesn’t I pay bills she doesn’t she is very demanding and selfish. She always put me down and really makes me feel like crap. I’m planning on leaving her just got to plan it right I can’t wait for my new life without her in it.

  5. Fred

    My suggestion is to leave as soon as possible. It will only get worse. Trust me. I have been suffering for several years and we have a son now so it’s impossible to leave her without hurting my son.

    1. Pete

      I am in the same position as you, my wife is really not a nice person. Now she is pregnant although I always wanted kids I still keep thinking that maybe I should have left her. I will just have to wait till the kids turns 18 then I’m out start a secret savings account.

  6. Don

    I feel you bro. Iv been married for over a year now. I regret marrying my wife she has never compromised once! All she does is complain she is so fake and a Complete control freak . Her own sister warned me about her but I didn’t listen. Iv had to move away from my family and friends I miss my mom and dad so much. Before we got married she said she wanted kids but now she says she changed her mind and to bad if I don’t like it. The list goes on and on I like going to work just so I can get away from her.

  7. Heisenberg

    My wife is exactly the same way. I’m living in Germany now, and the only way I can even speak to my family back in the states is when she’s out (shopping, gym, work, etc.), or when I go out. She doesn’t even let my kids speak to their grandparents. We’ve been “married” for 20 years now. We had a serious argument on our honeymoon night over dowry (yes, I married a Chinese woman) and how it will be handled. That should’ve been my sign to get out. Now, we have two teenage kids, and I can’t get out of this “marriage” for another 6 more years until when my youngest goes to college. My wife is verbally abusive to my daughter, and will not let my kids spend any time with my parents. Even now, as my dad is dying, she would not let me go visit him (yes, that’s how cold she is). When my sister called to update me when my dad fell, my wife’s comment was, “your family is crazy!” My mind is pretty set on a divorce, and I’m just waiting it out. Once we divorce, she will get half of my military pension, and half of all of our savings. I don’t mind her taking half the money since she kept a career with government service every time we moved. But I wish there’s a way I can keep my military pension. I wish i could talk to you all, as I am really suffering almost daily, living with this cold-hearted woman. I am a prisoner in my own home.

    1. Don

      I feel you bro. I feel like a prisoner too, i am always on edge trying not to make the wrong move or say the wrong thing that will detonate her. She took all my life savings that I had been saving for 10 years and saved myself before I met her and married her. She just thinks she’s rite all the time ans so narrow minded we can’t even have a proper talk because she just goes crazy if I say the wrong thing or if I don’t agree with her. I pay most the bills and when we go out I pay 9/10 times I get groceries every week and have a full time job. While she just sits at home watching tv shows all day. Everyday when I get home from work I get to the front door and take a deep breath as I don’t know what I am walking into. I feel like crying all the time. We also agreed on having kids but as soon as we got married she said she changed her mind and if didn’t like it too bad.

    2. Karl

      Ha sounds like my wife doesn’t want anything to do with my family my I relocated to another country and now she doesn’t want to go back to even busy my parents and if I want to go she starts bitching and moaning. My sister came to visit once And my wife made her feel so unwelcome that she told me she won’t come Visit again. But she expects me to drop everything I’m doing for her family. As soon as our kid turns 18 I’m out

  8. rock

    I know how you feel . all woman are the same once you say I do your fucked.if you levee you are the bad one and you loose everything. and its hard on your mind. Work out and try to out live her. There all the fucken same. greedy and vane.

    1. Don

      Do you really think all women are the same? I hope so cos i would feel better that I’m not the only one suffering

  9. Jerkules

    Wow I thought I was the only one!
    I earn the money I wash the dishes I take the kids to their extracurricular stuff I pay the bills I pay attention to her ….I get nothing back except for being told I am an asshole and that I will never be forgiven for anything even if I didn’t do it and she thinks I did
    It’s very fucked up
    I am financially stressed because of my accommodating her demands over the years
    I feel like she demands I jump through hoops to prove my love
    And then I get fucked up the ass for doing it
    Some parts of life just suck
    Why don’t we all just tell our wives fuck you and kick them out.


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