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Man calls his wife a short fat hairy little wart that makes him want to throw up

I can only say “wow” to that one. The things we are willing to call each other. He’s probably never said that to his wife’s face either. He posts it on a public forum in a comment to a thread started by another man complaining about how fat his wife has become. Nothing is wrong with venting. I think husbands probably have more pent up frustration than anybody else because they are not permitted to show their frustration and anger. Their wives can unleash on them without consequence but the moment a man speaks an unkind word to his wife, raises his voice a little too loudly for his wife’s comfort or in anyway openly demonstrates displeasure with his wife and his marriage the world comes to an end. So I can certainly appreciate that when a man finally finds a safe place to let it rip he goes for broke; but wow, calling your wife a short fat hairy little wart who makes you want to throw up, that’s pretty hardcore. Show the wife some mercy and leave her. No one should be with someone who feels that way about them and have no clue that’s how the person feels.

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Man calls his wife a short fat hairy little wart that makes him want to throw up , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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