She won’t give her husband sex doesn’t want him to cheat and is also offended by the fact that he masturbates?

There’s a point at which a woman needs to get a grip. If you don’t want to have sex that’s your right, but be aware that expecting your husband not to have sex either is to try to control his life the way you have insisted he has no right to control yours. He has no right to try to pressure you into having sex, but you also have no right to try to pressure him into not having sex. If you don’t want sex you have every right not to have sex. If your husband wants sex he has every right to have sex; so you certainly have a dilemma if you refuse to have sex with your husband but also won’t hear of him having sex with other women; and when it comes to a point where you’re even going to be offended that he masturbates, this while knowing you won’t have sex with him and you won’t condone his having sex with anyone else, you’re really at a ridiculous point and need serious help. Get some help for yourself or free your husband.

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She won't give her husband sex doesn't want him to cheat and is also offended by the fact that he masturbates?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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