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To the man who’s raving about his wife’s best friend’s oral skills and asking how he can get his wife to become as good at fellatio as her best friend

Your wife needs a new best friend and a new husband. The fact that you know your wife’s best friend is clearly no friend of hers and all you can be concerned with is wanting your wife to develop this woman’s apparently award-deserving blowjob-giving skills shows that you are more interested in getting good blow jobs than in having a good marriage. That’s all well and good. You have a right not to settle for your wife’s mediocre fellatio when you can be getting excellent fellatio from her best friend, but maybe divorce your wife in the meantime instead of making a fool out of her? Divorce her and marry her best friend. Hopefully it won’t turn out that your wife’s friend needs you to be married to your wife in order for her to work up the desire and interest to blow your mind with her mastery of the art of fellatio.
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To the man who's raving about his wife's best friend's oral skills and asking how he can get his wife to become as good at fellatio as her best friend, 5.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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