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I fantasize about sharing my husband with another woman

My younger cousin and I have always been close. We share girl talk and tell each other our secrets. Shortly after she met my husband, she confessed to me that she thought he was HOT, but would never touch him out of respect for me. That turned me on, but I didn’t tell her.

At family gatherings I watch the two of them and my mind goes wild. One night after we got home from a pic nic I led him to bed. Once things got cooking I started talking to him about her. I told him that I thinks she wants him. He came back with the “oh, she’s just a kid”,(she’s old enough) but I noticed he got harder and gave it to me stronger.

At Thanksgiving dinner, she was cutting pumpkin pie and had whipped cream on her fingers. He was standing next to her when I grabbed her hand & put it to his mouth and he licked it off. I was wet immediately! I gave him a wink and left the two of them alone and watched from across the room.

He came to sit down and she followed. I had him sit between us.

Together we fed him pie.

While everyone thought we were just being silly, I was having the most erotic time.

I don’t know if I’d want to participate, or just watch.

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  1. saeed

    I had somehow same situation several times with my wife and my friends, all ended in laydown. We both enjoy it. it makes me hard and hot for a week or so.

  2. Petra Spahr

    My husband has had sex with other women, sometimes I join. My rule is that I am the one that gets to recruit and choose. A couple of times, however, he found someone and I approved. Just need to avoid the drama queens.

  3. hasan

    when i fantasize my gf with me while enjoying with my wife…and i do not hide this from my wife.i usually tell her that my gf is more hot than you.belive me my wife start to f**k more wildly and i enjoy a lot.several time she fatsize like me for her bf and i receprocate the way she do.

  4. Ralph

    To use the parlance of our time, you’re a cuckquean. A very healthy fetish of course, provided that your husband is willing to participate (which, obviously, most men are willing). Good luck and have fun!

  5. john

    What kind of sick f**king marriage do you have or want? I’m amazed by all the answers. And then, you want kids in this environment? You want to be called a mother? Mark my words: when you introduce this filth in your clean marriage, you’re dooming it. Corrupting your husband will make him want another woman. In several years everything will be destroyed.

  6. Tracy

    Hubby and I got together with another couple for soft swap, no f**king. I thought seeing him with another woman would make me very jealous, but it was actually the opposite. I was very excited. Thinking about him f**king another woman excites me, I don’t know how it would be irl. If anything bothers us, we stop. So if it bothered me, I would say so. I wouldn’t watch something that made me unhappy. Seeing him with another man, WOW! that is super hot! I don’t feel it makes him any less of a man AT ALL! He treats me like a queen, does everything for me, takes care of me, and makes me feel very safe and secure. He is VERY much a real man. Part of me is stuck on “if he really loves me, how could he want to see me with another man” but then, after seeing him with another woman, I can totally understand it. I KNOW he loves me without a doubt, so sex is what it is. If you choose to do this in your marriage, remember, you NEVER EVER bring up any of it in a fight or argument. That is not fair at all. For me, it isn’t even hard to not bring up in an argument.


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