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Yeah right your marriage is happy – who are you trying to kid?

I wouldn’t classify my marriage as a happy marriage, but my marriage does go through periods of harmony and closeness that could give the impression of us being happy together. My husband tends to be very attentive and almost doting at those times. When we have visitors I am always aware of them almost laughing at us thinking our positive interaction with each other is for show. Obviously any visitors able to observe you in your domestic environment would be family or close friends who likely know about all your marital problems, so when they see you laughing and smiling and looking happy together they conclude you’re trying to fake unity and togetherness to fool people into thinking you have a good marriage. It almost seems sometimes that people don’t want married couples to be happy. For some reason happily married couples, or just happy couples in general, irritate people. I won’t speak for anyone else but I know personally if I were out with my husband and we weren’t having all that fantastic a day and there was another couple appearing to be as close and loving and happy together as a couple in love is expected to be, I would definitely be self conscious about my own situation and begrudge them theirs. And I wonder if that is what it comes down to in general. We try to undermine other couples’ relationships, accuse them of putting on a show in public to try to fool people into thinking they have a great relationship when their relationship is no better than anyone else’s behind closed doors, and we do it because we are jealous of them and their relationship and miserable in our own situations.

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Yeah right your marriage is happy - who are you trying to kid?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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