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Do men fantasize about mothers in law?

Sure some men fantasize about their mother in law. Not only do some of them fantasize about their mother in law but they actually cheat on their wife with her mother. My own husband is closer to my mother’s age than he is to mine and he once commented to me that my mother was a good looking woman. I think he might have found her attractive and who knows, she may have starred in one or more of his sex fantasies. He’ll deny it if I ask of course but when we met my mother was the age I am now, and a minute ago when I asked just for an opportunity to playfully accuse him of not wanting me anymore because I’m no longer 21, he swore up and down he still finds me attractive. I happen to be the spitting image of my mother and since I’m now the age she was when he told me she was good looking, I can only assume when he told me she was a good looking woman it wasn’t necessarily just a casual observation.

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Do men fantasize about mothers in law?, 7.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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  1. James

    My mother-in-law is a youthful 56 (I’ve known her since she was 46 and she was incredibly attractive then) and the years have been very kind to her. She has a beautiful face, nice round breasts, great legs and an amazing ass for a woman her age. I love my wife (who is often mistaken for her mom’s younger sister), but I would be lying if I said I haven’t fantasized about her mom on many occasions – even when having sex with my wife. Not that I would ever act on it, nor would she, but I assume it is common to fantasize about an attractive woman who you know very well, are constantly around and who you have seen in appealing manners of dress from time to time (i.e. bathing suits, evening gowns, sleep wear, etc.). If you’re a normal man, you’re going to appreciate beauty for what it is. As long as you don’t cross the line into inappropriate behavior or comments that would hurt your relationships, a fantasy is like a private movie in your mind. Harmless.

  2. linda

    God I hope so! My ex son in law and I have always flirted and I would love to take the next step but that will be tricky, sigh. Wish he would just take me and have his way with me.

  3. Joe

    I frequently fantasize about my mother in law, and like “James”, who posted above, that includes during sex with my wife. The older my wife gets, the more she resembles her mother, and the more she resembles her mother, the more she turns me on.

  4. MomInLawObsessed

    Hey Linda…are you the Linda that I want you to be? I’m not your ex son in law…and I want you more and more everyday

  5. Darling

    I think guys who fantasize about older women have mommy issues. They should be with older women instead of being with a younger woman and then hooking up with the mother. Stop wasting the daughters time and let the daughter find someone who wants her instead of playing mind games. Cheating is cheating regardless of who its with.

  6. Joe

    I fantasize about my mother in law. She is hot and sexy. I masturbate to her but careful not to cross the line. The most I do is wear revealing stuff so she can see my thing but how do you know if she is horny for you?


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