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If your husband tells you to lose weight does that mean he loves someone else?

If your husband tells you to lose weight it means he does not like to see you at the size you are currently and he has the courage and the honesty to come clean with you about it. Don’t get offended by what he has said to you because he’s not trying to offend you. He’s trying to let you know that your weight is a problem, it is affecting how you look to him, affecting his ability to see you as physically attractive. It doesn’t mean he loves someone else, but he could be loving someone else eventually if you don’t use this opportunity he has given you to do something about your extra weight.

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are regardless of the body they have, but lets be honest, what usually draws us to a person initially is something physical and the physical aspect has more power and carries more weight in determining the condition and duration of our marriage than we like to admit. If you’ve become significantly altered from how you looked when your husband was attracted to you, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand how he might lose his attraction for you. The reality of love is nothing like the fantasy. In the fantasy you can get fat and lose your looks and your husband still sees you as the most beautiful woman in the world. In reality when you get fat and lose your looks your husband goes on websites and asks questions like “How can I get my fat pig of a wife to lose weight?” That’s kind of a harsh way to talk about your wife but the truth is, most men have a problem with their wives gaining enough weight to start looking like someone completely different and someone they would never have been attracted to if they’d passed you on the street; and some even divorce their wives for getting fat.

This isn’t only an opportunity for you to please your husband, it is also an opportunity for you to get healthy and regain your figure. You’ll be happier in the end than he will.

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