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What to do if husband leaves for another woman and then wants to come back?

If he left you once he’ll leave you again the next time someone comes along and catches his fancy, so the emotionally intelligent and less risky thing to do would be to move on with your life and forget about him. If you think you might want him back, however, you could try some counseling sessions prior to taking him back and then make a decision after that. A professional marriage counselor would be better able to advise you as to whether or not getting back with your husband is a good idea. Just taking him back and not dealing with the issue of him having left you for another woman might not be a good idea, and trying to deal with it just you and he having a conversation might not really be effective. Some conversations are better had in the presence of a third party who is trained in relationship counseling.

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What to do if husband leaves for another woman and then wants to come back? , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. digchild

    I think the question of whether to accept the cheating husband back into the wife’s life is a really difficult one.Most of the time,in my opinion,the answer to that is a definite no.This is due to a few reasons.

    Firstly,if the husband cheats on his wife,this could imply that he no longer loves and cares for her(and for her children,if they have any).So he wants a relationship with another woman instead.This can ruin his marriage and if he has kids,they may never be able to forgive their father for ruining their childhoods or teenage years.

    Next,the husband’s infidelity could mean that he has hormonal issues that make him go insane whenever he sees other women.This is dangerous for the wife as she is constantly made to feel ‘second-class’ relative to the other women her husband sees.She will wonder why she even married her husband if he has no real feelings for her.

    Lastly,the husband’s infidelity may indirectly suggest that he is drinking heavily,gambling or engaging in other detrimental behaviour.So the wife would need to constantly be on her guard.

    But there are 2 reasons to take the cheating husband back.One is because he is truly sorry for his infidelity.In this case, his family,particularly the wife,must be prepared to forgive him and accept him back into their lives.The second reason is because he has emotional or mental problems.So his family’s support is crucial for him to tide over such difficult times without making him feel like he needs other women to help him forget about his problems.


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