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If you are married your wife has a baby with another man is the husband legally responsible for the child?

I’m not a lawyer nor am I familiar with any laws regarding the matter of whether or not a husband is legally responsible for a child his wife conceives with another man. I can’t see how any law would force him to take responsibility for a child that is not his though. I think the people who are legally responsible for a child are the ones who created the child regardless of the circumstances surrounding the child’s conception. The issue here as far as I can see is one of moral responsibility rather than legal. If you’re married and your wife has a baby with another man, if you stay married to your wife and your wife is the one raising the child, can you choose to have nothing to do with the child because it’s not yours, especially while the child is living under your roof? I can only consider the child’s welfare in this scenario. If you can look beyond what your wife has done and stay married to her then you why should you have trouble accepting the child? It’s your wife who did something wrong and you’re loving her anyway. You’ve forgiven her and you’re moving on with her. The child does not deserve to be punished for what your wife did. If you can still love and accept your wife then you can love and accept the child. The child deserves nothing less.

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If you are married your wife has a baby with another man is the husband legally responsible for the child?, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. Grandus

    If a woman has and affair and the husband stays with her then by most state laws he is the legal father of the child. If he requests a DNA test before the child is born and it is established at birth that the child is not his he can refuse to be listed on the birth certificate as the legal father.

    The wife then has two options say she does not know who the father is or name the true father.

    If a person accepts the child of an affair from that day on he is the legal father and is legally responsible for all financial support of the child.

    However the biological father can sue and could be granted visitation rights to the child and not have to pay any child support.

    According to statistics about 30% of DNA tests prove that the legal father is not the biological father.

    I fail to see how a lie can be best for the child being deprived of the biological father and even more how a raising a child in a lie can teach that child good moral values.

    As to the having no legal say so over a child how many divorced women get remarried and then refuse to let the new husband correct her children from another man but she will not prevent the new husband from spending his cash on her children from another marriage.

    Paternity Fraud is a crime it should be punished to the fullest limits of the law its theft plain and simple.

  2. The Mrs.

    But what if the alleged Father was never Married the mother and after 10 years she wants to finally push the Child Support issue after the alleged Father got Married and wants nothing more to do with her but wants his son? Then the Father is contacted by Child Support Enforcement and they say that the case was on hold because they discovered that the Mother was Married to another man at the time she gave birth. The alleged Father had no knowledge at all about the Marriage at all.


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