My husband is a pervert

I’m really frustrated with my husband and my marriage. I feel like all my husband wants from me is sex. Sometimes I’m afraid to get into bed with him because he’s always feeling me up. If I try to sit next to him to watch TV with him just so we can spend some time together he always has to put his hand between my legs and grope me. He always wants to put his head down there. If I’m just lying in bed relaxing and he comes in that’s the first thing he does is heads straight for it. He doesn’t even really say hello to me or anything. He just comes in the bed and starts pushing my legs open. I swear to God I can’t take this anymore. I feel like I’m married to a sick creep.

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  1. Well, you know! If being nuts about your wife is being a pervert, i am speechless! Then give him a green light to get his needs met elsewhere. Women may have rights and all, but men have their needs and rights too. In case you didnt know, men DO need sex. And most of the time their sex drive is bigger then girl’s. You should look for compromise of some sort. And its not like he can choose not to want sex either. His nature is pushing him in that direction. And keep in mind that women need a ton of conditions to have sex, and all that man needs is a place and vagina. If u simply ignore his needs, as u clearly do, he’ll get his needs met elsewhere. And good on him. Western women in chase of their rights forgot that men have rights too. And these rights r justified not by 50 years of femenism, but nby millions of years of evolution. Think on it.

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