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Do husbands fantasize about their wives friends?

Any wife out there who is wondering if husbands fantasize about their wives friends the answer is yes, of course they do? Why wouldn’t they? They fantasize about a wife’s sister, they will even fantasize about a wife’s mother if the mother is young and attractive, so why not about her friends? There’s an exception to every rule so maybe you are the lucky woman who has a husband who does not fantasize about other women; but in all likelihood if you have good looking friends your husband knows, one or more, maybe even all of them (maybe even all together) have starred in his sexual fantasizes. Should you be hurt by this? There’s really no point in being. You can’t stop your husband from having his fantasies and he probably wouldn’t refrain from fantasizing about your hot friend just because you ask. The saying what you don’t know about can’t hurt you applies here. If it’s just a fantasy then it’s pointless to worry about what and who your husband might be thinking about. If the fantasy leads to infidelity in reality that’s something altogether different.

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Do husbands fantasize about their wives friends?, 5.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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  1. John H

    YES! We think about boinking all those women when we masturbate and have sex with you. It’s fun 🙂
    Personally I think all the time about my fiancee’s cute sister. She’s such a tease, always seems to be going out of her way to bend over in front of me to either show me her cleavage or butt in sexual position. It’s too often to be a coincidence.
    It makes me go nuts… I dream of shooting a huge load of c um all over her pretty face, that’s what she deserves.
    I fantasize about her friends, cute cousin too. MMmmmmM… yeah we’re pigs. If you don’t like it you can go be with a woman hehehe.

    1. Minucha

      As long as you leave it within your little perverted head/mind, then you are in the safe zone and not hurting anyone… men are animals that need constant taming. Still, we love you guys & life without you would be extremely horrible… ☮︎⚤

  2. John H

    Oh and I think she knows I do that too and she’s played a long with it, she’s a keeper.
    One time we were visiting her parents and her hot young cousin was staying over and that night I told her I was horny … she said… oh I know why you’re horny, I saw you looking… then she said she proceeded to give me a blow job. Awww man, I was over the moon, having her actually know what I was thinking and her being ok with it make me c um so hard, I shot the biggest load of it in her mouth and made her swallow it… then she said wow, she really did it for you.

    I said.. aww thanks, you’re so sweet to do that, I love you so much, then I went down on her and she was very wet so I think it turned her on to see how turned on I was… then we cuddle and went to sleep… was the best night EVER>

  3. allmenarepigs

    Thank you. All men are pigs, if not in real life then in their fantasies. I am my deceased mother’s twin and I have a nice rack that I inherited from her. Once we went out to dinner with my mom and she was wearing a fitted sweater and I caught my husband looking at her. Men have sex on the brain 24/7. It’s ALWAYS pleasurable for them by design so naturally they seek it out and think about it more. I would too if I was assured an orgasm from every act. No matter how sweet your guy may be he’s a walking hormone that would bag any woman that would present herself to him willingly. They’ve even done studies on it. They had attractive strangers approach men in a bar and ask them if they wanted to get it on then and there. All the men said yes. The opposite did not happen with women. If Brad Pitt wanted to do me then and there, I would probably turn him down. Do I know him? Its icky.

  4. lovinghusband

    Yes, we pretty much all do it. I think about my sister-inlaw all the time. She is very beautiful and has a natural sexuality about her. but to be honest. its not her that is the turn on. She is very high maitenance, high on herself, and self absorbed which is a huge turn off. which is a turn off. The only thing i find attractive is her looks. The actual turn on is the fact that is so taboo. Its not the person most of the time its the fact that its wrong. Its a way to experience someone without cheeting. Sometimes my wife will get involved in my fantasies and she enjoys it just as much as i do. Not about her sister of course but about other women we know. Its about stretching the limits and going beyond the norm. But my wife and i trust eachother which it the only reason we can go there. We did talk about her sister but after we were finished she had time to think about it and was uncomfortable with it. We spoke about it and we dont talk about her anymore. We have very good communication so that helps too. Just because a man fantasizes about women you know doesnt mean he finds them more attractive or wants to actually be with them. Women fantasize about men too dont forget. No they may not always be about the mans friends but about famous people. And to be honest i would be far more comfortable with my wife fantasizing about one of my more attractive friends then someone famous. So to any women out there who dont like their man going to town while thinking about her friends or family, would you rather them do that or find a stanger and have an affair. My advise is play along and get involved. He will feel closer to you and then he will know you trust him. And if hes a good man who thinks he has your trust, he will be less likely to break it.

  5. Phil Anderer

    I’m a nice guy, happily married with three kids, but I’m currently going nuts over the lady in a couple my wife and I are friends with. Her looks are sensational, but her personality, musicality (i’m a musician but my wife isn’t) and communication have just got me snared.

    I love my wife, don’t get me wrong, but this lady has got my fantasies all wrapped up for now.

    I suppose I know it’s getting unhealthy, as I have found myself starting to think of ways to make it a reality, even though, while I know she likes me, I’m sure its as no more than a friend, and neither she nor I would really ever dream of being unfaithful.

    I guess articulating this makes me think I need to throw myself back into my married life, and relight the emotion there… but the forbidden fruit of my wife’s friend, my mate’s wife, and the mystique of it all is just so enticing. 🙁

  6. irma mendez

    My husband told me about four months ago that he was interested in a coworker. At that time he was doubting if he still loved me, I guess I was too busy then to pay attention to our relationship, and I heard the confession with complete disbelief. Now, he says he knows he loves me (we went through a whole process of healing, we still are), and that he told me was only a fantasy, but he is still friends with the coworker. He says he cannot tell me his fantasies, and up to a point it is true, it is hard for me to hear him say things like that, even though I know that men are pigs (sorry). I want to learn to be ok with what he tells me, but I also want him to be ok or ignore my reaction to that. Men, what do you suggest as husbands? Women, what do you suggest as wives?


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