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Dear “wife”

When we first met, i thought that we were meant for each other. You said that we were “soil mates”….what the f**k does that mean now!!! I used to rush home to be with you and the kids….now i try my hardest to take the long way home. And why do you ask? I don’t mind the fact that you have friends to hang out with. I don;t mind that you talk to them at night…wha ti hate is that you stay out almost all night drinking with them and you forget that i am home. The reason why i am so pissed when i get home is that i don;t want to BE home It doesn’t even seem like my home anymore. its like i just live here with you and the kids. I lay down to go to sleep, and of course you’re not there!! Where the f&^k are you??? Oh thats right you’re downstairs drinking and forgetting about us. I just sit in the room waiting for you until I FORCE myself to sleep. YOu know that i can’t get to sleep without you….but i’m slowly starting to get used to you not being there!! Its starting to feel like it did when i was married to the first wife. And of course you don’t even give a s#!t becuse you are too busy getting s#!t-faced to remember you have a husband. Then, you finally decide to stumble upstairs at around 3 or 4 in the morning knowing i have to get up for work at 5 am!!! But you know what? F- it!!! Im starting not to care about the situation and you. Whoever decides to leave should make the decision soon…..

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  1. EyeNthesky

    You’ve got my compassion ol boy. Sux to hear that she is so concerned about herself and her own happiness. My spouse had a brief period like this and I’m not sure which is worse: how she was when she was out getting drunk with the girls from work or her farming her lazy ass on the recliner playing FB all day.
    One OCD for another. I hope it works out for you and the kids bro!


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