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If your husband told you he once killed a person and asked you to keep his secret what would you do?

Just read an article about an American woman named Kyle Howell nee Kyle Jorgensen. She was married to a man named Colin Howell and living with him somewhere in the UK. Not sure how recently(appears to have been back in 2009), but the husband apparently confessed to church elders about two murders he committed (his first wife and the husband of an ex lover), acts of sexual assault performed on sedated patients (he’s a dentist), and marital infidelity. He had been threatening suicide but the wife convinced him to turn himself in to police and face the punishment for his crimes instead. The article quoted the wife saying:

“I really looked up to him as a teacher. His biblical knowledge was amazing. He knew it all, but the faith I believe he’s been living is really very hypocritical.

“He would preach on what kind of people we ought to be, about sexual immorality. This was going on for years. I had no idea. He could do it right to your face. He was very deceptive.

“I’m having trouble really seeing one person I’ve known for 12 years as a good father and loving husband, but really it’s like seeing a completely different person in the same skin.”

The trouble is, it seems the husband had confessed to the wife about the murders back in 1998 but he convinced her to stay quiet and she stayed quiet and only pushed him to turn himself in 11 years later when she learned about the sexual violating of his patients and the fact that he was still cheating on her even though he had promised back in 2003, when she first discovered he’d been cheating, that his affair was over and that he wouldn’t be unfaithful to her any more. So it almost seems as if this wife was willing to overlook her husband killing two people but not willing to overlook his deception in continuing to cheat on her even though he promised his philandering days were behind him. (article)

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