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Does your spouse value you?

There are lots of people in marriages who don’t value each other. You’d think people would know not to subject themselves to living with someone who doesn’t value them. If you know someone has no use for you, doesn’t like you, wouldn’t mind if you dropped dead today, why would you continue to live in the same house with that person and sleep in the same bed with that person if you had a choice? We make excuses for why we can’t end our marriages. It’s not an easy life. It can be a cruel world. The system is designed to make it not necessarily the easiest thing to do. It costs money. You have to go to court. It’s such a hassle. Who needs the hassle? But a couple of months of heightened frustration is nothing compared to years of constant turmoil, constant misery, being made to feel every day like you’re nothing by someone who is committed to making you feel as miserable as you make them feel.

If your spouse does not value you or you do not value your spouse, why are you together?

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