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Jerry Sandusky – Should Dottie Sandusky be standing by her man?

Jerry Sandusky is the former Penn State coach who has been accused of sexually abusing 8 boys. Sandusky was arrested Wednesday and charged with 2 more cases of sexual abuse in addition to those he already faces. Sandusky’s wife Dottie Sandusky was in the headlines today after she helped her husband post his $20,000 bail. According to published reports, she has released a statement through her husband’s lawyers in which he has expressed her support for her husband and has stated that she believes he is innocent of the charges made against him. She has said she does not know why these false allegations are being made against her husband.

What would you do if your husband or wife was facing charges of sexual abuse committed against minors? Is Dottie Sandusky right or wrong to be standing by her man?

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