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I love my wife but she hates me

That can be a problem being in a marriage where you love your spouse but your spouse hates you. Maybe it isn’t that your wife hates you. Maybe she has unresolved feelings of anger and resentment towards you. Or maybe she’s just angry and uninspired and the reason has nothing to do with you. It could be just a general feeling of disillusion with life. If you still communicate and she wants to stay married to you maybe you should try to convince her to get some help with figuring out what is behind her cold and seemingly hateful treatment of you and doing away with it. Otherwise, no one should suffer in a marriage or any other committed relationship where they love the person they are with but the person they are with does not love them.

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I love my wife but she hates me, 6.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. Chris

    I really know my wife loves me, but I have put her through so much hell in the past few years. I have had an enormous amount of kidney stones which has caused me to self medicate with beer instead of Narcotics that they prescribe at the hospital. I am in a position that this is not permissible nor necessary. My spouse is not an important part of my life, she is the only part of my life that is important after GOD himself. We have two beautiful children but GOD comes first, then Midgette, then my kids. I love her with all that is within me but I agree I have failed her. I have fallen to beverages that help eleviate pain associated with stones. Sometimes I wish she would save herself from this anquish, however I know that if she did, I would be left to handle this on my own, oh how that would suck. JOY, Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Love your spouse, they are here for you when you can’t understand.

  2. petemech

    If you’re god is so great, then why did he give you kidney stones? So that you could put an invisible man in the sky first, and shit on your wife and kids? Wow, what a total dick your god is.


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