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Do husbands let other men have sex with their wife?

Some do. It’s hard to imagine that would be a very high number; but there are people who live their lives a little bit differently. There are men who pressure their wives to have sex with other men while they watch. There are men who don’t want to watch but still let their wives have sex with other men and then share all the details. Hearing the details and knowing their wife has been with another man is somehow arousing to them. Then there are cases where the reason has nothing to do with the man getting pleasure out of seeing his wife with another man or hearing about his wife being with another man. These are cases where the husband might be physically unable to make love to his wife so he agrees for her to take a lover.

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Do husbands let other men have sex with their wife?, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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    1. Andrew

      We share this secret in our marriage. It is our secret only and nobody else matters, our love has grown even stronger and not to mention our love life. We both have our careers and our kids whom we adore and live a healthy family life. The trick in enjoy this kind of lifestyle ( unusual by most opinions) is TRUST when there is trust then there is progress and when you progress you make strides in many aspects of your life. My Wife had taken many men and the no strings attached motto is applied in all circumstances. Those who are disgusted by this and throw the” Marriage is Sacred” texts in your face are welcome to their perceptions of thought. I ask you this is it appropriate when one partner cheats, and the other comes to know about it suddenly takes a shotgun and massacres his entire Family does God Judge the man to be a hero , victim or coward who could not face one calamity in his life. Indeed many would jump at the opportunity in hailing the Man as being the wronged and what he had done was justified. Remember the Children born out of that marriage never asked for a death as heinous as the one they got and that too from the hands of the safest and most loving on the earth their father. We read cases in the Newspapers all the time and it took one unfaithful partner to set of a tragic chain of events. Remember if you are considering going this road then it has to be a two way street and no regrets there after. This could rescue troubled Marriages if this lifestyle is played with the right attitude or it could also spell disaster if one partner is not comfortable at all with this kind if relationship. I love my wife very much and we will certainly continue with our game until one day we both collectively decide enough.

  1. younglove21

    I dont think it matters as long as BOTH partnars are ok with it, you have to be very trusting that your man/women will actually come back to you at the end of the night.

  2. Open4fun

    I have let my wife go on dates, have watched her pick guys up at a bar, have watched her with other men in bed, and have joined in a threesome.. It is a huge turn on for me and gets her excited. We have a vigorous and pleasing personal sex life without any of that involved.

    We had long talks about it and I was the one who brought the whole topic about. I think the biggest thing is to be in a very trusting, robust personal relationship with your wife. Next I think you have to have a very active and pleasing sex life with her. If you have these, then this can work for you as a couple. The only thing she requested was that I don’t do the same thing with other women. That was never an issue for me, so naturally I agreed.

    I have found that if she is going to bring a gentleman around to play with in front of me or to join in a threesome, that it works better if she has had at least one evening with him prior.

    She has no restrictions and has engaged in full oral and vaginal intercourse.

    Good luck and by all means, have fun!!!

  3. gobuff78

    I had the idea of watching my girlfriend with a well hung guy and it would drive me crazy. She didn’t want to do it at 1st but then she said she would. We found a guy that was very big and he really gave it to her. Just to see how wet she was drove me crazy.

  4. phil_debbie

    My wife and I engage in this frequently. We have friends who she will meet with either with me or alone. She (we) will also go out to clubs so she can pick up men. I love watching men hit on her and dance with her, then it gets cozier, and finally she will make her choice and leave with one. Anonymous sex that night and I either go to the room we have booked to watch, join, or go up after. She has spent the night with other men and I find that to be a huge turn on. And on som eoccasions she has been with more than one man at a time.
    Our lifestyle i snot for everyone but it works for us. If you have the full trust that is needed go for it – it is great

  5. Worwind

    There is something very sexy about my wife f**king other men. Even more if the guy is black and has a much larger penis.

    I prefer not to be there but afterwards she tells me and usually I would never know if she didn’t tell me. For example, my college roommate from 6 years ago that recently moved to our city suggested they have sex when I’m out of town. She was attracted to him so they had sex at least once that she told me about.

    It could have been more because sometimes she doesn’t tell me. For example, an artist came over one day when I was working and painted her portrait. They had sex and she wasn’t going to tell. She remade the bed but she left the towel and I found it. So she said, “I forgot the towel” and confessed.

    She said after he painted her portrait he said, “I want you” and she replied, “Come on.” Of course I wasn’t upset that she wasn’t going to and she wasn’t a worried that I might be. She knows I don’t expect her to always tell me. I don’t know many other men she has had sex with or how often. I guess she tells me when she want or thinks we should have sex.

    Regardless, I never have sex with other women because I only want her to have sex with other men whether it is one guy or two or more guys at one time. I masturbate dreaming about her being f**ked by teenage black guys with 8 inch long and 2 inch diameter penises.

  6. Ritchie

    Done this for a long time my wife meets men only on her own when she gets back we have amazing sex and no idea don’t meet other women in this was all here idea

  7. Donald

    Few men can really give a wife full sexual satisfaction for long. Enlightened couples realize this and encourage the wife to have sex with other men. Keep the wife well fucked and you will have a happy marriage

    1. Gemma Jayne Taylor

      I agree as I have never satisfied my wife and during our marriage she delivered 5 healthy babies and had at least 7 miscarriages all from different fathers , I have only had sex with her on a handful of occasions since getting married , she is a very pretty girl and guys are attracted to her like bees to honey so as a result she is kept well fucked.

  8. Steve

    My wife & I go back & forth about doing this. We both want to. Then change our minds. Then decide we want to go for it again. So we’re not sure if we really should go for this. We both want it. But don’t want it hurting our marriage.

  9. he4she

    Men are in their sexual prime in their teens and twenties, about the time the women reach their prime the men are slowing down. Older wives need a young stud on the side. Although they must have the ability to separate sex from love.


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