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Do I have to have sex with my husband by law?

I don’t think there’s any law that blatantly states that a wife is required to have sex with her husband. You can’t be arrested for not having sex with your husband, at least not anywhere in the United States that I know of. Wouldn’t that be interesting if your husband could have you arrested for not having sex with him? I do think though that it might be possible for your husband to sue you for damages for depriving him of sex, but the purpose wouldn’t be to get a judge to force you to give him sex. I don’t think a judge could order a wife to have sex with her husband. I could be wrong. I’m no legal expert. And obviously by the time a husband or wife reaches the point of suing their spouse for lack of sex probably a divorce is also pending.

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  1. YaShouldaBeenHonestAtTheStartLady

    If sexual intimacy is the way your husband feels loved and you decided for both of you he isn’t allowed to feel loved, you can go ahead and decide for yourself who is the selfish person in the relationship.

    To answer your question more specifically… There’s obviously no law in America that says you’re required to have sex with your spouse. Why go through any legal battles for custody or alimony of you could just toss her in jail?

    That said, divorce your husband. If you can’t set aside your own selfishness to love him in the way he was wired to feel love, then you are not worth his love.


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