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My wife’s smelly ass bothers me

Lately I’ve been seeing husbands complaining about their wives smelly asses. Maybe I’m missing something but it seems to me as if it’s possible to avoid being bothered by your wife’s smelly ass. Don’t sniff it. Don’t go near enough to it to where you can smell it. Sex is possible without your nose having to get within smell shot of your wife’s ass. And if it’s that bad that sex actually isn’t possible without having to smell her ass then you need to inform her that she has a smelly ass and it bothers you and tell her to do something about it.

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My wife's smelly ass bothers me, 7.2 out of 10 based on 44 ratings
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  1. BOB

    Well welcome to getting older , My 50 Y wife rear smells also. You want some thing good – go for a 20-25 Year old. – Im a pilot I travel the world so I always have hot 20 – 27 young girls. You think your old wife is going ma to make you happy in bed. Well if your trying to make that happen with a Therapist then you may as well become gay and and find experience some real bad smells.

    I told my wife that I cant have sex with her because I get violently ill. And it does. If they cant respect that then – get rid of her like a old pair of shoes. If they cant understand that over 40 sex becomes a problem for many people but the love is still there then you need to divorce your wife. The last time I had sex with my wife – her privet areas smelled so bad and was dripping fluid that was vial. Her rectum smelled so bad I thought I was going to die. She kept passing gas on me….I passed out got up and thvomited . I then felt so sick I called 911…. Sorry I don’t play around….lady accept it your not young your body is no good…. your not 17 any more or 24, your privet areas has issues. Your body is used up. And am I saying anything that you don’t all know?. My advice is to find a young girl…go 19-24 that will heat you up so much…that in bed you’ll have sex with your wife and you’ll enjoy it she will and she will actually learn something and feel good about her self…. Need I say more?

    1. roberto

      You are not a pilot. You are a stupid animal. An old one. You’ve had enough. You do not deserve to be accepted by any woman.

    2. Robert Belvin

      Oh that is bologna. I’m a 32 YO male and I’ve been with plenty of women in their 40s and 20s. The youngest one was 22. To tell the truth, I was with a 23 year old chic and her ass reeked. It smelled like barn stench. I was surprised because she was fresh and clean looking on the outside. And then there are the other 20 something year olds who also smelled bad. For me, the age doesn’t matter.. they can all stink at every age, depending on how they take care of themselves. But some girls just stink naturally. The younger ones smell bad too, believe it.

    3. Tami

      As a 24 year old girl, we don’t want old men like you so stop lying. You’re wrinkly, your balls sag and you all have an old man smell. Your wife probably let herself go because you are not worth it.

    4. Jeff Stone

      Narcissist Asshole (pardon the pun you f**king idiot). Yeah, I’m sure you get hot young women. F**king liar and asshole. Your wife should dump you, take her half and find a real man.

    5. wandamoe

      You are a jerk. You don’t love your wife. You want to play like little boy. Grow up. You are not young either and your body is going to do the same thing.

  2. Dirty2013

    You bunch of assholes. She has had to suffer your smelly ass and cock for years. Don’t be so bloody prudish, return the pleasures and make the most of it you’ll all be limped dicked soon enough and then you’ll wish you hadn’t been so pathetic

  3. wc

    My wife left but usually kept her but really clean. Still there was some sweaty ass smell every once in awhile. Maybe twice in 8 years I could smell it through her pants.
    The next girl i saw a few times the seat stank 2 out of 3 times. I banged her on a towel & there was a stain on it. So I just stopped answering the phone.

  4. Unreal....

    I can’t believe I read this.This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.
    Oh and Bob the pilot man,if you actually did stop having sex with your wife?
    Gut feeling says she is probably relieved.I hope you spent a lot of time away from home.

  5. The Knucklehead

    I think Bob the pilot may be flying for Oogah Maboogla Airlines. With his wife’s smelly bottom, his spelling and punctuation and his impulses to call 911 to report his wife’s odiferous anus region, I think he would meet their requirements as head pilot.
    Good luck to all that fly in Bob’s plane, or Bob’s wife’s putrid nether regions.

  6. Joe

    Dude.. I would die for a girl that actually smells like girl instead of soap or shampoo…
    I bet you guys are the type that uses lotion and shave every single hair on your body…

  7. Upturn

    I once inserted my pen*s in a girls b*tt hole and when I pulled out a whole heap of vile sh*t encased my pole and the stink was enough to make you pass out.

    Don’t do it women’s b*tt holes stink,no exceptions

    1. Wise owl

      Well it’s the same if you do a man’s butthole cuz it’s a place where waste is excreted out of the body so it’s expected to be waste in there. If you think that waste is magically excreted and holes of the human body is supposed to smell like roses everyday, then go try to f**k yourself and see how that goes, yeesh.

  8. A real man

    Wow I have
    To say I’m sick
    I here about
    This topic. If you love someone it’s all good and not an issue. I guess I’m a real man. And love the one I’m with. I live if south west Florida. And I’m 47. Any women out there want a real man. Be for real. I’m handsome. So I’ve been told.

    1. James Elliott

      caretakerextreme, not to be rude man, but I’ve smelled womens asses 5 minutes after they showered with soap and they still smelled like stench.

  9. Kurtis

    When I was in college, I had showered in the morning but didn’t have time to shower again before a date that evening. I had been in my engineering lab all day and ate pepperoni pizza for lunch. Needless to say, my body had difficulty digesting the pizza and I had gas during the afternoon. However, I assumed that by the evening, the smell would be gone.

    That night I had my third date with a girl on whom I had a big crush. I took her back to my place and we made out a bit and then one thing led to another and we were in our underwear making out. She pulled down my tighty-whities to give me a blowjob and said, “eww” and claimed that the stench from my balls and ass hit her like a freight train! She made me shower off and we actually did end of having sex and dated for another month, although this incident was very embarrassing!

    1. Trent picket

      Kurtis. How stupid are you? Of course not showering b4 a date is disastrous. At least go in the men’s room before you see her and if you can spray some smell good stuff round ur babyballs and ur poop crater. Try and have a little class from now on. Dude!!!

  10. Lars

    I agree this is a ridiculous complaint, you cannot expect your wife to be 100 percent spotless each time you land up having sex especially if she has been at work all day. Most of the time that we have sex I can smell my wife’s ass, especially if we make love in the doggy position. I just learned to ignore it, and if it especially strong I just try to stick to missionary as I cannot smell her ass from there.

  11. bob

    I love a stinky ass if its not fermented sweat or something. But a little poo stinky ass, i just lick it clean. I like to fuck or finger her in the ass too and feel her warm poo inside. When its still on my body after i just wash it off. but smell is good if its just a one day smell. It makes me double hard. Allso often the ass is even cleaner than her pussy…

  12. larry

    I’ve been with a ton of women. Young women have sphincters strong enough to completely hold back the smell. Bob’s right. Only f**k young women. Smash their guts until they’re all used up. Putrid asses and vaginas like wizard sleeves…..who needs it!

    1. Jenna

      That couldn’t be further from the truth… I am only a 28 female and when I experienced with other girls I can tell you that a few did not smell all that great! Also some young ppl esp guys think their shit don’t stink (literally) and their personal hygiene is not all that great! Didn’t you know that when you go through puberty you are the smelliest? It doesn’t matter who you are! If you do not wash yourself you will smell!

    2. James Elliott

      Larry come on. I’ve been with a ton of women too and the young ones stink just as much as the older ones do. The truth about this is that they all stink. I was just with a 20 year old two weeks ago. We were in missionary position and I reached under her ass and swiped her crack when her legs were spread. I could smell the stench on my hand 12″ away. After it was over I smelled my finger and realized that her pu–y stank too. 20 years old.

  13. Fart

    I like to shave my ass hole. Keeps it dingle berry free and no more residual skid marks on the undies. She’ll appreciate it on laundry day

  14. Eirikr

    My mama once told me that the bung hole is the chimney of the soul. If it smells bad then there must be something evil cookin’ in there.

  15. Gordy

    Forget my wifes ass Its my ass that smells like a rotting corpse! I have a medical condition and have explosive wind! Everytime we have sex I have wet farts and I rarely go a day of work without my undies being soiled. Just some advice kids buy the black undies!

  16. Loyo

    It’s funny. When I graduated college, I started to date an attractive girl from a wealthy family who was a year older than I was. I dated her for about 3 months before I got anywhere near her hair trap. WOW ! WTF was THAT ? She smelled like she hadn’t wiped her ass after eating Taco Bell for an entire month straight! I was so shocked and overwhelmed that I simply stood up next to the bed and said, “I have to go somewhere”. I got up and left. I never called her again…

    1. James Elliott

      Loyo, I hate to tell ya- most womens asses smell like they’ve been eating Taco Bell. Wealthy, poor, HOT, ugly, fat, toned. I was just with a 20 year old chic I met at a party. She was wearing a dress that hugged a perfectly curvy body and had an unbelievable ass and legs. I couldn’t wait to bang it. Later in the night I was fuc–ng her. Her ass crack stank. Her vagina stank. She was disgusting. Beautiful woman too.

    1. Jeff stine

      I love my wife. Trying to get a serious answer. Obviously this place is full of immature idiots and jokers. F**k you all very much.

  17. Billy Bill

    I carry a bottle of Lysol and Febreeze. Lysol to disinfect, and Febreeze to clean up the stank. I personally try to avoid backdoor with some women because I don’t want to get any mud on me.

    In all seriousness, you need to be man enough to flat out tell your wife to wash her crack, inside and out. She also should do an enema before you two have sex. If her butt smells that bad she may have an std or some foul anal fecal matter which could really make you sick.

    It’s your choice bro…


    Unbelievable it just shows how ignorant some people can be body odour is part of life some people smell naturally some don’t and some smell intermittently it depends on all sorts of things you can be as clean as they come and your natural body odour can be awful which isn’t fair but that’s life, you can be the type of person that doesn’t wash so much and never smell at all, alot of it is down to the personal bacteria we produce as an individual, just because we’re human it doesn’t mean we are superfluous to being smelly alot also depends on our genes so instead of being given quick to say people stink they may not be able to help it and have to live with it how do you think they feel bob the fuck wit keep wanking cause if you were my husband you wouldn’t have anything to wank with cause you sound like the kind of guy that needs it chopping off

  19. Moore

    my hubby ass stinks to i dont want to hurt his feelins but i tell him if u dont get you smelly ass in that shower im divorcing u it works lol

  20. Carr

    I agree sex is possible without your nose having to get within smell shot of your wife’s ass, however going down on your wife can be particularly difficult when her ass smells bad. I do not know if it my wife’s hygiene or just the way she is, but her ass always smells a little. During sex I only really smell if we make love in the doggy position, but when I have to go down on her – there is no way of avoiding it. I usually try to bring her to orgasm as quickly as I can, but if she is taking a long time, it becomes a real ordeal. For me 69 is completely off the menu, the few times we have tried it, I lost my erection due to the strong smell of her ass right up against my nose.

    1. Robert

      I’ve found that all women’s asses stink. Ugly women, good looking women, young women, older women… it all stinks. The key is to have them shower first but after twenty minutes… it stinks again.

  21. Wise owl

    Ugh, people! Body odor is normal, why are you guys so fussy over it, you think other people stink, well you do too. Its natural so chill people, don’t need to go hating everyone who seems smelly yeesh! Get over it! If you can’t well that just proves how immature you are, just grow up already!

    1. Robert

      I get peeved when I see a girl with long fresh bouncy hair but she’s wearing those black tight leggings that go up the crack of her butt. Yeah body odor is normal and everybody sweats but why does a woman want to go and make it worse by wearing nasty sweaty and stinky pants up her butt? It might look good but underneath it has to reek worse than any mans ass that’s not smothered by stinky tight pants.

  22. Robert

    And here’s another one. I’ve been with a few women who were wearing panty hose before we had sex. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to do the same unless you’re wearing a nose plug. The butt sweats profusely in those things. The smell will knock you out if you get down there. And this happened with a 23 year old once, so it’s not about getting older. All women’s asses stink.

    1. Nasty Swass

      Tell me about it bro been there done that, u get to point then that that smell of nasty swass and boom ur dick and mojo with motivation goes completely numb, and now ur stuck with premature blue ballz

      1. Frank

        I was riding in the car with a hot chic a couple of nights ago. It was a warm night but not too hot. But we had been in the car for at least 4 hours. She was wearing a skirt. It was a shorter skirt. Then I started to smell something stenchy. When we stopped at a rest area, I noticed she had pulled up her skirt, so her ass was touching the seat. When she got out of the car, something reeked over at the seat. I took a whiff again and got closer to the seat. That shit smelled like a freaking dog pound! It was her ass! Gross. 26 year old. WTH?

  23. karapetondii

    find a woman or man who knows the vedic secrets of cleansing and you’ll find the scent of heaven on earth.

  24. Matthew

    Women are gross , you should know to wash your filthy was before sex you disgusting sweat hogs. And all the ladies saying “this shouldn’t be a problem ” or whatever. you are the reason men cheat , better yourselves you careless slobs.


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