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Should your husband tell you you need lose weight?

Why shouldn’t your husband tell you that you need to lose weight? If you need to lose weight the people who love you should be willing to tell you and you should be willing to understand that if they didn’t care they wouldn’t bother to tell you. Yes, your husband is telling you that you need to lose weight because he doesn’t want you fat and that is a vain concern on his part, but he’s also telling you because he cares. He’s allowed to be selfish too. The expectation of blind love and adoration is completely unrealistic. Your husband is communicating his honest thoughts and feelings to you. Pay attention to what is and stop worrying about what you think ought to be. Love in reality is very different from love in fantasy.

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Should your husband tell you you need lose weight?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. 1drop

    I feel bad asking my wife to lose weight. She can figure that out on her own. Don’t need to say it. Marriage is more than that. Now, asking her to clean up after her self… Well that’s another type of request altogether.

  2. other

    I think if there are other issues she is going through sometimes gaining some weight isn’t even on her radar. just like marriage, life isn’t simple. lets sayyyy oh idk your wife was raped…..but then……..she was raped by a boyfriend after that….then….she gets sexually assaulted by her boss and she has to go the work and finally she has a complete break down and she is retired from her job (which takes 2 years of horrible embarrassment from people at work judging her, taking sides..ect.) but, during those times she is going through the prosscess of losing her job she is in therapy and finds out she was raped and forced to do unspeakable unimaginable sexual acts FOR YEARS from the age of 4 til maybe 9. and if she didn’t do them she was beat up. then your wife finds out the reason so many people were able to abuse her was because she didn’t know a life where people who wanted her sexually did NOT get their way. she didn’t know life wasn’t like that. she didn’t know she could ever say no. and she didn’t know how too. NOW. lets say your wife during all of this ya know losing her job because an old nasty boss touched her and finding out she was forced to suck dick at the age of 4, she puts on maybe 50 pounds. and not all at once over the course of three years. OH and lets not forget all of the different kinds the medication she was on that causes SO many issues for her. and that stress of panic attacks flash backs, not being able to function…..BUT YEAH NOOOOOO her husband is aloud to be “honest” and tell her she has gained some weight. GUESS WHAT. SHE FUCKING KNOWS. and NOOO her husband is not aloud to say shit. he needs to be understanding AT THE LEAST.


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