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Unappreciated and unhappy

My darling wife
Weve been together for 10 years, and married for 6 months. And I am amazed at how fast your changing.
I wanted to marry you 7 years ago, and you said you weren’t ready, so I waited. Last year you said yes, and I was the happiest boy around, for about 4 months.
I cook nearly every night and do most of the cleaning up. I spend most of my time fixing things at your stable yard, helping your clients, looking after sick horses in the middle of the night and looking after the staff. Weekends are spent at horse shows, or driving your horse around the country. I’ve put nearly everything I have into making your business a success, and no matter what, it’s just not enough. Because I work from home, does that mean I have nothing better to do than run your business whilst you have coffee up the road with your friends?
When I’ve spent all day doing maintenance for you, then have to stay up until 4am finishing up my work, I’m going to be tired and grumpy. But those long nights are what pays the rent, buys you horses, and feeds them.
I moved to this country for you, I left my family, my friends and a career I loved. Have you sacrificed anything?
I make a huge effort with your family, they spend ½ their time at our house. You can barely be civil to mine, and you see them for a week a year.
When we finally do get around to having sex, it’s not all about you. How often have you done anything for me in the bedroom in the last few months? And how hard have you tried to do anything that I like? You’re very happy to lie back and get teased and shagged all night long, am I supposed to be honoured to be allowed to do this? Of course we only have sex when you feel like it. Who cares what I want?
I’m always telling you how wonderful you are, that you’re beautiful, I hold your hand when we go out, and open doors for you. Your friends tell you how lucky you are, and you agree with them in public, what do you really think?
Yesterday I needed you to help me. I needed to get the car serviced, and all I wanted was for you to fetch me once I’d dropped it off. About 20 minutes of your time. Was that asking too much?
The sulking and complaining was unbelievable.
Who uses that car?
Were getting very close to the point where I’ve had enough.
Last night you asked why I was so angry. I tried to explain it to you. Your response was I’m talking crap.
We’re nearly 40. I wanted to have children a long time ago, and you said you did, isn’t that why we got married after being together for so long? Now you want to wait a few more years, so you don’t have to take time off from riding.
I’m sorry, I don’t want to be an old man too tired to play with my kids, and too set in my ways to put up with their friends. I wanted to be able to take them fishing, to the beach, show them what a wonderful world we live in.
I can trace my family back to the 12th century in Ireland. Im the last male with my surname, I really don’t want it to die out.
So here’s the deal
I’m setting up a new business, It’s in the bush, with a small farming community around, theres plenty of space for you to have as many horses as you like, but its about 2000K’s from the nearest horse show.
I’m going to be there by October. If you come, I’ll do everything I can to make a beautiful home for you, and give you a wonderful life.
If you don’t come. Then I’ll miss you terribly, I’ll probably spend years miserably trying to get over you, but in the end I will.
Yesterday was the culmination of a thousand little hurts, the straw that broke the camels back.
I look at you today, and just want to walk away. I can’t find the feelings that made me want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I know a lot of this is my fault, I’ve tried too hard, always hoping you’ll show a little bit of appreciation, for you to show how much you value me. For you to make an effort in bed.
The saddest part is I just don’t care any more.

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  1. Wendy Barnes

    If you wanted children, why did you mess around with this hag for 10 years? No women respects a weak man. I think you need to seek out some intense counselling after you leave this woman before you even think about dating again.

  2. marie2

    YOU gave up everything for her. Bad bad bad idea. You lost yourself, actually you threw yourself away. You have no self esteem or self respect for yourself. Get into counseling immediately before you do any thing else for her. Put yourself first every single day.Do nothing for her. Build yourself up. Be good to yourself. Take care of yourself. This will increase your self esteem and self respect so that you stop throwing it away and then blame it on her. This is your doing. You did this to yourself. Stop it!!

  3. IT Guy

    The exact details about the horses and all are different, but this is exactly how I feel. I’ve just been too scared to leave.


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