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My husband is cheating on me with a black woman

I’m not a racist person. I have a good friend who is a black woman, but finding out that the woman my husband is cheating on me with is black really shocked me. It’s bad enough he’s cheating on me but for him to be cheating on me with a black woman makes it all so much more insulting. And she isn’t even pretty. I just don’t get it.

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My husband is cheating on me with a black woman, 6.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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  1. nora

    You are a racist. I highky doubt that there is a black woman in your life that considers you a true friend..

    It seems the only problem that you have with your husbands choice in cheating partner is the color of her skin….It’s so insulting to you because you consider yourself superior to black women and can’t believe he would lover himself to do that.

    Perhaps when he divorces you ( for this or another black woman) you will see why he left you.

  2. trish

    You do not come across as very mature. And you do not get it! That is more than enough to go on. It is not who he cheats with that matters, but that he is cheating.

  3. Dustin

    Maybe he’s into russian roulette with AIDS? Doesn’t he know that like 80% of all black females have HIV?

    1. UKblogger

      oh yeah, where do you get the 80% statistic from? Why do people like you like exagerating facts? Educate yourself please and stop spreading lies.

  4. Dexter

    I am sure he was just experimenting. I have done many women that were just different than what I had to see what it was like. I have had old, young, Black, Hispanics, etc. Try something different for yourself.

  5. A

    HAHAHA like why on earth would he prefer an ebony over you. She can probably f**k him better than you wh*te p*rn is boring as f**k to watch ask your BLACK friend and ask her not to sugarcoat sh*t for your twisted ass

  6. Truther

    Or maybe the Black woman is kind, thoughtful, intelligent, gentle, soft, clean, care about his feelings, not demanding, considerate, etc etc etc Not everything is about skin color….it really isnt.

  7. Bill

    She is probably sexier than you are and they enjoy f*cking each others brains out. I am sure he c*ms harder in her p*s*y than he ever did in yours. Maybe he will impregnate her and she will laugh at the white racist wife whose husband she seduced and stole. Hope they live happily ever after with you out of the picture.

  8. john

    im cheating on my wife as well with a black women. that are way hotter than my wife and. she understands me and cares about how i feel as well. and yes black women can f**k. white women need to learn how


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