If your husband says you can sleep with other men if you want to what does that usually mean? I’m no expert so I’m probably not the one to ask. I had a conversation with my husband once after we had watched the film Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore, and he indicated that he wouldn’t have a problem with it if I slept with another man for ay $100,000. Of course it’s a different subject when you’re talking about sleeping with another man for money, but I know I did feel little disappointed to learn that my husband would be okay with me sleeping with another man if I was getting paid a certain amount of money. My ego was a little bruised because I wanted him to act like there was no way he would be okay with another man touching me. When it comes to the idea of me sleeping with another man just for the heck of it that’s a different story. He has no problem with the idea of me selling myself for the right price but he does have a problem with the idea of me having sex with another man just to have sex with another man.

I guess some husbands rationalize things in different ways when it comes to the idea of their wives having sex with other men, and however they rationalize it they are either okay with it or not. In some cases it’s just that the husband doesn’t really care what you do. He’s not interested in you or your life and doesn’t care who you’re sleeping with if you’re sleeping with anybody or what. In other cases they find the whole thing erotic. Sometimes they just want to set the stage for a two way open marriage. They give you permission to sleep with other men so that they can get permission to sleep with other women. Sometimes they just don’t want to be selfish. Maybe they don’t want you anymore themselves or they have some kind of issue going on that makes them no longer interested in sex and they don’t want you to suffer along with them