Just read an article about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake who are going to be getting married soon. In the article Jessica is quoted as saying that the things she values most about Justin are his ability to communicate, his honesty and his loyalty. So I got to pondering whether I could say the same about my own husband. Is my husband honest? Is my husband loyal? Is my husband communicative? The immediate temptation is to say no to all of the above, but then I start to think and I realize that it’s not always either or. He has not always been honest. He has not always been loyal. He has not always been communicative; but if there was a grading scale he’d probably get a high enough passing grade in all the above and sometimes that’s as much as you can ask for. He wouldn’t get an A, maybe not even a B, but a score in the range of C+ to B- is better than an F right?