My wife is a bitch and I hate her - what can I do about it?
My wife is a bitch and I hate her – what can I do about it?
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My wife is a bitch and I hate her – what can I do about it?

Couple arguingOk, so your wife is a bitch and you hate her. Here’s how you fix that. File for a divorce. Hate has no place in a marriage. A husband should not be calling his wife a bitch, nor she calling him any similar names. The relationship between you and your wife is supposed to be one that adds value and enhances both your lives. The point at which it’s no longer doing that and what you feel for your wife is hate and what you think about her is that she’s a bitch, you no longer have reason to be married to each other. Even if there are children in the picture you can both still be parents to your children without needing to be husband and wife when at least one of you would rather not be.

Now, of course, if you’re just angry about the way things are in your marriage and you’re finding it difficult to communicate with your wife, but it isn’t really that you hate her and it’s not that you think she’s a witch spelled with a B but just that she frustrates you by acting controlling and petulant and you don’t like the way she chooses to express herself, you can always try to get help from a third party to help you and your wife learn how to communicate better and build a better marriage. A better marriage can be built. It’s just that usually we don’t want to bother to try because it’s not really all that easy. It takes more work than we’re willing to invest. We find it easier to just hold on to our resentments and walk around hating each other and calling each other names.

You have to figure out for yourself if it’s worth it to make the effort to buy and read marriage books, take marriage courses, talk to marriage counselors and actually dig your hands down in the worm infested dirt and start planting the seeds that will transform your marriage from a wasteland to a flourishing garden. Ok, so I need some work in the metaphor department but my point is, your marriage is what you chose to make it, and if you’re not willing to go out with all the tools needed and do the work necessary to make it flourish then you should just officially and legally abandon it and be done with that.

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My wife is a bitch and I hate her - what can I do about it?, 5.3 out of 10 based on 61 ratings
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  1. John

    Well I tried to talk her and asked her to go togther to a marriage consultant, he reply was go by yourself, I am not insane to go to a consultant. Told her, ok so let us go to our priest (we have a religious marriage) so we can speak to him and he will help us. She said go by yourself. If you want to go to get a divorce then ok go. I said no i do not want a divorce, i want to explain to him the way we live so he can help. You always blame me and argue about everything, so I am going to tell him everything I do, and everything you do, and then he can advise who is wrong and who is right, maybe me, maybe you???? she f**king refused to go! Tell me what to do?

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    1. Nathan

      Thunder punch that bitch in the vagina and then dick slap her across the face. Bitches don’t disrespect!!!

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    2. Stuart

      It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. The real question is ‘what is right.’ Its good to see that you are trying to make things work. Next time there is an argument, instead of arguing back. Listen. But listen with intent. Figure out what she is saying. When you think you know, ask her if you understand her. (for example, “You seem frustrated that the washer isn’t working. Am I right?” or whatever she is saying). When she feels she is understood, there won’t be any heat. When you try to focus on her needs over the words she is saying (this is hard), you can avoid getting heated as well. I hope this helps someone.

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    3. pat

      I actually went to councilling with my bitch and twice with different counsellors she said “I am not going back to see them or next time I am telling them they are wrong” because they wanted to discuss her personality and the problems it causes instead of mine. Even trained professionals don’t know what they are talking about and are wrongvin their educated attempts to find a solution. I should have listened to her family who warned me, but I fell for the fake act.

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  2. seth

    I tried talkng to her but she doesn’t care or want to know, and when I confront her she gets violent and wants to fight instead of resolving issues, if it weren’t for the kids I would have left her crazy ass a long time ago, I don’t think I have a relationship anymore I just sleep in the same bed no cuddles/sex/or I love you, She don’t even mind me scoping out other broads! should I just leave, she’s got most my money anyway

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    1. Phil

      My wife is exactly the same. Suffers from depression and I’m ready to walk. violence and just simply a birch to me. Time to walk I think.

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    2. mierda

      LEAVE HER. Its tough but itll be the best thing you ever do, man. And NEVER get married again. Bang bitches. Let them move in with you. Have girlfriend(s). Whatever. But never marry one of those crazy broads again. Its not worth it. I am still stuck in my shit marriage with a Russian cunt. She is emotionally way stronger than me. She f**ks me like a cold rock. A prostitute shows more emotion. And the kicker is, I am an intelligent, cool, friendly, witty, educated, successful professional. Even our MAID told me the other day that this bitch doesn’t know what she has and she should treat me like a king. Now I wanna f**k the maid. LOL. I think I will. I have stayed for our son and daughter but its at a point where its probably even better for them if the bitch and I don’t stay together. I plan to save up some $, lose a little weight, and leave the bitch within a year. We can coordinate a mutual divorce if you want and go to a strip club for a divorce party if you want! ) Leave her.

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      1. Fiona

        And your surprised, really?

        You marry a mail order Russian bride. For true love right?

        Get real, you were a passport, end of. You got the sexy woman, the sex, she got the passport. Sounds like a fair deal to me. Oh sorry, did you think she was really into you. That’s the price you pay for getting your ego rubbed. If it wasn’t worth it, I think the only one not surprised is you.

        There’s no fool like a middle aged fool.

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  3. Mark

    I have no one to talk to. My wife and I fight all the time. She has a major depression problem and so do I trying to deal with this situation. We fought all day today. I finally realizes that I have married my mother. I worked the whole day in the yard and she bitched about how I was cutting the grass wrong. She screams at me and looses her temper in front of the kids and then demands me to kiss her. Then I am to repeat why I was wrong and what I will do to change. I told her who kiss a snake. She slamed the door and ate a huge amount of ice cream. And another thing she has gone from a size 8 when we married to a 3X today. I can’t stand her fat lumpy large ASS! It’s God curse on me. I never like fat women growing up and I am married to a women who has let her self go. I don’t know what in the hell to do. If I we single again I would never ever get married again. I rule the day when I said I do. John said he had a religious marrage. My wife is a Baptist and I am Catholic. I have been forced to go to a Baptist church. I loth the Baptist church. I think it’s all show woth NO substance. The is NO tenderness in our relationship anymore. I do the cooking, cleaning, yard work, run my own business, Remodeling the house next door. I am physically spent. Sorry for the rant, I had to get it off my chest. Thanks guys, good luck.

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  4. Will

    Best thing to do is f*cking leave the wife. Just move on. You know the trouble a scornfull woman can cause. It is too much of a price to pay to risk freedom. The system doesn’t care or understand what men go thru with these hellish women. Women do not know what they want. They are like spoiled brats and they have oral fixations. If they don’t want you(their husband) it is usually cause they are sucking someone elses dick! Never ever get attached to a woman……… just pretend that you love them so you can get in their vaginas! Keep playin them, that’s all they’re good for! They own you if you let ’em get to you!

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  5. Jimsen

    So I asked my wife to remind me which gift from my parents belonged to which of our daughters. She assigned the gifts then I asked her if she was sure and she blew up! Do what u want, call your dad and ask him. F##k you. It happened so fast. She can be such a bitch to me but somehow it is my fault. This happens all the time. I’m tired!

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  6. Jim

    I see there’s a lot of stupid woman that don’t appreciate what they have. I’m on the same boat as you guys, I’m always the voice of reasoning and had always said sorry even though is not my fault, way too many times. For the good of our lovely toddler and my marriage. Her mood changes like the stock market. If you think it through you will realize that these woman are far dumber than us, we are still to blame for marriying them but who would have known. I have given a lot for this woman but nothing works and life is way too short to spend it with a conplete b****.I have a master plan to divorce her and be happy once again, not in a short time for it to be perfect. Always think with your head before your heart or rage, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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    1. Pus-y Alex

      Its very important to have a plan B even a long distance plan.Just let her bitch and do your background check before you leave her.I have a bitching wife too.There are 2 days good and i am the best and than all the sudden everything i do is wrong.Be on the phone too long – the food i made is horrible – ignore me when i have a question – and when i asked the second time she starts to yell at me”if i dont want respond you have to accept that”.Sex is just when she wants and when i refuse she gets off but when i want she most of the time show me the cold shoulder.She told me “it has to be her Idea”!!Then she wants that i use the kids bathroom – she wants her own bathroom – fight again!!She wants to be treated like a queen and treat me like a slave.Most of the time i agree and appologize and say yes and do whatever she wants because i dont like to fight every day – until i cannot anymore – than we have a big fight…then 2 days good and shit starts again!!I will leave her just dont know when.It is just a good feeling to know that i dont have to be with her – we are free humans – even men are human!!Btw.the 3 kids are not mine so i am not in charge like it would be mine.Just dont understand this hole scenario – why she loves me and treat me like shit??
      She tolds me actually once i am a peace of shit!
      Sorry for the bad english but i am originally from Germany – here since a half year and married since 4 weeks?!?!!
      What a shame to post this but it is what it is!
      I am a pussy – there is nothing more to say but better times will come!!
      Good luck to all of you and think positiv!

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      1. Sick_&_Tired

        We all feel like a p**sy when we take the crap from B**** wifes!! I am planning on a divorce….unfortunately I knew my “wife” for years before I decided to get married. Not more than 2 months after getting married the “DIVORCE” word starts flying around! I’m like WTF??? No Worse feeling in the world than realizing you married your “mom” (Worse Nightmare!)….. GOD help us.

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  7. Marti

    I just want the men who post here to know something. What you are dealing with is not just “that’s the way women are” but there is something spiritual going on here. These women are under the control of a spirit that was around thousands of years ago. If you know anything at all about the Bible, this spirit is called Jezebel. She is a controller. She is a manipulator She is an actress. The bottom line is she wants to usurp your God given authority. She is not happy being your wife. She wants to CONTROL you period! She will do this by any means necessary. She may have started out loving and possibly even helpful, but she has graduated to a hellish position of demeaning brutality. Mark’s comment about her criticism and then her desire to be kissed is typical of a women under the power of this spirit. And you men are thinking “why in the world would I want to be physical with this woman who just bitch-slapped me?” Believe me men there are a few women out there that understand that love is love and control is control. If your wife is trying to control you, she doesn’t really love you period!!! As a Christian, I am praying for men everywhere to be released from the bondage of this power. I hope and pray that all of you find nice women who will help you and not hinder you. .

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    1. Bob

      And some of these women are actually just batshit crazy – saying they’re possessed is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life.

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  8. sucked up guy

    Hi GUys

    I am going through the same f@#$kin problem. my wife is more interested in her parents and want me to be with them always. she bring examples of those d i ck asses, who just keep doing what their in laws says. i am an independent guy, i dnt need ur parents to tell me what to do and what not to do, i have my own life. moreover this f&*((kn bitch is married in my family, I am not married in her family…

    my inlaws interefer a lot in our relation and have spoiled the whole relation. my parents live overseas, but still all blames comes to my parents. even though they dnt even interfere by any possible means.

    I have no clue what to do next with such a situation.

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  9. pissed in pittsburgh

    My wife is a bitch too. I know she is f**king a guy i met a couple times. I could see it in her eyes when they talk. We are separated for two years now and i can bet she is banging his nuts off every night. At least i know she is not blowing him because she is lousy c**k sucker. I just dread the night i stop over and she is riding his d**k like no tomorrow. I’ll know too because she can’t hide her facial expressions. I am letting it go for now but sooner or later i’ll divorce her after i get some pics of f**king him and flood the net with them. She gavce me this bullsh*t about they are just friends and bla bla bla and i just walked away last time i saw her. I know he;s sticking his d**k in her and even though she does have a tight pu**y sooner or later she’ll wear him out and move on and expect to come home. SHe’s dreaming if she ever thinks she can come back here. Shell have to fidn some other guy to bleed dry and f**k and by them. Aww f**k her

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    1. pissed in mo

      that lady says dont call her a bitch, just get a divorce. CLUELESS..thats why we are so angry because she can treat u like shit and if u file for divorce the man loses everthing, kids, money, house…everything, so yeah….BITCH

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      1. John

        OH MY GOD YES!! Thank God I don’t live in a state that has guaranteed alimony like that shit hole California

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  10. Az

    My wife is a bitch. She is Japanese and she always thinks she has to be right about opinion in her eyes seems to me to be invalid. Our sex life terrible, I have asked her numerous times to wax her pubic area and she flatly refuses I went about it really nicely every time, saying that it would enhance our intimacy, but she said she wasn’t interested..She will not let me try anything new with her and acts as though sex is a chore. When I come home from work and approach her to give her a kiss and a hug she usually pushes me away and says that she is tired. If I do happen to be fortunate enough to gain a kiss out of her, most of the time it is like kissing a corpse. We have kids and I have stayed with her because of that, but I am starting to get fed up with this shit. Life is short..too short to be married to a bitch..

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    1. jutt - uk

      yeah i was stupid enough to marry a japanese bitch as well. if i did nt have a son with her, i would honestly stab the c**t in the face. i can f**k her when i want, but i dont want to. i cant wait to divorce the bitch. i was a very rich man in my 30s, so i have spent last 4 years smoking off my money on heroin, just so she dont get it + it will make her look bad being married to a junkie!!!

      dont marry japanese women, they turn nasty as soon as you marry them, unless you are a pussy and do everything you are told, like i have noticed with most of the english men married to them.

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  11. R

    Men looking at this site to to take a real look at the women they have been with. Some women are true to their spouses in good times and bad and then accused of things that they didn’t do. Maybe that is why they are depressed. Some women truly love their husbands. I am not saying that there are women and or men out there that are not faithful or are just out for the other ones money.
    I can tell you that that is not my case.

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  12. mikey

    My wife is a bitch. She lies to me about the dumbest shit. I am working out of town 40+ hours a week, and I am also taking three online classes. Not to mention I come home on the weekends, hang out with her and our two boys. Sometimes I have to work weekends. I have all the proof that this is what I am doing, and she tells me that I am seeing someone else which is total bullshit. Not only does she lie to me about the dumbest shit, but she is also extremely verbally abusive to me and our kids, and when we fight it is always my fault. I am always the first one to say sorry even if it is not my fault. Nothing that I do for her is good enough. I am always trying to find out what I can do to make her happy and that is nothing. Sometimes I wish she would just go away. I do not want anything bad to happen to her, I just want her to go away. The human body can only take so much stress before we explode, and my fuse is getting really short. What should I do? Should I just accept the fact that she is an insecure bitch or should I walk away? If I walk away, i do not want to lose my two boys because they are the world to me and to take them away from me would be like ripping my heart out of my chest. Any suggestions?

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    1. Maybe your wife

      What to do? Try being home more/ not so busy? Pay her some positive attention? Act like she matters more than work and more work? I doubt she married you just to be by herself all the time, looking at your back going off to work or hunched over a computer.

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    2. Ken

      Ask her why she is so insecure. Don’t accept,”There is no reason for, or it doesn’t make sense that.” you need a reason. Women need to feel secure. and being gone all the time will not fulfill that. Women are emotional beings, men use logic. More time at home might alleviate this.

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    3. Mark

      I hear your cry man/men. I am in the same boat. I don’t know what to do myself. It is very frustrating to not have a light at the end of the tunnel. I just got my ass handed to me again and again. My instinct tells me that I need to man up to a plan and prepare for a divorce. I have children and really have tired to stay for their sakes. I am trying to let the sh*t roll off my back and not bother me so I can convince her to sell our house and other properties we own together. I dream of the day when everything I can lose is in safe keeping and I can slam her with divorce papers. I meet a guy a few weeks ago that went through the same marriage hell i am going through. After 30 years of a hellish marriage he took his then wife to the Florida Keys and one nite on the beach he gave her the divorce papers. I should of been laughing but instead I started to cry. I was SO SO envious of this guy. However, he lost everything. He lives with a friend that is helping him get back on his feet. He told me it was the BEST decision he ever made. the worldly things mean nothing as much as being his own man again.His son no longer speaks to him. However, he is very close to his daughter. I asked him if we could do lunch sometime and was very understanding. I pray for every man that goes through this type of Hell. I saw the sports guy belt his wife on the elevator in Las Vegas. I am NOT saying that was a right thing to do. What makes me made is that everyone assumes that she was sweet and innocent. Every guy reading this web site knows how a woman can push men past their limits. Its my innerself that screams at me during a bad fight to LEAVE LEAVE LEAVE, before I am pushed to far. I put a lot of thinking miles on my Jeep Wrangler. I hope what I say helps someone.

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  13. strategize

    Second marriage. Nothing I do is good enough. I spent 800 dollars for one night a nice hotel, spa, pool, food, and an adjoining room for the kids and while I was there my wife was complaining about how I never do anything nice for her and we never do anything alone. I reminded her it was what she wanted to do. I nearly got my ass blown up overseas and I spent 10k on a family vacation and she did nothing but complain and argue with me the whole time. I told her I was 20K in credit card debt and she still wanted hard wood floors and other upgrades in the house. I nearly lost my life to neuro surgery and she continued to nit pick and complain. That drove me nuts. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t for the medication. Now I’m a horrible father and the list goes on. I’ve been here before. So here’s my suggestion. It’s not easy and it takes time. You need to sleep with you enemy. You need to develop your situation and gain the advantage. As the man in a relationship you are automatically set at a disadvantage. You need to talk with a male lawyer (one that is sympathetic to your cause) and spill the beans about everything good and bad. This is the only way you can develop a good game plan to beat the system that screws a man for being a man. Don’t think you can avoid your responsibilities because that’s not what I’m saying. If the spouse is awarded a child you will have to pay child support. But let’s say your spouse called the cops once and had you arrested for being drunk and now you have a domestic violence charge. Your lawyer and you can kill that by getting getting paperwork done in advance without your spouse knowing. That kinda shit kills them in court. And you get to keep your privileges. So now when my wife throws out a bunch of bull I just say, “ok”, “sure”, “right”, or I just say “no” and “I don’t wanna talk about it.” Cause, I am developing my game plan. When I am ready I will say, “you need to change or I am getting a divorce.” You might wanna do the same.

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    1. Julie

      Coming from a woman, thats actually great advice and I hope it goes well for you sincerely.
      As an added point, there are law offices that specialize in men only divorce issues and support.

      I’m not married and would never want to be! But its worse for you guys! WTF were you men thinking when you said “I do”?
      OMG! Good luck to you all, seriously!
      And-for any women/wives reading my comments getting pissed off at me-up yours!

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    2. Jake

      I recall exactly: leading up to the “I do”, I thought, “Well, I could always divorce her if it doesn’t work out.” Once I said “I do”, I thought, “SHIT. Oh well, here goes nothing.”

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    3. mierda

      I love it dude! Good advice. I am doing the same. I decided to stick with this emotionless cunt until about a year from now when our other house that is being rented by tenants becomes available. Then I am outta here.

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  14. mark

    Damn, surprising to read that there are others out there with similar problems as mine in regards to a spouse. reading these other comments lets me know I am not alone in this. I seriously want to divorce my wife. No doubt at all, but we have a child.

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  15. Sam

    I hate my f**king wife’s he a utter cow, we were living in England everything going ok until she start to bitch non stop about being far from her folks. So I sold my house and cars left my family and moved to Brasil. The day we arrived she turned into c**twife we only been here 4 month and I hate her more than you can imagine everything’s my fault I mean everything. I’m giving her one more month then I’m off!!!

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  16. CRB

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been in the same boat for 17 Years. I knew she was a bit of a bitch when we got married but hoped being with a nice guy who knew how to show emotion, love, tenderness and responsibility then she would soften up. Did not happen. In fact she became dependent on me emotionally and has continued to get worse. She’s completely unable to reciprocate feelings of love or compassion. If anything she resents me. Well finally we are getting divorced and its a huge pressure of my chest already. I actually know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s still stressful dealing with her but at least I don’t feel like I am drowning anymore. At the least stop giving a shit about her emotions… you’re not going to make her happy. You know you’ve tried. You know you’ve broken yourself for her. It’s time to focus on you. I’m not talking about cheating because that’s not healthy for you either. I’m say unburden yourself. You’ve met your obligation. Quit killing yourself. Go home, stay calm, take care of your kids, take care of yourself, do something you enjoy and ignore her. The more you show her that her antics no longer work she may change or she may want out. Start a written log. Record her tantrums. Take pictures of the dirty house. If it comes to a divorce then you have what you need to help you the most. These type of woman are really good at hiding behind a facade and will do anything to protect that and avoid embarrassment. You’re the calm on, the centered one. Whats the worst that could happen? In these situations, divorce IS a GOOD thing. There is someone else out there for you right now. I’ve already found her and it’s the best thing to happen to me since the birth of my youngest child. Just know you’re not alone.


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  17. Wow

    Today my wife asked me to get the sugar out of the pantry for her, I do exactly that. When I hand her the sugar she gives me the “go screw you’re self” look. She says how often do I use sugar? And I follow with I have no clue but you asked for it. She then proceeds to be pissed off at me the rest of the night because apparently I’m supposed to know when she wants sugar she actually wants Splenda. I still don’t get it WTF

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  18. Sick_&_Tired

    Am sick & tired…over and over again. We live in a world where I feel like God is punishing me because my marriage is a NIGHTMARE!! I LOVED being boyfriend/girlfriend,…but marriage has destroyed my relationship.
    I despise the day i said “i do” I regret every second of it…
    Then I also fee like the world is punishing me if I get a divorce! As a Man, I stand to lose EVERYTHING! Especially since I live in a “community state” FK!!!!!!!!

    Worst part of it all is she never works! I worked part time while full time in college, graduated now I work full time and she still can’t lift a finger and at least pay for Her damn cell phone! Nothing! It is pure misery… Marriage cost $20/license + $50/cheap ceremony…..divorce is like $600 minimum!!! WTF, WTF, WTF!

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  19. Nice_guys_realize_last

    Hey guys, I can see so many men here complaining about their wives for so many reasons that guys constantly complain about.

    I wanted to write my whole life story here but I realize that would be too painful for me so let me just say it isn’t always about what your wife does but more about why she does that can kill you.

    I can only tell you that with my wife I found somebody who was there to smile at me and be nice to me so long as I had my family’s backing before getting married.
    I told her I want to wait for this reason alone because I didn’t want her to see hard times with me till I was done with my prof grad degree but she couldn’t wait and promised me all sorts of shit to get her way.

    Now that we are exactly where I said we’d be, despite me still giving her everything she could need and more financially and non-financially, I realized that the woman I loved was never really in love with me as much as she was in love with the way I could do things for her.

    After marriage she has put in zero efforts for me in the bedroom or out. In my entire time together I can’t remember a time when she wanted to have sex and whenever I do, it’s always a situation where I am practically doing everything possible to make it happen and even then it is like fckn a dead fish because she is so damn uninvolved.

    When I suggest ideas to spend real time together I try to think of ways that we will actually spend real time to build on our crumbling relationship..not just throw more money at it..I am not cheap and have mentioned ideas to go for a nice dinner or at a cafe but her ideas of spending time outside is me following her for 2 hrs at a fckn woman’s store at the mall or at one of her friends (not even a common friend b/w us) stupid parties and indoors her idea of fun is to watch tv together which I think is brainless and vapid activity and cant count as together time. Dont get me wrong, I didn’t feel that way before and I won’t say I don’t enjoy tv myself a little. But one day I realized that is the only way she would spend time with me and then I started hating the idea of doing this with her because I am done playing her rules and pretending like the only way I can make her happy is by doing just what she wants without ever considering what makes me happy .
    She never wants to try anything new or interesting together. She doesn’t cook for me, keeps the place dirty as fk and basically finds time to do anything she wants but never wants to consider I may need the friend she used to act like before we got married. I have even helped her visit her family abroad and everytime her stupid gfs make plans to get together out of state I never said shit about how it might not be good idea to spend money traveling for such dumb reasons.

    In return I always thought I could count on her showing me some affection or some feeling of what a tough time I am going through by myself. I don’t need much but I guess I did need her to show me she still loves me. Of course I have brought up these issues with her but she completely stonewalls me and is passive aggressive.
    She lies to other people and says fake shit that is unbelievable bullshit to me and sometimes I feel like I couldn’t ever respect someone like and would never willingly have married her knowing this about her that but lately she has even tried to lie to me about petty shit which she knows Im going to find out about anyway and basically must think I’m the biggest sucker in her life.
    Her mother is a damn fool because she spends every day calling her up,reinforcing her ego telling her she could do no wrong which is even worse because any sort of connection we can make in our life is completely overshadowed by her mother’s constant presence.
    Whenever I try to challenge that it might not be a good idea to talk to your mom EVERY SINGLE DAY, I am looked at like I just suggested the most unholiest thing ever.

    Fuck it because basically my hard times are almost over and in a very funny way I think despite my feeling so alone and hurt right now God or nature or Life has shown me that I mean more than what this person has shown me to be worth in her eyes.
    My bad times are almost over and thankfully now when I am in my professional degree career, I won’t be fulfilling my dreams of sharing all my hard work efforts on someone who I loved like a fool. Instead I will spend my success on the person who was always with me during hard times and that was always just ME and myself, alone.

    I am open to meeting someone new some day but I don’t think I will ever trust a woman anymore after going thru this bs promise of ‘for better or for worse’ that I really bought into, hook line and sinker.

    I do not know who wrote traditional wedding vows but I do know it wasn’t a woman that’s for sure!

    If I ever miss someone like her in the future, I will save myself the years of misery and go for the bulls eye by just paying someone for one night because at least that is a lot more honest representation of my relationship I’ve had till now. Actually at least that person will act involved at least so I will have to tell her just be a little more lazy I will pay you more for it.

    There are famous proverb about relationships in my culture that I read for the first time the other day and I found it so true and ironic to read now. Were that I had read them many years ago maybe I wouldn’t be writing them here for you today.
    I will end with these PURE TRUTHS.

    “4 different types of relationships will reveal their true inner nature to you in your life”

    In sickness, your family

    In problems, your friends

    In old age, your children

    and finally,

    In poverty/hard times, your wife

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    1. wife=bitch

      I ignored the warning signs too. It turns out a dumb bitch will always be a dumb bitch. Save yourself!

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      1. Jack

        I’m in this relationship for more than 10 years now, it’s like we married, she is very manipulating and says she loves me very much, but every time she gets a chance she degrades me into the ground with her mind games. She’s smoking marihuana, 420 , dope, what ever you want to call it, and she says she needs it to de-stress. I hate the shit ! She’s got a better paying job than me and i cant just leave. I’m busy studying to get financially independent. I call it mental abuse ! F**k the bitch! I will get out of this !

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        1. Nice_guys_realize_last

          I can understand your situation as I am somewhat similar as well in mine.
          But I hope you realize that the compromise you are putting up with is for a price and it is only up to you to decide how much of a price you are willing to pay.

          Recently, I asked myself the same question about my situation and decided that whatever I am afraid of is likely something that isn’t going to be as bad as I may imagine it and leaving her may be hard after being together so long but if I truly am on a path, I will be on that path regardless of my circumstances better or not.
          If I clear away the noise, it may well help me and if it still doesn’t then I’ll ultimately realize I was not motivated enough to achieve my goals-basically it was my fault not hers.
          On the other hand, if I choose to live with these circumstances, not only do I know the situation is unlikely to be helpful, I may never get over a future potential loss of achieving any goals because I will always hold that other person in my life responsible for it.
          It will be harder to move on from such a loss in my opinion.
          In short, it is easier to accept mistakes you made for yourself and move on then it is to have other factors because we humans find ways to blame others.

          Another personal realization I had is that ultimately, times will change as they always do for better or for worse and I will not be with her anymore and when that time comes, will I be able to forgive myself for having put up with so much of the bs that I currently put up with? For any point I am at then, will it have been worth it to have gone through this now?

          I hope my questions lead you to start asking some important questions yourself.

          All obstacles are hard to overcome but when I look back at my life I want to know I did

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    2. mierda

      Dude I am so happy you are leaving her. You wrote a very touching story. Let’s meet for a beer! I feel the same way. I am realizing I am not a worthless scumbag as I am called on an almost weekly basis. You need to look out for you. Forget the bitch.
      Funny shit about asking the prostitute to act a little more lazy. LOL LOL

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  20. Nice_guys_realize_last

    Here’s an update for today in my life:

    I had a little time off today and was watching a comedy stand up special after a long time and it was so funny, I thought to myself, my wife & I never get a chance to laugh anymore over anything so let me leave it now and watch it with her later. So like a fool I actually paused the program 10 mins in (Jim Jeffries stand up on HBO if you care).

    Sure enough, later today she comes asking me about some new expensive sunglasses she bought for herself (after I spent 3 entire days helping her find her old pair that she lost due to her own absentmindedness) and I did something truly idiotic.

    I actually gave a shit.

    You see she had gone to the mall checked out a pair she liked and 3 store personnel (women) there told her whatever crap she needed to hear to buy them and came back feeling unsure about it and asked me.

    Typical guy response= sure honey looks great

    My idiotic response= well, they are nice shades and they don’t do anything -ve for you, ie look cool but they don’t do as much for your look like the previous pair you had. They don’t enhance your look and Im guessing since you just spent $200 you’d want that as a factor besides UV protection right? IMHO they were just a tad bit big for her face.

    Ok so why do I care enough, why couldn’t I just tell her something ignorant and set her on her ignorant path?

    She goes right back to the mall because of course she needs to, and after talking to some other shift workers there (incl another guy) she gets actual feedback that is pretty much what I they were a little too big for her face.
    She gets an even nicer and more expensive Prada pair and comes back, and of course, I am there for her to tell her honestly, that they are actually nice and how sexy she looks and all that jazz.

    Skip fwd to dinner time and she was putting on a tv show when I mention I saved this stand up to watch with her and if it’s cool let’s check it out together and share a few laughs.
    She very cool-ly replies, “yeah that sounds interesting, let’s do it tomorrow cuz I was going to watch xyz tonight.”

    Now really, I know that is a normal response which lead me to believe that in this situation the problem is all mine, I’m the one who gives TOO MUCH of a shit here and she is just being her typical self.

    But these things happen enough for me to question whether I’m ok with it because like earlier today, there have been countless times when I have wanted to do other things but helped her out in small & big ways and I continue to find out more and more that I shouldn’t ever hold expectations of her doing something for me outside of her own wants.

    I could care less about the show now and NO will not be watching it tomorrow with her because I may not be able to help myself from helping her out time to time but I am not comfy with taking pity handouts that are obviously less than genuine.

    I told her today, that I think people who make long relationships last have an incredible resolve and are both so strongly committed to that ideal that everything else in the world becomes secondary. And those who progress onwards to have children & become good parents must by necessity be even more blind to the world outside just so they can focus all their care & attention inwards and function as a proper loving family unit.

    But after trying for so long, I have personally decided that the tired cliche of successful old man with young innocent eager to please bitches lapping at his legs is sadly a functional and timeless cliche for a reason.
    I do not discount real partnerships that work brilliantly and they have my respect but for myself I think I’m ready to take a break from the illusions that have been so clearly shattered for me at present.

    I wanted to add a very relevant quote here to finish my entry and after doing a quick search online for it, turns out the author will be having a birthday in 2 days (April 4- Maya Angelou) so perhaps even more fitting to tribute this brilliant African American Poet who penned the following significant words:

    People will forget what you said
    People will forget what you did
    But people will never forget how you made them feel.

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  21. JC

    Do you want to know why your wife is a bitch? Because she is a female. Most females are bitches and basically trash these days. Blame feminism.

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    1. Graystar

      My wife suffers from depression too…but what does that get you knowing that??…it gets you constant guilt trips….constant….telling you did things you did not and then being told that I just do not remember the things I do and then the old walk away and slam the door….and then her grown kids enter the equation…living on our farm cause they are losers and have no where to go and my wife wants them here…slobs and pigs and users….and she will not say sh## to them cause that might make them not like her….and besides she knows they will argue back and get just as angry as her….well, I don’t want to get angry…I don’t want to argue…I am basically a peace loving person…so I try not to let it bother me and move on with my day…but I still fuc@@@ hate it….back to my man cave……..
      As a 67 yo male who has know many women, I can tell you that they all pretty much bitches. Some much more than others. Feminism is definitely one of the main reasons. Women take being feminine as a weakness these days. Look at how they dress compared to how they dressed before “feminism”. Now, most of the time they choose to dress as a man. no more sexy nightgowns. They are considered to be men”s fetishes. No more wearing dresses….these are saved for weddings and the like. Jeans and a men’s flannel shirt for day wear …an old pair of cotton pj’s or if your lucky, football jersey to bed and this is supposed to turn us on….and if we don’t jump at sex when they are wearing this (when they want it) and have treated us like shit all day long, WE have a problem. WE need help. WE need to take viagra….the TV evens tells us so. WE are abnormal. Most women are more masculine then most men I know. Two of my wives 3 girls are married to other women. I am very liberal and this is ok with me but I still believe it is a sign of the times….lesbians are considered sexy and homo men are pretty much looked on as pervs. by society as a whole I believe. I’m getting sideways here but you get my drift….
      I am tired of saying yes to everything just to keep the peace. That is the way it is. I gave up everything I had as a lifelong single man to marry this bitch and buy the farm with her and now I am really trapped….hiding in my man cave as much as I can get away with it and recalling the days when I could do as I pleased and taking that for granted.
      All you young single men – STAY that way! As soon as u marry, u will turn old quick. You will give up eventually. At the very least do NOT have kids until you are sure you can stay with her and your kids. There are a few good women out there….there are those who have no desire to change you….they are rare but they are there…keep looking…you’ll know…I found some but they were not exciting for some reason I guess….stupid.
      Good thing I’m a Buddhist. :-)

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  22. benno

    my wife is the ultimate bitch who sucks the happiness out of you and is only truely happy when she has sucked the life out of you

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  23. Fed up

    Stay away from Brazilian women, they are the selfish, mature and spoiled of them all. My wife is always demanding and when she doesn’t get her little way she pouts and complains until no end. She also has obsessive compulsive disorder and will fix-at on the smallest and strangest things…
    Now I am stuck living in another country and with a kid with her……what a mistake, I wish I could go back to myself 8 years ago and tell that idiot to run and never look back.

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    1. jp

      Unfortunately, with common law marriage in most states, if you go around saying you’re husband and wife filing, taxes together, etc, you have to go to court and get a real divorce.

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    2. mierda

      Stay away from Russian women too!! Lazy, selfish, spoiled, pouty, mother-dependent children who never grow up from being spoiled by their mothers.

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  24. Tom

    never get legally married. never. marriage is for suckers. if you think that you’ve found your true love, then live as husband and wife. just don’t get legally married.

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  25. John

    I hate my wife too. It almost feels good just to come on here and say it. no idea what to do, been married 6years, 1 great daughter. I can’t conceive of undoing everything that we’ve built together. She has 100k in savings (our money), I have zero but I do pay for Audi every month as well as the mortgage , etc. I’d wind up pretty much homeless if I left. Moved out for 1 month but moved back. No idea, miserable with her 75% of the time, 25% it’s like were just room mates. Sex maybe 4 times per year

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  26. bob

    my Wife (soon to be ex) cant understand normal logic. I agree with others that say never get married (unless she make the same amount of $ or more). You get royally f**ked by the courts. If I had it to do over, I would live with her but not tie the knot. I agree with the community property, but having to fork over my retirement fund sucks. But the real kicker is the freaking spousal support. She works and always has, we dont have kids, yet I am expected to fork over my hard earned cash for the next several years. she is living on her own and f**king whoever and I have to keep paying her bills. It would be different if she stayed home to raise the kids or helped put me through but she did not. So why do the courts think I should give her my paycheck.

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  27. nice_guys_realize_last

    It’s a messed up system here in the US…HALF!.just watch Eddie Murphy Raw to get a good idea of it..but truly laws or not, women have this sense of entitlement due to the feminine culture of pouring BS baloney complements over each other with no force to vet for the truth.
    Not one woman in her group would really like to tell the other like it is although it would be far better in the long run for both parties. This is why men are seen as cruel or insensitive because we work against a system that is irrational and completely unpredictable and also why most men in happy marriages learned early on to never speak their mind much the way they would to a best friend.
    This is hypocrisy traded for the convenience of companionship & sex at its best.
    The real results are that not only do women screw over the men they are involved with but very often will complement their own girlfriends in public only to go home and bitch out someone who is supposed to be a lifelong friend etc.

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  28. Pete

    Hate my bitch wife. Let me count the ways.
    1. She is a life killjoy – no happiness at anything.
    2. Hasn’t laughed in 15 years
    3. Sucks in bed
    4. She has no personality.
    5. She’s a bitch.
    6. She can’t make any friends.
    7. Doesn’t work but can’t keep the house clean
    8. Boring as hell.
    9. This list could go to infinity.

    I so wish that I could build a time machine and go back, shake the shit out of myself, break my own leg and miss the wedding, dump that bitch and get my life back.

    I am dropping divorce papers this week.

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    1. josh

      first of all divorce should not be your first option. yes my wife is a bitch from time to time but we are still growing together. i have been married for 5 years and i would neer think of leaving her because i know most probems (other than cheating and other malicious acts) it is just two people learning to be together. even people who have been together for 20 plus years admit that it takes work. stop being lazy you will never find love being lazy and a procratinator

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  29. Jack Ryan

    WOW! My wife is depressed which makes her a complete beatch. She won’t undress in front of me cuz it makes me want her. She won’t do anything that may “lead me on”. She criticizes everything and does not respect me. Sex is a forced proposition for her. I keep hanging in. Sucks being married to a crazy bitch. This is the worst of the for better or worse!

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  30. Cha Cha

    File for divorce, then what? Meet another bitch? Exactly what we do. Remember when you met this one and you said you’d do anything for her? You might not, but she sure as hell does, and to her that was written in blood. Things change, relationships change, but she remembers all that little sweet talking you and she did and she will take that to divorce court, and you’ll lose, and you’ll pay for her meanderings for the rest of your life, because courts like to stay in the 19th century when women weren’t allowed outside the home except to take the damn washing down to the river, so they have to be cared for by men because YOU said you would. Equality, huh? So you’ll discard this one, pay through the ass, then meet some sweet young thing and start the whole process over again, even though you swear you won’t. Of course you will. I’m better with the devil I know. Because 90% are self indulgent bitches and it really does become a game of how much you can take, and it’ll be that way with the next one. You find ways to let off steam. She’s got her friends to commiserate with. You have no friends because she drove them off, so you find things to keep those idle hands busy, you keep your secret room in your mind locked away from her and her “no secrets between us” pillow talk, and you don’t fear death because life turns churns out the same crap over and over, doesn’t it.

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  31. Al

    I work my A** off and cook, clean up her dog crapping on floor, the dog that she got without telling me, knowing that I hate dogs. I get up every day at 5am work to death, she lays in bed, and never pays attention to me and b**ches that I’m lazy and selfish. If we didn’t have a child I’d be gone.

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  32. Henk

    Hate my bitch wife. Let me count the ways.
    1. She is a life killjoy – no happiness at anything.
    2. Hasn’t laughed in 15 years
    3. Sucks in bed
    4. She has no personality.
    5. She’s a bitch.
    6. She can’t make any friends.
    7. Doesn’t work but can’t keep the house clean
    8. Boring as hell.
    9. This list could go to infinity.

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  33. Screwed_in_Dallas

    Just found out, after Mother’s Day this year, the wife has been carrying on virtual affairs for the last four years with at least 3 of her ex boyfriends. Found emails, phone logs, and worse yet, sext messages and nude pictures of her masturbating she sent to them. Logs show she was speaking with at least 2 of them on a daily basis for hours while I was hard at work supporting her and our two daughters lifestyle. She was having phone sex with them in our bed while I was traveling for the job. Being married for 17 years it was a real blow. She blames it on me because she had a big void I was not filling. We’ve since done counseling sessions to address the root issues, but only got worse as she was being confronted with her behavior. The counselor, a female, pointed out she was living as a needs based relationship that required validation by others to feel good, and that if she did not address, that any relationship was only guaranteed to end in disaster. What is clear is she has no remorse, and denies it saying its all my fault and i am responsible for her bad behavior. She says she didn’t have physical sex (I question) and it not really that big a deal. I have since told her I was divorcing her and had a attorney file. The kids are shell shocked and she is freaking out over their pain. She now is coming around saying we need to try harder, but its only because she doesn’t want to deal with the kids pain. I’ve called her out on her real motives as I do not trust her given the length and depth of her deception. I’ve told her we’ll go 60 days and if no change I am finalizing the divorce. State of Texas requires 60 days waiting period after filing for divorce so I have to play nice anyhow, but I am dropping her like a bad habit after 60 days. I am as bitter and angry like I’ve never been in my life so it will be quite a challenge. I am prepared to pay child and spouse support since she hasn’t worked since our first born. At this point, it is a small price to pay to get my life back and move on. Once divorced, I will be able to let go since I won’t be bound to her, and can move on with forgiveness to release all the hatred I feel right now. It will suck for a while, but look on it as a blessing to do things I’ve want in life versus catering to the irrational whims of someone who is not a true partner and doesn’t have my back. There are many fine women out there who got their act together looking for a good man. I just won’t be getting married or having children next time around. May you find peace on your path ahead my brothers.

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  34. Yeppers

    Sigh I think I have the same problem. Wife asked today if I’ll go to a kids event. I said it’s been a long week and I’ll stay home, but you can go. She starts calling me names. Completely doesn’t understand what I do not cares. What a b*

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  35. Terrence

    Been thinking of divorcing this woman for about a year now. celebrated …huh ? 25 years in 2012 . Dont know how I would afford it. wondering if I can afford NOT to. imagining the bad press of being the alcoholic husband who finally calls it quits to a cancer battlin bitch. couldnt those surgeons have cut out even a little of the bitch in her ? so, I could have a meal in peace on a day when I had to skip lunch in order get home to her bitchin , blamin, her way or no way ways

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  36. Ryan

    There are moments i wished there was a Taliban rule here in America for just one week. to make these bitches learn the value of freedom.

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  37. peter

    Enjoyed reading the comments, at least I know I am not the only one. I married a Thai, she is a bitch and will even argue with me when I agree with her, how crazy is that. She complains about everything I do, eg why are you watering the lawn now? why you wear that shirt i don’t like, why you no like my family ( a favourite). Once she did not talk for a day cos she did not like the way I cooked the rice, another time because I did not ask her if she was tired when she came home from work.
    She is the moodiest cow i ever met and her idea of happy is eat, sleep, eat, sleep that’s it. She has no ambition and works about 4 hours a week, the rest of the time I just try to avoid her moaning. She says she loves me but boy I would not like to know what it feels like to be hated by her.
    My plan is to disappear if she ever goes away for a while, she has made too many threats for me to do anything else. I live in Thailand with her, never marry a Thai, they are snakes

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  38. phil

    I think I have you all beat. I was 47 when I met her (37) and she and I discussed everything from death, marriage, church, religion, politics, sex…..I thought we had everything covered. I make a good living around $150,000 a year. So we had a child (the only awesome thing about the marriage). So this is what I do on a daily basis. Get up at 0615 for work and a 10 hour day, come home and the house is a mess. I set in and feed my child supper, clean the kitchen and clean the house, vacuum, and do the dishes, then read to my child ( good stuff ), bathe my the child and put the child down to sleep. Meanwhile, she is sitting talking on her IPOD to her friends, she never cleans up, does not go to church with me, is always scolding our 2 year old (like that makes sense, the child is 2!) and gives me sex once a month….holy crap! Here is an example…..I put our child down to sleep at 0915, the 2 year old didn’t go to bed until 1000pm and by that time I was pretty tired and had fallen to sleep. Around 2am when my wife came to bed, I asked her (quiet voice, politely), “hey honey, can you get my cell phone and bring it in to bed”, her response, “I am not your slave, you can get that phone yourself, don’t give me that shit!”……This happens at least twice a week with her. Guys I just don’t know what to do. Oh by the way, she will take off in the afternoon like she did yesterday, the 22nd of June and not tell me and go to the wine bar. No calls, no nothing, and then she comes stumbling in around 11pm. I am sFcUrCeKwEeD!

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  39. D.R.

    OK, I haven’t read all the post above. Some of the men no damn wonder your wife is a bitch. Tell me I deserve this treatment and I will shut up oh yea like my wife tells me. I gave up all my friends and family for her. Now, my kids can’t stay at any of my family, and my family has not done anything any worse then hers. I work my schedule, and most of the time I don’t work any over time so I can be at home like she wants, but then she wants to go blow money then it is up to me to fix it. She works too. No matter what I do she talks to me like I am a dog. We go out drinking and she let’s men grind on her, and I am a dick for saying anything. I don’t”t think she does anything more, buy that shows me no respect at all for me. Her family can be mean to her she comes home and takes it every bit out on me. We fight everyday doesn’t matter who is their like our 4 and 6 lil girls. I ask her to talk to someone about it and she gives me the go f**k yourself look. To be honest only time we get along is in the bed. I don’t want my kids to think it is OK to yell at each other, but I don’t want her telling them I left and turned my back on them. They r my world.

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  40. Aundrea

    Hey all you men,

    I seriously hope most of you are just blowing off steam, but here’s some advice from the woman side – yes we get crazy sometimes! and you guys get cold and self indulgent sometimes – so do you want to work it out? if not, get a divorce – realize that 1/2 of what you’ve built over the years is hers, and move on. Your health and sanity are important.

    If you don’t want a divorce, then work it out. How? with such a crazy bitch? well, first, think back to the woman you fell in love with, and treat her how you treated her then. Bring her a flower for no reason, (or something else you know she’ll like) and don’t put any expectations on her, just do something nice, say something nice and walk away. Do this everyday, and live your life with as positive of an attitude as you can muster up. Do what she asks with a positive attitude. For most of you, your wife wants to love you but something has changed – she’s not feeling it – sweet little things will make her start to feel it again, and when she does, you’ll get the love back that you want. Small sweet things daily and being reliable – this is where you need to start. Once the love she once felt for you is back, you can start to discuss where things went wrong and try to avoid these problems in the future.

    Remember Men are Men, they are the pursuers, if you’ve stopped pursuing your wife just because you’ve married her, she isn’t feeling the love… So MEN – EVERY DAY, so something sweet. No need to blow hundreds of dollars, just something nice that you know she will like, that will make her smile when she thinks about you. spend the big bucks when things are good, not when they’re bad.

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    1. mierda

      This is in response to Andrea or whoever the chick above was that is responding to the men.
      F YOU!!! What you fail to realize is MOST, not all men, are much more intelligent, rational, more intelligent beings than you crazy bitches. That’s a simple fact. I see it every day in my marriage and in the marriage of every other man I know. I am nice, intelligent, successful, caring, loving, romantic, etc. And you know what? My wife walks all over me because she is an emotional tyrant. When I call her out on her bullshit and in the rare event that she recognizes that, as usual, SHE is the one starting shit for NO REASON, her excuse is, “Well I am a woman. I can be that way”. You women are self indulgent, selfish, childish, and stupid!! Unfortunately for most of the men here, they got MARRIED, and then their wives decided they could act like selfish children and the guy would never leave them. Marriage is a mistake. Its like I say to my friends now. ” When you’re married its different. Women, in the course of marriage, tend to turn into assholes. If you were just dating, that behavior does not occur, because if it did, you simply kick the bitch out on the curb!! People don’t put up with that in a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.” Men, don’t get married. With ONE exception of out the friends I have or have had (about 10 really good friends in my life), ALL of the married men agree that if it wasn’t for their kids, they’d have left a long time ago. And I have GOOD FRIENDS. I am talking about respectful, successful gentleman who dote on their wives and kids. With ONE exception, all of the poor bastards are miserable because of their manipulative, selfish wives.

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  41. Mr. WTF

    You see, that’s the problem with most women:

    1) You act like selfish little spoiled brat children. WTF??? (Men want a real rational woman, not a spoiled brat).

    2) You think men MUST & HAVE to go bust their balls and break a limb every time so that “men can earn the women’s love”. WTF??? (Men don’t want to get married to trade money or commodities in exchange for “love”, especially since it is cheaper to just hire an escort to just have sex.)

    3) Then to top it off most all you women feel, think and believe beyond a doubt that just because you are women you are entitled and deserve to keep most of the men’s money and property when men finally realize their women is nothing but a controlling, manipulating, cold, selfish, emotional bully, unstable immature crazy azz bitch and decides to finally leave your crazy azz behind? WTF???

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  42. Jerald

    My wife is moving out today. We are getting a separation but simultaneously filing for divorce. There is a 3 month waiting period. If after those three months I still think she is a f*cking crazy, sex withholding, life spoiling biotch, then I’m done. The thing is, we’ve been married for only two years and have only two dogs. Unfortunately, after losing my job we had to move in with my parents. It’s been hard but she’s been great. However, out of nowhere the resentment has been astonishing. She prefers everything above me and I’m just done for now. I love her but I will leave her as I have a full life ahead of me and no reason to waste it feeling like shit.

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  43. Mrs

    With the way you guys are ranting here, I think life gave you your perfect matches! Hehe

    Actually, both men & women alike can be real nasty if they choose to be. That said, no man or woman deserves to be unhappy.
    Try all options before embarking on divorce. Good luck!

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  44. Sam

    My wife and soon to be ex was and is a cheating, lying, manipulative, spoiled, heartless, BITCH. She lies like she is handing out candy. She has cheated numerous times and truly the only reason I have stayed this long is because we have 2 beautiful teenage girls I couldn’t abandon. They love their dad and I love them very much. They are my life. She spends money with no regard for saving any. Massages, expensive bras and panties and recently a closet with summer dresses someone else is removing. She really is a whore I guess. My daughters actually are aware of one affair she had with a cop. Pretty sad huh ?
    They don’t know about the others. Thank goodness they don’t.
    This is going to sound awful and mean but what I think is funny and just is, she has and is getting a new wrinkle on her face everyday. Her face has wrinkles like a 85 year old woman. She is 51. I think it’s probably a little karma to the face she is receiving. It’s hilarious. Many wrinkles and a crabby, bitchy, cheating little whore.
    I truly hate her. We both have good jobs, a great home in a great area and we are all healthy. I loved her more than anything, but she used me like a doormat, and didn’t respect me or our family and didn’t fight a lick to keep us together. She is going to be so sorry when we are divorced. Even her family agrees she has her head up her butt. I saw a couple of her lovers and the most recent is the CEO of Java City Coffee in Sacramento
    It’s funny to me now as he has the face of a dog. Oh yea, he is married and cheated on his wife. My parents used to tell me or have conversations about someone in my hometown who couldn’t behave or never cared about anyone but themselves. My parents would say they are simply ” not a good person” pretty simple I know. But it’s so true. My wife is not a good person.

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  45. bob

    Bitch? I think the word here is “cunt.” Without the pussy not a single man would even talk to a cunt, muchless marry them.

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  46. erik

    Jesusmotherf***ingc*ntchrist American women are the most unloving awful bitches in the world. .
    There are nicer people elsewhere, I am so sick and tired of my beautifully wife ,sorry for my foul language ,I never swear . Realy

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  47. Jrb

    Unfortunately its “cheaper to keep her.” In my state they rarely give custody to the husband and they rape you with child support ($500 per kid in some cases I’ve seen). So, gonna have to suck it up and try not to kill her, I guess :/

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  48. bob

    We are all sleeping with the enemy. Im not getting divorced, so any suggestions on dealing with the daily bullshit?

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    1. mierda

      In response to: The guy who said “We are all sleeping with the enemy. Im not getting divorced, so any suggestions on dealing with the daily bullshit?”

      Response: Yes, if you are not going to leave, which you should, get a good steady girlfriend for a discreet relationship. Good luck man.

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  49. Jim

    Something tells me this “Team Writer” has never been married. A man should never call his wife a “bitch?” A woman should never call her husband something similar? What planet do you live on?

    If I had a dime for every time I’ve been called a “piece of sh*t,” just because I didn’t take out the garbage…

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    1. erik

      A man should never call his wife a bitch?
      Are you kidding????
      What world do you live in. You are what you are … a bitch an as hole ,an unpleasant person
      A nice person, a difficult person a problematic person
      Bitch is not the worst word in the world they exist and that’s what you call it.
      I like the word nice such a simple word but so difficult for some b….. to comprehend.
      N. I. C. E. “.”

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  50. jason

    My wife is a fkin bitch too. She admits it like she is proud of it. I fkin hate her. Nothing I do or say is ever good enough. I can never do anything to please her. She does nothing to show she loves or appreciated me. There have been at least two affairs that I know of. I respond by have flings to get even. This last time I had three flings just to get ahead of her so when she has her next fling I will be ahead of her still. I’ve filed for divorce before, but we reconciled. Most recently I thought we were going to file again, but she came dragging her ass back to me. We have lived in separate houses for two years now. I don’t understand why these bitches act this way. If ur gonna leave then get fk out and stay out bitch; why u gotta bring ur ass back. The last guy she wasted six months on, practically moved him in only to find out he was impotent LOL… Served that bitch right when she has a good looking healthy stud of a husband that would do anything for her laying in bed at home wanting nothing more than to bang her all night. I’ve gone alone to marriage counseling. I’ve read books on marriage and love. I adore our kids and have banked big money to be the provider. These bitches really are just crazy. They don’t know what they want or how to be happy. The only way to have a perfect marriage is to find two perfect people and have them get married. So yeah guys, tell them to hit the road or just hit their Snatch when they come crawling back to you. They always want to fck when u be man and do ur own thing and forget about them.

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    1. bitchslapped

      Reading all your comments I feel solace in the reasoning that I am not alone in my suffering…

      I feel my situation is a bit more complicated than the rest and the usual……….my wife had a family (ex husband and 2 grown kids) she left them for whatever reasons – or that was the case when i started dating her at our mutual work place – she was in her early 30s at that time and quite a catch!! she had recently been divorced by her ex-husband and as they were over seas in south asia she lost custody of the children and decided to move back to north america.

      long story shortwe dated – grew close – sex was amazing – gave me superb oral several times over every single day we were dating!!! after we got hitched (married) 3 yrs later it all stopped – no more blow jobs… sex hardly ever or only if she wanted… and to top it all off – she had these crazy mood swings over the littlest of things.. small example – one time at a restaurant i forgot to put napkins on the table and she lost it !!! … didnt talk to me all the way home and showed me attitude… anyway we had our first kid a yr after we got married and she started dishing out the same attitude and aggressive shit with her. always pissed off at some thing or the other , I had resigned to the fact that she may just be mad at me forwhatever reasons but it just neever added up because im a lovable likeable guy – i spoke to her many times about her behavior with our girl and she always just brushed it off – there were so many occasions she would just leave her crying so much so that she would be unable to cry anymore and i just didnt intervene to see just how cruel and hasrsh this bitch ciould be!! ,.. well quite harsh so much so that it amazed me how God would make such a creation that could hurt her kids both mentally and physically just because she had and apparently has such a fucked up life – i keep wishing that these bitches would come with a used report like cars come with a used vehicle report and prospective customers are made aware of liens/damage etc.. why dont they have a filing system for these insane bitches from hell!!

      i stopped myself so many times when i found myself going to childrens aid society or the cops just to discuss what me and my kids were going through – everytime i stopped thinking of the consequences and of what would i do if our kids were taken from us…

      i printed out articles on emotional abuse and neglect as well as physical abuse and left them for her to read – we even disagreed on stuff to the point that we fought and most of the time we dont even fight as we hardly talk – only talk when she has to point out something i have dome wrong – i help out all the time as much as i can pay all the bills – she only does groceries and still gives me such a hard time!!

      we recently lost a child to anencephally – we hadnt planned on this child and she never wanted it either (our potential 3rd) she is so depressed that she refused to go for her regular check ups – is severely iron defficient and what not else went for her first ultra sound at 7.5 months and our baby got diagnosed with anencephally :((( we lost the child a few weeks after…

      in all this she also called the cops on me because i told her we need to come to an agreement on time sharing and expense distribution because her eldest daughter *20 yrs old now who she left and hadnt seen for 8 + yrs got admission in U of T and then her ex husband passes away 3 months ago which causes her to get excited asnd try and win bac the childrens love (children from her previous marriage – so yes her biological kids which she deserted in the past and now wants her perfect ending – all day she sits and texts her eldest – not paying attention to our little kids – then there are her sisters fueling the fire edging her on to go meet and be with her kids… so this is really a toll on our already messed up relationship – i am only in this and have stuck it out so far only because of our kids – and i told her that several times i told her that both she and her ex were selfish and thought about themselves rather than the kids… we almost filed for divorce with a mutual lawyer – had put in the request and all a yr ago but then she reconciled saying she would like to go for counselling ..

      after she called the cops i had had enough of her shit and told them more or less everythng that had been happening – they said its my fault as i never did anything to rememdy i said i tried but was scared to lose the kids…

      anyway – i have now had her diagnosed with depression and she is to take her medication soon .. been putting it off I just want out really as everyday i regret ever getting with this bitch from hell – and only wish i could have saved my kids and not her…

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      1. mierda

        Dude I am sorry about the loss of your child. Your wife seems like satan. Leave her. Please. Leave ASAP for your own sanity.

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  51. bitchslapped

    i want our kids to have a normal life and be a part of a 2 parent home – ill do what it takes and endure the worst to make this work and save my kids from her tyrannical rule…

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  52. Russ

    You guys are all crazy… Thats why I took the time to find the woman of my dreams, courted her for seven years and then decided to ask her to marry me. And I love her more today than I ever have. Ten years and going strong. You people are psychos..

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    1. Arun

      Come back her after five years and we will talk. Women don’t start eating their prey until they have them in the complete grasp with no way out. I have lived through the phase you are in.

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    2. mierda

      Your marriage is a rare exception asshole. Most women are not cool like your wife. Most of the women are crazy bitches. Why would you call the men who have to endure their shit “psycho”?

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  53. rob

    i was with my wife for 7 years married less than 12 months i work hard bought the house new cars every thing she wanted im 29 she 25 just tryed for a baby everything going good. next minute she got her period than im not happy im sleepin in the spare room, ok i thought for a night no 1 week try and cuddle her “f$5k off” i dont love you i want out 4 weeks later seperation paid her out look f$%k off look after the cat! im picken it up when i find a new house im like wtf wot a shock.
    i lernt a new lession in life woman = bitch! they dont care long as if they are happy now im depressed.

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  54. Tim

    I’m 63 years old and losing the use of my legs due to spinal problems I can longer get any Doctors to help me with, and I have been sinse I was incontact with a mersa virus that started eating my spine. I was refered to the hospital my wife was an official at , and whom knew they had problems in their surgical siutes but told me it was an Ok hospital to get the spinal surgery I need ed at the time. My wife is a hospital admin. and is 60 . We have no children and are disaffected from our family’s. We only really have each other , there in lies the rub. My wife is a spoiled little,hah actually she porky as hell, bitch, She uses sex as a weapon to punish me for loving her , Her idea of a good marriage is one that evolves total servitude from the male and total acquiescence to all of her lies , her affairs , her f**k ups , and what ever else she can get away with. She has sex with me about once a year and usually gets drunk gets off three or four times and then passes out before I get anything other than whiffs of her boozy breath. She’s a f**in c*nt that deserves violence and mayhem in her spoiled life of f**king catered to privilege and indulgence. Her answer to that is I’m a taker and I don’t want to change , i’m to old to change, I afraid to change, I don’t feel any thing so how can I change. yata yata yataA f**king car wreck or maybe some mushrooms misidentified by her egotistical bitch self. maybe she could fall of of a tall building or get hit by a bus anything that’s painful and lets her linger long enough to have me come in and gloat over her f**king disability’s. I wish her all of the ill will I can muster at the moment. And it’s mostly because I’ve loved her all these years 37, to be exact. and all I have to show for love and devotion is her self centered sh*t ass attitude and her f**king frigidity. I hope she gets leprosy and rots away slowly, the f**k wad has throw away the meaning of our lives together so she can have her way , which when shes questioned as to what that is she reply’s ” I don’t know , your pressuring me”. She is rat puke ingested by roaches and sh*t out for bats to eat and then carp out on hog effluence ponds. And that is doing her a favor the ungrateful c*nt.

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  55. Lisa neil

    I really, really can’t believe the ideas that some of you loser men go on and on about your wife’s.
    There has to be a reason why your wife is being a “bitch” and you now hate her so much.
    As in my case….
    I am now last on my husbands “to do list”
    He has only taken me out for dinner once in five years
    He thinks to buy me flowers is a waste of money
    The only time he wants to spend with me is “bedtime”
    If he’s not f$@?&ed every single night, then the fights on cause he thinks it’s his right to be able to do that every night
    He’s a mechanic and all I do is clean up the yard after him to only have him pull it out hours later
    He doesn’t take out the garbage
    I work p/t and everything I make goes back into the house, whereas everything he makes is his to spend
    I can’t talk to him about maybe spending a little time with me cause he can’t even commit to 5 hrs a week. Only bedtime.
    We only talk between the walls at night
    And he gets totally pissed off that I don’t go to bed at the same time as him
    He will not attend any family crap, Christmas, birthdays Ect….
    Threw his stupidity he miss places everything and I have to find it for him because if I don’t I get blamed.
    He will take his friends out for breakfast/lunch but he won’t even think about taking me out for coffee
    I can’t talk to him about how I’m feeling cause he just thinks I’m criticizing him and it turns into a fight
    Never have I been able to ask him to do anything for me but if a neighbour needs something fixed or a customer shows up, he jumps
    If we have no food in the house, he tells me to get a real job if I want to eat
    He lies to me
    He hides stuff from me
    He’s never bought me a gift for Christmas, valentines, birthdays, anniversaries or just for the hell of it.
    His friends tell him he’s lucky to have a good wife like me, but still he insists that I’m a “bitch” and I treat him so badly.
    I even make him breakfast in bed, do his laundry, look after our animals, do the yard work, make sure the house is clean, buy his clothes, and I’m now the plumber, electrician, painter, sorter of all things, cook, Ect….Ect… Cause he won’t do anything.

    So here’s my “bitch”
    He’s threatened to move out so many times and he’s even gone as far as to be renting another place and the only thing he has here is his project baby..a 86 grand national but he insists on staying here and making me missable telling me I’m a miserable bitch and I need mental help.
    So to all you wife haters, you better take a good long hard look at the way your treating THEM!!!!!!

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    1. mierda

      Neil (girl above), send me a pic. If you are hot and sexy I will be your man. I am 38, educated, and fairly successful. And I will take you out for coffee, dinner, and bars every single week, several times. I make decent money (over $100k) and will provide a nice house for us with a pool, where you can swim and show off for me in your string bikini while I make some good Texas BBQ for us. I will take you out and You can be my eye candy as you will be dressed in a thong, heels, and short, tight dress. You are to go tan for me because I love a hot tan. And trim your bush. I want a clean, sweet vagina that is smooth and smells like roses. If you are younger than me, great! If older, if you are a hot sexy milf, that’s cool too because I like milfs! I’ll treat you like a princess and be polite to you, and I will buy you flowers for no reason. I will get you nice perfumes, maybe a Coach purse or some other nice gift once or twice a year, stuff like that. In return, I will expect you to work at least part time to contribute at least a little money. You are also to clean the house and cook nice meals. I like to eat hearty meals but as I want to live a long life you will mostly cook healthy but tasty meals. I want the house spotless if you are working just part time. And you must f**k me and give me a BJ everyday with great enthusiasm. Deal? If so, send me an email. By the way, if you are fat or ugly, please disregard my offer. Also, no matter what, I will never marry you. Been there, done that. Never again.

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  56. Arun

    I used to be a nice person.
    Now I am a mysoginist nice person.
    So far the two women I have met in my life have had me fully convinced that women are worse than disease laden Mosquitos. Instead of booed they suck the life out of you and eat your soul. Manipulation and mind games they learn and practice as an art.

    Thay are not nice even to their own species. How many of you know two real women friends. My wife starts bitching about her best friends as soon as she gets a chance. She gets sad when her friends seem to be enjoying and get secretly happy if her friends seem to suffer. This is how all women are. They get happiness out of other people’s sufferings.

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  57. Arun

    Here are some innocent things my wife has been doing for last 11 years of my marriage:
    a) as long as my kid was not going to school she got up at 11 and spent the rest of the day on Internet checking fashion and Facebook. She didn’t even care to brush my kids teeth because it was too much of work. I did that on weekends but could not on weekdays as I left early for work. (I am the only one who works. And I am perfectly ok with this if she just took care of kids)

    b) she gets really upset and remains upset if call up my parents or siblings. She wants me to talk to only her parents and siblings. I try calling my parents when I am at work but she checks the cell phone records and hounds me like a rabid dog if she finds out I have called my parents.

    C) she wants to shop every weekend. And if she wants to buy three dresses and I agree to buy two she gets really mad. If she wants three i have to buy three. When I tell her about savings she gets mad at me that I do not have savings.

    D) she doesn’t do anything I ask her to do like dropping a rent Check or making an appointment. If I remind her that she missed it she gets mad at me and tells me I should do it myself if I am so much worried.

    E) doesn’t care if kids are eating healthy or watching too much tv. She is busy on Facebook. I have to come back home after work and help out my kid with the homework.

    F) she always wants to buy gifts for her parents and sibling but if I gave something to my sibling I will be found in a pool of blood next morning or may be poisoned whatever is less work for her!!!

    I have two kids and love them to death. And I can not take away a normal family from them. So I am destined to suffer till the day I die.

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  58. Arun

    I HATE MY WIFE. But there is no easy way out. A kid can never be happy in a broken family no matter what you argue.

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  59. Shiney

    I so f**kin hatecmy stupid retarded wife. She needs constant support which a female at her age should be fond of doing on her own. Such as looking for a job or finding some activity to do in her leisure time. Even f***ing shopping is too much for her and don’t talk about cooking. The worst f***ing chef i tell you. Can’t stand this sh*t any longer.

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  60. Rommell

    Been married 5 months and engaged for 8 years. Thats right, 8. I should have known it prior to marrying her that she is always such a miserable B**ch. Ever since back then whenever something stresses her out, she takes it out on everything. I take most of the brunt because I am always with her. Problems with school, problems with work. She has had five jobs in the last five years and she has not been happy with each one. Everytime she gets home or when I pick her up, I am cautious on how to talk to her because a simple question of ‘How was your day?’ Can turn into a bloodbath. I try to empathize with her issues and understand her problems(we both work as nurses so I know its not easy), but its hard to do when she feels that she has the right to be a bitch cause her floor is harder. I am starting to think its not her job but maybe her and that I need to find her an outlet for her frustrations, but she does not do Anything. She would lay in bed all day. No gym no going out. She blames her job for making her feel like this. Anyways just needed to vent. I do love her and am trying to find ways to improve our marriage.

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  61. Markus

    Wow. Most of these posts describe my situation exactly.

    I’m married to a frigid bitch who doesn’t like me (though she claims to ‘love me’). She shows very little (if any) physical or emotional intimacy towards me. Yes I know it’s my fault for proposing marriage to her in the first place but how was I suppose to know things would turn out like this? There were some warning signs before we married but everyone says love would grow (plus you would think actually committing would be a sign that you are serious about the relationship).

    I would have divorced her a long time ago but we have kids, and I don’t trust her to raise them without me in the house (single moms tend to do a lousy job). She is lax with discipline, and I don’t want my kids to grow to be nasty skanks with a princess mentality/sense of entitlement. She is always fiddling with her smart phone or ipad instead of interacting with us (even at the dinner table, which I try to put a stop to). She’s acts depressed all the time despite having a good job, devoted husband, and beautiful children. I also work full time. I cook, clean, help kids with their homework, do chores around the house, contribute financially, etc but nothing is ever good enough for her as she is always unhappy. doesn’t matter how many compliments I pay her, doesn’t matter if I try to take her out to dinner/dates. She just doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me. Then she gets mad when I don’t make a big deal about valentine’s day – WTF LOL!?!? Is this bitch on crack? She’s probably cheating on me. If she is that’s gross what a bitch. I try to find reasons to love her (part of me still does) but she pretty much does whatever she can to kill that emotion.

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  62. Al Hoove

    I’m going to spend some time discussing a broader issue that ultimately plays a huge role in “my wife is a b!tch”. Unfortunately, it cuts two ways: men are often b@stards.

    Ask a female at age 14-16 what she dreams of for her life. The answer almost invariably centers around wealth, adoration, and fame. I want to be a singer, I want to be an actress, I want to be a dancer, I want to be an artist, I want to be a cheerleader. Ask any boy at the same age and he’ll give an answer involving wealth, courage, respect, and recognition: I want to be a fighter pilot/Marine sniper/MMA champion/football player/basketball player/billionaire investor like Warren Buffett/cowboy/motocross racer/Nascar driver, etc. ad nauseum.

    What’s the harm in childhood dreams of glory, you ask? Don’t we all have them? Don’t we still? Don’t we need them in order to reach and challenge ourselves? Absolutely affirmative to all of those questions. The problem is, they also inform us of how we should see ourselves our whole life through. We never quite turn loose of the dream to be content with the life we actually have. We tend to think of our day-to-day existence as a temporary situation until our dreams of glory and wealth materialize.

    Worse, we spend our formative years practicing and rehearsing and performing the fantasy. Our time is spent on music lessons, dance lessons, cheer lessons, acting lessons, football/basketball practice, ring sparring, art camp, wilderness adventure retreats, flight camps, etc. Our thoughts are consumed by the fantasy. Along the way we drift into romantic attachment and wind up married. Then reality hits. And it’s nothing like the fantasy. We resent it. And we resent those who are keeping us from the fantasy. Enter the b!tch. Enter the b@stard.

    “I’m supposed to be rich and famous and adored! And yet here I am married to a high school graduate plumber’s helper who works all day and comes home dirty, tired, hungry, cranky, smelly, self-absorbed who only wants to watch TV, scratch himself, and then wants sex! What about ME? What about MY needs? What about MY wants? That b@stard!” And the mouth and face and body and mindset begin to reflect and project her resentment of dashed hopes. Reality crashing in on the fantasy.

    “WTF, dude! I was cruising towards NASCAR! Seriously! I was about to get a go-cart put together when she said she was pregnant. So I married her because her family was all on my case. I got a job to pay for the baby and have kept it to give her a house and car and furniture and clothes, and what thanks do I get? She’s ballooned up to size Godzilla, won’t cook, won’t clean, won’t put out, calls her part time babysitting a “job”, and gripes at me for everything I do. I could have been the next Jeff Gordon. Instead I’m working 60 hours a week just to keep ice cream on her spoon and listening to her complain. She’s a total b!tch.”

    The truth is, nearly all people are average in most ways. Everybody is slightly above average in some respects and slightly below average in other respects. A few people have particular gifts and abilities, more so than their peers. Some are amazingly intelligent, talented, graceful, beautiful, adept. These are called outliers. Popularly called “stars”. Life is usually pretty kind to them. For us average people, it’s as kind to us as we’ll let it be. Unfortunately, we tend to create a lot of problems for ourselves because of our over inflated expectations.

    Us average folks have to fight it out every day. We’re scrabbling for the things we need to keep home and hearth together. Often living paycheck to paycheck. There’s no big bank account, there’s no big house, there’s no cheering crowds. And if you’re still stuck on your fantasy, then it’s pretty hard to bear the way life has turned out.

    Whenever I hear “she’s a b!tch” or “he’s a b@stard” it’s probably true. But the reason has little to do with the person, rather it’s the inability to be at peace with how life really is. See, it was always going to be this way: stressful, grey, day to day struggling. It’s just nobody ever told you the truth about how it was going to be. And now that you know, you still can’t admit it. Cling to that fantasy and blame others for keeping you from it.

    Start looking at the people around you. You’ll see this over and over and over again. It’s the human condition.

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    1. james

      No sorry this is foolish. I’m perfectly satisfied with what I’ve achieved and the way I have turned out… the problem is who I married.

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  63. james

    Do not under any circumstances EVER get married!!! Women of today have been ruined by feminists. It’s no longer good enough to be a provider and a good father. They want some fantasy non existent sensitive douche bag. Stay the hell away from any woman who wants marriage.

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  64. Raja

    I was a little constipated a few days ago and spent more time on the toilet than usual. I could hear the bitch yelling for me, wondering where I was. She calls me on the stupid cellphone about 3 or 4 times a day and bitches about me not calling her. I amke the bed in the morning, and while I’m standing there, she takes it all apart and redoes it. I do the dishes and put them in the dish rack, and while I’m standing there, she’ll put all the dishes back in the sink and wash them all ove again. But if I don’t do the bed or the dishes, she bitches about that. She walks into the house from work and immediately starts scolding me and the kids. Such a f**king bitch.

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  65. j

    Well as they say opinions are like a certain posterior part of the anatomy; everybody has one. Over sixty years of marriage we have sure had our ups and downs. However, if there are absolutely no more feelings of empathy or god memories, it just might be time to hang it up. Everyone deserves to be happy as life is too short.

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  66. Bill Job

    I’ve had enough of her and she is done. The wife has been away over three years and has certainly been fucking some other guy for over five years and i bet she enjoys spreading her legs for him but i feel sorry for him. After a while she will be a dead lay and just use him too. Besides she couldn’t give a decent blow job if her life depended on it. She acted like she was in love with me but it was all about money and as soon as i started watching the cash flow she was gone. I guess i simply married a whore in Sandy and like i was told once you cut off her free spending she will leave. Too bed for her though because she is getting a neck like a turkey and her tits are so saggy and wrinkled this new guy she is banging must be blind or simply never got any pussy before. I bet even her cunt is drying out getting as wrinkled as her ass. ANd oh did i mention her asshole fell out too due to all the drugs she took at one time. I should have dumped her years ago.

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  67. mo

    i’m married to a f***ing bitch
    my life is hell
    cant wait to leave
    I will never marry again

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  68. lost it

    Today she was telling me about a novel she is reading. I generally said…wow there is so much out there to know and we f**king dont have time to even read what was done or discovered by other.
    10 min later….she tell me that usually trees pollenize in staggered way as spring sets in, but not this time. she read that since winter lasted this long, l trees pollenized at the same time and allergies are going to be bad this year. I pleasantly said, oh! that is a hypothesis. Boom, she stopped talking and turned her face. I said, “you got offended by what I said”. she started off that I a not being nice, blah blah blah………
    I am just scared to even talk to her or respond to her. But she does not leave me alone, she keeps asking me questions…………i f**king dont know the answers to those shit…. like wonder why winter is so long this time.
    It will never end if I start….
    I hate my life (not her). I am so so so loyal and do so much work at home. She just drives me up the wall.
    I wish I could kill my self…but my 2 kids need me. Once they are grown and leave house, I will kill myself.

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  69. Lang

    I cannot even state my opinion with my wife. She claims I’m being defensive and sometimes says “you don’t care.” It’s like dealing with a 3 year old child. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells with her when we talk in fear of saying something wrong, which leads to her bulling up and getting mad. She’ll say something like, “I just can’t have a conversation with you… there’s no point in talking to you anymore.” The least little thing can get her going and she seems to completely give up on everything. Sometimes when we argue she’ll even go as far to say that she doesn’t care about anything anymore and can’t wait until she dies so she can see her mom again. I think she’s majorly depressed. The next day she’ll be talking about our future together. She’s always picking at me too over little things. I feel like she wants to argue.

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    1. Tony

      exactly dude, oh you are so immature bla bla…..we got a communication problem when the problem is actually herself!

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  70. RF

    If woman was created from the rib of a man, then that man must have had some f@#ked up ribs!
    In 57 years I’ve been with a pile of females. Married three, the current one for twenty years now. However, if I see twenty one I’ll be surprised as hell!

    Over the last year she has gone from this sweet lady who cares about people and their feelings, to this person who takes sport in BITCHING AT EVERYONE ABOUT EVERYTHING. Now it’s almost like she found this new fun thing she can do……. Really! Complete strangers piss her off in some small way, and she goes out of her way to speak her mind.

    As for the way she talks to me???? Well. It’s like she remembers every little thing that I did over the last twenty years, and now she’s unloading. DAILY!!

    My life sucks now, but I really don’t want to go through the big “D” again. I’m getting old and my need for the opposite sex is not what it once was.
    I’ll tell you this. If I do end up alone. Alone is how I’ll stay. For ever!!!!

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  71. superdonkey

    my wife is f**king insane also, she is from the Philippines and i could have thrown a dart into a map and found a more intelligent, attractive and less angry person.
    i got her pregnant and thought i was doing the right thing in looking after her and our daughter but f**k it. she is hyper sensitive to how other people see us and is nice as anything in public but in private she only ever gets angry and calls me names. she has hit me a few times and i do nothing. I bought her a house in her home town before we married just in-case things went bad so f**k it, i’m going to put her on a plane and send her back to the squalid poverty den she loves so much and her freeloading family.

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  72. :(

    It’s just hell.
    I work 75-80 hrs a week trying to provide so she gets to raise our babies. The babies are so beautiful. EVERYDAY I get messages from her with the vilest of comments about my family when they did nothing. Her mouth is like a sewer pipe, we haven’t had sex in over 2yrs and don’t even sleep in the same room. I recently took out a 1.5 million dollar life insurance policy but then found out that there’s a suicide clause where you need to wait two years from the date you get it. Ughhhhh. Just want to have the babies provided for. I put it under another family members name. 1.5 years to go. Counting the days. Waking up is a chore in itself. It’s weird I have always worked my ass off but I look forward to sleeping so for that brief moment I can not see her:(

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    1. FC

      Dude: Life insurance policy? She’s not worth it. And believe me she will find a way to get that money. So if you do that, the beautiful babies are going to be raised only by the nutcase and that isn’t cool!!! One man to another, you can not do that. Dial back the work load. Get some sleep. Get a lawyer and move on with your life.

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  73. Mark Licastro

    i caught my wife Bev in bed with another guy. i sneaked up on them and caught them in the act. i never forgave her but i did stay with her for a few more years until she slept with another guy…i found out from her sister who actually felt bad for me and my kids…i raised them all after that because she went to India to find herself…all she found was an abortion when she got back from a random one night stand she had while finding herself….oh well…Ive never been the same and really dont trust women I find them or most of them to be whores….or such selfish bitches that all they think about is a good time and a stiff one if you know what I mean…I want a woman with substance who loves sex but isnt willing to put her relationship at jeopardy because of it….lying sluts

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  74. Mister Oginist

    Drink, party, when she bitches, walk out the door. F**k them hard and don’t even ask. The bigger the d**k you are to the hole, the more she’ll want you. Turn your kids on her. When she’s so beat down, she’ll be as malleable as clay.

    I know it’s sh*tty but that’s how you run a c**t.

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  75. Fuck the bitches

    The c**ts who peruse this need to f**k off with their trolling “women are emotional beings” horseshit!!!!!
    Tell that to husbands who come home to c**ts f**king other dudes with their kids in the next room or starting fires by using rubbing alcohol to clean open flame burners?are you f**king kidding me?
    We as men build and maintain this world while f**king c**ts,khuuunttts try to undermine and destabilize all that we build.
    To all married cats out there,dump her like a deuce in the f**kin toilet and get a substance addicted whore to be the warm hole.find her as an addict of whatever substance and keep her there.she acts up?punch her in the f**kin face.
    Sick of this world giving license to absolute fuckin crazy and calling it normal we shouldnt be putting up with this bullshit!

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  76. Tony

    my wife is such a f**king bitch, took 30min to get in n parked at hospital car park today, guess wat the bitch blame me for her waiting …wtf>?

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  77. Tony

    my wife is such a f**king bitch, took 30min to get in n parked at hospital car park today, guess wat the bitch blame me for her waiting …wtf>? when something isn’t right she never accept that she is f**king wrong, always blame the wrong on me, fine f**king apology ain’t enough , it has to be a sincere apology…what the f**k??
    next thing u get is things like, oh we got a communication problem, and bla bla, f**k that try not to lay the gulit trip on me! oh you are so immature, when everything shitty things u do isn’t BITCH

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  78. OKFred

    How about we temporarily introduce Shariah Law say for about a week so we can chop off the heads of all the feminists who’ve created our treacherous and family destroying legislation then once they’ve been got rid off we can then ditch the Shariah and restart again with something that looks more like justice and fairness because all Western feminist family legislation smells like bad fanny

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  79. Marriage is hell

    It makes me feel that much better knowing I’m not alone. I’d do anything to escape my bitch wife but we have a son and I can’t bare to leave him. I have absolutely no feelings for her, to me she is just a big fat ugly lump of shit I have to drag along behind myself where ever I go. I’d rather be dead then living with this useless piece of shit. I wish there was an easy way out that didn’t affect my son, but it looks like I’ll have to keep putting up with it until he’s old enough to understand.

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