This happened to me in a dream last night. My husband left me for my sister. I don’t recall too many of the details of the dream. I only remember how I orchestrated this elaborate scheme to try to show my husband and my sister that I couldn’t care less about them and their relationship.

I managed to convince an old boyfriend, like the first boy I kissed at age 11 who wasn’t really my boyfriend when all is said and done, to pretend that he and I were dating. He was a multi-millionaire, which seemed to be important in the dream, and he came to get me to take me to the Kentucky Derby, also significant for the fact that it showed my husband I could do way way better than him and it showed my sister that she had basically stolen my worthless husband and freed me up to start dating the man I was really interested in who happened to be in a position to give me more than my husband would ever be able to give her, if you value your life materialistically at any rate.

As dreams go, this one was no less weird than any other. I left for my Kentucky Derby date with my old boyfriend, but before too long he had vanished as if he had never been there to begin with, and I’m walking down this road by myself feeling all lost and forlorn, hoping my sister and my husband won’t discover that I’m really off walking by myself. I end up at a run down place where a horse race is actually taking place, but it isn’t the Kentucky Derby. I can’t remember the name that was printed on the rotting boards, but it was a facility from eons back, like maybe more than a century and it’s run down as heck.

I walk through the entrance which has no gate and I stand across from where the people who have come to watch the race are sitting in old time stands. I can see the backs of them and I’m wondering if a person can just go over and sit down but I don’t take any chances. I just stand there thinking to myself that I should hang out there for a few minutes then head back home and no one would be able to say I hadn’t been to the Kentucky Derby.

So after a few minutes I get ready to head back home. I discover that you can’t head out the way you came in. You have to go through this exit that’s manned by police and you have to pay a fee of $25 to get out; but I don’t have $25. I only have two dollars, so I’m forced to stand there while I get videotaped so that if I show up there again I will be recognized as someone who owes the facility $25 and someone who is not to be allowed back on the grounds until I pay. They showed me the video after they take it and I’m relieved that I at least look breathtakingly beautiful. Despite the circumstances and what the video stands for, I leave happy.

I start to walk back down the road I’d taken to get to the facility, but it’s now dark and getting darker with every step I take and I don’t know if I can find my way back in the dark.

I wake up at about this point.

I have no idea what this dream means. I’m sure there are people for whom such a complaint as “My husband left me for my sister” has a story behind it that isn’t a crazy and convoluted dream. I can only imagine how devastating something like that would be. To have your husband leave you for any reason can be traumatic. To have him leave you for another woman amplifies the feelings of devastation. To have him leave you for another woman who is your sister, that’s gotta hurt one hundred times worse. It’s two people you trusted and presumably loved who have hurt and betrayed you in the worst way imaginable. I can’t imagine too many women reacting by cooking up some silly scheme to pretend they don’t care because all that’s happened really is that they’ve regained their freedom and they can now find a better man to go on dates to the Kentucky Derby with; but is that such a bad approach?