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Wife wants to watch me with another man?

Well, this one is new. I usually come across stuff about husbands wanting to watch their wives with other men, or wives wanting to watch their husbands with other women, or husbands wanting to watch their wives with another woman; but I’ve never come across stuff about wives wanting to watch their husbands with other men. I think it’s an interesting subject for gauging people’s attitudes, because I think in all the other scenarios, while you might get frowns, you wouldn’t necessarily get the questions I imagine would come up in cases where wives want to watch their husbands with other men.

I don’t know but the way people appear to be to me, it’s hard to imagine very many heterosexual men being willing to indulge their wives in a situation where she desires to see him engage in sexual activity with another man. Our attitudes are so convoluted that we would actually make a distinction between a wife being intimate with another woman to please her husband and a husband being intimate with another man to please his wife. We tend to be more willing to accept one than to accept the other, and a heterosexual woman who would never consider being intimate with another woman might react less violently at the suggestion of intimacy with another woman than a heterosexual man opposed to the idea of intimacy between two males might react at the suggestion of intimacy with another man.

Sexual curiosity is normal and what people are willing to do sexually to please their spouse is nobody’s business except the two people in the marriage; but there are some curiosities that I think, if you have them and your spouse is not willing to indulge your fantasies, it’s really on you to accept that your spouse is not comfortable with doing the things you are asking than it is on your spouse to compromise his or her beliefs and principles for the sake of you getting your sexual fantasies indulged.

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  1. Kurt

    That seems shady. Maybe she set up a hidden videocamera and plans on videotaping the encounter to use as leverage in a divorce proceeding?

  2. track144

    My attitude is more open than most in that I’ve had bi-curious thoughts from time to time. I think most guys do but won’t admit it.

    With the proper guy it could be fun to show her some things in the oral pleasure department. Giving or getting-whatever you’re into.

    I would not be interested in anything anal myself.

    More talk about what she would like to see would be interesting.

  3. J. Brock

    My wife wants to see it because she thinks it’s taboo which gets her going. But then she likes other stuff like having me clean her up after sex.

  4. Dargel

    My wife and I have, actually, both had this fantasy. We experimented with anal stimulation and found it exciting. It’s unlikely we’ll ever, actually, follow through with it; but in impassioned moments we both occasionally talk about her watching another man climaxing inside me.

  5. Mark Anderson

    Me and my wife of 30 yrs married I never would have thought that my wife would have a dream about seeing me having sex with another man and she said it really turned her on. We have an amazing sex life but during sex we tell each other what we would like to see each other doing during sex with someone and she likes the idea of making her dream become a reality seeing me with another guy and sitting back and watching us. I have to admit I’m very curious to see what it would be like having a guy suck on me or vise versa. But I have concerns if I do this how would she look at me would she feel differently about me or would she really enjoy seeing me do this. Any body facing the same questions

  6. george

    I actually went down that road my friends. After 7 years of marriage my wife and I agreed to open our marriage to outside partners. I was okay with this since she only wanted to be with other women. The thought of setting her with a man fills me with jealousy. I asked her if she ever thought I could sit in on one of her lesbian encounters and she told me that would have to be up to her partner. When it finally did happen I told her I had never been so turned on in my life. After her lover left I fucked my wife so passionately it must have woke the neighbors. After our session we got to talking and that’s when she told me she’d always thought about watching me with another man. I was a little taken aback but told her that I would consider it. She was so into the idea. She began bringing over friends she thought would be open to it. One night after some drinks and a few games of poker it happened. My first gay experience. I let him suck me while my wife watched. It turned me on so much that I thought me dick would explode it was so stiff and engorged. When I came he swallowed it. Now out was my turn. I put his pens in my mouth. At first it felt strange. I wasn’t attracted to this man or the thought of being with him, but the thought that my wife was sitting there, watching and getting off to it was what fueled the fire. I sucked him fast and furious. Like bjs were going out of style. I didn’t swallow though. His huge load landed on the floor with a splat. Meanwhile my wife was fingering herself to another orgasm. After he left my wife and I had to fuck we were still so damn horny. I haven’t done all the way yet, and I can’t say I enjoy the idea but the thought of my wife’s juices flowing might just make me.

  7. Lauro

    I have done it several times and you know what I really enjoyed it, the best idea my wife had, I have now slept (if we can call it sleeping) with dozens of different men, some repeats, I just love it, I still love my wife and have sex with her, but she witnesses me go down on guys that do me and do her as well and I love the 3 somes we have.


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