My husband wanted sex this morning. I didn’t. He was wide awake and groping all over me. I suggested instead of having sex we lie down together and talk, get to know each other better. Suddenly he was snoring. We had sex last night so it’s not a case where I was saying no to deprive him. We’re not newly-weds. I’m not that hot and excited for sex that I need to do it the morning I wake up from doing it the night before. What my husband doesn’t seem to realize is that he is sending me a message when he rolls over and goes to sleep when I suggest we can lie down together and just talk instead of having sex and that message determines how I feel about having sex with him in general. He’ll stay awake for sex but he won’t stay awake for conversation. He’s not interested in having conversations with me and I’m supposed to want to share my body with him happily.

I don’t get how some men think.

My husband will never agree that he’s sending me a message that says the only time he’s willing to spend with me is when he’s having sex with me. He thinks he does nothing to hurt our marriage. He figures all he has to do is just be physically at home when he’s expected to be at home and that makes him a good husband and that alone should be enough to inspire me to want sex, like I’m supposed to be ready and willing out of sheer gratitude to him for being home.